Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 674 of Huedings

Directly bombarded the destruction of Michgang rebounded back, and the white flame shock wave of the sky was destroyed the entire ground in front of him.

Chapter 15 Magic (seeking rewards and automatic)

"There is a book, you will rebound my ghosts and come back.

After looked out, after the Shuanglian Cangfeng, the mouth of the mouth was unveiled and wanted to see how the Michgang in front of him could respond.

The true identity of Michgang may be unclear, but the heart is very clear, Mrstang is the world of another time and space in the world. Prince.

It is equivalent to another world of Geran Fernand, which is why he is always unwilling to expose his long-distance and sound.

"It's so powerful" Okay "just used your triple magic array to rebound in the powerful style of the moment, I saw a more powerful fire magic.

Michntang is amazed in the heart, and the teeth under the mask are bitten, the whole body is like a flow of flowers.

Five Magic Arrangement? Yulin !!

Five mysterious mystery of 08 were born in the air.

Five colors shine gloriously with space, and only five huge magic light columns went to the moment.

The power column produces a powerful laser. It doesn't matter.

I saw the five magic light columns of Michgang bombarded the huge white flame shock wave on the moment, so it's hard to finally embarrassing the Shuanglian Fire of the moment.

What about people?!

Finally successfully blocked the white flame shock wave released in the moment.

However, Michgang has not been happy, and suddenly I feel that I still search for the trace in front of my eyes.

A shadow suddenly enlarged from the foot of Michgang, Mrston suddenly, looked up, I didn't know when I had already appeared above his head.


I jumped in my heart, I want to swear the escape of Michgang. At this moment, I found that I suddenly didn't pull my own double i leg.

63? Lock bar lock !!!

I saw that the number is like a huge magic chain of the spirits. I didn't know when to die. Around him, blocking the magic of his body while holding him firmly in the original place. .


There is no accident, just in an instant in the moment.

I saw that Mrstang's entire man suddenly became a strong shell, and the instant was blocked into the construction building next to it, and he broke into the original sturdy wall.

"Is it just Mrstang?"

The voice of angry violet sounds, this time I saw Jochs just killed down on the ground, slowly swallowing finally stood up from the ground.

A pair of fierce eyes seems to be faint with a little flashing, and the whole person is full of hovering in a yellow! Colored Thunder Electro.

"Who allows him to intervene my battle ..."

"Is it that you destroy the dragon magistillers all contaminated with the dragon's physique. All of the anti-fighting ability exceeds your strength, "

" "

I saw the trembling from the flush from the ground, and the hands gradually alternately alternately, the magic of the whole body was almost all, and the incomplete electric light was issued.

"Bird Royal ..." "Is this?!"

Seeing the boom at this moment, there is also a huge magic of his body.

When Macalov, Macalov, was shocked. It is preparing to prevent the ultimate Olympicity of Rickets from the outbreak of the dragon magic, "L Strapping Laxas !!"

"What do you want to do ?! Laxas !!"

At this time, all the demon tail tail tailors who were bundled by Host Post next to Michgang, all of which climbed from the ground.

Just saw the ultimate oysters that I was in front of the dragon magic, the whole body was wrapped in the endless thunder lightning, and suddenly the heart was shocked.

"It's too late" as if a faint sigh.

Attending the eye, I would like to explode the ultimate Otys of Raytarian Dragon Magic, I have already secretly issued horrible ghosts.

"Cross 90? Black !!! '"

As the sound of the abandoned voice.

When all the people in the field, the whole space seems to be infected with a dark purple ray.

A black coffin formed in a huge horrible magic is suddenly isolated from all spaces around the body, and thoroughly wrapped his entire people.

"what is this?!"

Seeing that I have to explode, I'm looking forward to the Lussen Dragon Magic, suddenly being wrapped in a horrible black magic buckwood wrapped around it, and suddenly her face was awkward.

"Laxas !!"

I haven't been ever seen when I want to shoot, I saw the whole person in Laxas was completely sealed in front of this giant 360 large lacquered coffin, next to Makarov and Raymother shocked shocked.

The mysterious horrible black coffin is in the dark blade of the dark shadow, and the bloom has been put out!

"Ah, ah!!!"

With the penetration of countless shadow blade.

All people in the scene only heard the scream of the larvae from the black scorpion, but soon.

In the eyes, he didn't have a dark purple ray. After seeing the black coffin disappeared, he suddenly fell out of a whole body congestion; his wife seepaged.


I saw Rickets originally arrogant, at this time, there is almost no intact skin under the whole body.

The whole person's body is wearing countless caves in the mysterious black shadow of the mysterious black, poured into a red bloody blood to stop the blood in the ground.


Seeing that this horrible scene before I saw it, I couldn't help but pour a cold.

This ... What is this magic ...

Chapter 16 is out of anger (seeking rewards and automatic)

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