Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 675

Everyone looked at Rickets in front of the blood, and the strange magic of the moment, the strange magic did not have a deep memory that they had an indelible.

"That Laxas ..."

"Is it killed ..."

I saw that the powerful, unhappy, who was strong, the moment, was in this moment in the moment.

At this time, Naz suddenly felt that I was very satisfied, I was fortunate that I didn't give you myself.

"Heart ... You" next to the Ai Lusha looked at the blink of the shackles in front of his eyes, and the feelings could not help but have become very complicated. She never thought that things will develop to this point.

"He _ ... _ two people in Laxas and Mrs

Mirajie next to this moment, I saw her little hand she had already extended his own Bai Zhe, and the mouth of his mouth was unbelieited.

In this way, I looked at the two of the demon tailpark. It was such a easy letter to defeat the elegant Junxiu Youth of this AiUu, she was unable to believe her eyes.

"Laxas! Marste!"

At this time, I saw the two of Laxas and Michgang defeated in the hands of the moment.

Especially your own personal grandson Laksas, at this moment, it is still in the bloody, and it is a good temper in Makarov. At this moment, I can't help but shoot.

"It's evil ..." "Laxas is actually him ..."

At this moment, as the loyal defenders of Laxas, the three people next to the Thunder have not been situated at all.


"You don't act rashly!"

But the Thunder of the Thunder I want to be stopped quickly by a short figure.

I saw Makarov, and the face of the three people, I looked at the eyes of the eyes, and the horror magic of the Ten major magician broke out from his body.

"President ?! You? '"! "

I saw Makarov in front of my three people broke out of the terrible holy tenth magic, and all the magician around the demon refined tail were.

"How", "Makarov, who is finally can't help but exploring the amazing magic, the moment, finally arrived," The President of the demon tail ... Makarov, a holy ten major magic tutor Dear personally ... "" I thank you for helping Ai Laha "Body bath in the terrorist magic of the Ten-level level.

Under this powerful momentum, I saw that Makarov originally short figure at the moment it seems very high in their eyes, "But Naz, Gray, Laxas also has Michgang, all of them It is a member of the demon tail, they all are my children. "

"Absolutely ... can't tolerate ..." Makarov originally kindly and good old face, there has been a very terrible expression, and the eyes are dead at the eyes.

I'm not far away, "someone hurts anyone here !!"


Makarov's voice falls.

With all the magic of his body, I saw that the whole person's body was instantly started.

A huge shadow almost obscures the sun rays in the sky, this time it is not the illusion in the eyes of everyone.

I saw Makarov's entire man directly became a small island's general size. It appeared in this elegant town street, huge movement attracted everyone's side.

"Good ._ ... _ good - one

"Fast watch ... It's a fairy tail ..."

"Hey ..." On the destruction and quail ... No guild can be better than you ... "

I saw the giant Makarov in the town in the hill, and all people attended in the town.


Makarov, which has been completely angry, has been born with a big arm to expand a circle again.

Giant's fist !!

Like the hills, huge fists, brought a violent sleek sleek way, form a suffocating horror pressure, directly rushing on the foot of the feet

"This is ... The strength of the Ten is ..."

Looking at the fists who are in front of the same hill, they are always bombarded by themselves.


As if the air is blown up.

All everyone in the scene felt that the earth under his feet was shocked.

"," No ... it 's it. "

The Naz dumbged its eyes, some unaraciible, looking at the moment to fight in front of the hand, Makarov.

"The president is so huge fist ... I was turned down by him ..."

Macah in the demon tailpark is also shocked, almost some can't believe your eyes.

"Block it with your hand ... how could it be ..." Don't say it is the surrounding people. At this moment, you will be very surprised by the giant Makarov.

I saw the giant Makarov hand in the hills of the hills, and they were completely blocked with a palm of using a palm.

There are countless winds in the air, blowing a long-haired long hair in the moment, showing the strange smile in his mouth (Queen).

"Good power"

Feeling your hands like the mountains in the same way, the eyes of the blue blood red eyes have become more and more loud, "But I think you are a holy ten magist guide ... should not only have such a power ... ... "" Be evil ... "

The two people are totally uncomfortable at this moment, but I saw this moment, I was so hard to use her hand to blocked my giant boxing. The expression on Makarov finally got heavy.

"This kid ... is not simple" "

Giant's wrath !!

The giant iron box in the hand is blocked.

I saw that Makarov's body magic is like a tsunami, and the magic of the body is like the Thunder Electric Light.

Chapter 17, Holy 10 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Hey !!! I saw the giant of Makarov.

Powerful magic shocks and broken all objects in its own range, the horrible power is like a crushing pulverizer generally towards the impact of the moment.

"This is almost ..."