Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 676

Seeing that the giant Makarov whole body broke out so horrible, the expression on the face was finally seriously serious.

Eighty god air hit !!!

Seeing that it is necessary to be involved in the horrible crushing of the giant Makarov in front of you.

At this time, I have already accumulated the ultimate magic in my hands, but suddenly all outbreak!

All the scenes around the surroundings are all hidden, as if time and space between time, it is stuck in a stagnant.

It seems that there is only the countless huge vacuum boxed in the sky, and I know that I have known as the Boxing of the Compassion, I use the magic to use the magic to suddenly bloom in this world!

"what is this"

The whole body erupted amazing magic made the horrible 363 smashing Makarov.

There is no significant vacuum fist between tangible and invisible in the air and the air between his two.

Every trial is like a fist from the King of Heaven, and every punch that she bombers hits, with the hegemony of the world.

A perfect pattern of all living plants is formed, and the endless magic of the body of Makarov is suddenly disintegrated.


There are no deafening roars in the rumbling of a lot of sounds in an instant, and the shock sound formed is almost desirable to shock all the eardrums around everyone.

Between the moment, I saw the giant Makarov, which was high, Macalov was suddenly fell to the ground.

Between the sky, a huge horror deep pit is presented in front of all everyone, and the spider web is generally extended to the foot of everyone.


I looked at this shocking scene.

I saw a tall, such as uj, AIEG, hard-sought-in-law, and fell on the ground, which was a feast of visual impact.

"What is that?!"

"Magic ?!"

No one understands what happened to the end, but the same thing is that every person around this moment is immersed in front of the shock.

"My old bones ...

I saw the giant macarov on the ground, I sent a painful .

In the eyes of all people, the giant Makarov in front of the eyes begins to shrink quickly until it turns back to the original short body.

"Do you have broken my magic giant?"

After being forced to reduce the original short body shape, I feel that I am like a needle pain, Makarov, is still unable to see this elegant young man in front of him.

Magic? Light!!

Under the amazing magic of the holy tenth level, I saw a golden ray in the air.

As if it seems like Qixing Die, the golden magic light ball is formed, and a ray chain appears in the hands of Makarov.

"Don't underestimate the power of the Ten Magiors! Break!"

After the voice falls, the magic magic in the hands of Makarov instantly went toward the electric shot.

"Is the magic ..." "No use ..."

In the face of the magic of Makarov accelerated, it is not moving.

Eighty-one break!!!

It is necessary to be hit by the seven-star Magic Magic Balls released by the hands of Makarov.

In the air in front of the moment, an invisible mysterious spatial barrier was suddenly appeared, and the magic of Makarov was firmly isolated.

Boom !!!

I saw Makarov's powerful optical magic bombardment after the discharge of the moment, suddenly broke out a series of violent explosions, but never really shaken the defense of the napper.

"Strong Defense Magic"

When I saw the moment, I laminated the lighting magic of myself, and there was a dignified between Makarov look.

The movements in the hands did not stop, he had completely treated the moment in front of the top ten magistani.

Light rain!!

I saw a golden magic array in front of the air in front of Makarov.

Due to the arrow of magic light in the wind, we can drive out the strength of the darkness, rushing to the ingredients.

"There is a matter"

"You will follow these magic light arrows ... '' , the strength of the top ten magist of Makarov has no doubt, no matter how powerful, quantity and scope are all It is far from being able to reach the S-class magma.

But very quickly, the next second Makarov's voice suddenly stopped.

The fire is too knife? West? Food and Japanese prison !!!

Just between this short instant, everyone surrounded everyone's throat, and even some people had cracking immediately, flowing out of blood.

I saw the air in front of my eyes, as if I suddenly appeared a hot sun, the blood-red hematal burst moment is like a round of eternal Daily generally detonated the entire surface of Makarov.

Bang !!!

A sturdy ground was twisted into a black lens by a destruction temperature of one thousand million degrees in an instant.

All of Makarov All released infinite magic light arrows were all evaporated by this sudden and bloom, and Makarov, which couldn't be ground, and the whole person was taken out by this horrible flame.

"what is this……"

"The magic of the lost fire ..." "How can I achieve this horror power?"

Looking at the fever, the blood red destroyed by the blush, and Makarov, who was shocked, almost all of them were almost boiled.

Chapter 18 Magic Master (seeking rewards and automatic)

"That kind of flame ..."

Especially the Naz, who is a fire of the dragon dealers, is watching the temple, and the group is like a hot big day.

Feeling the temperature of the horrible to melting thousands of things, you can swallow the Nazaw of all the flames in the world, can't help but have doubts about yourself. "Can I swallow?"