Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 677

"What is the magic of the fire ?!"

Next to everyone shocked, when the fire broke out, all of them had almost thought that they were also melted into a group of air, "" I have achieved such a power ?! "

"Wow, ah ..."

The horror flame in the whole person was exploded into the moment.

Makarov felt that he would seem to be vaporized into a group of air, and the white beard and hair became flying ash in a moment.

Defense France? Three Column God !!

However, he is a Ten major magist guide, which is one of the best magic tidiers on the entire continent.

Only when I saw the danger, Makarov broke out, and my hands were suddenly bombarded on the ground under his feet.

A set of triangles consisting of three columnar fractures were formed with magical printed, and the mysterious mystery of mysterious mystery slowed slowly. This is his strongest defense magic array, which is enough to isolate all magical attacks in the world.

Call ... Ha "call ...

Make your strongest defense magic array finally embossed the destruction of bursts of eruption in the moment.

I saw that Makarov's mouth is constantly breathing, and I feel that the moisture and magic in my body are quickly evaporated in the short process of fighting in the moment. At this moment, his face is heavy, it is simply dripping water.

Although he is a Magic Chamber of Magic, it is a Ten major magistan, but after all, there is a high incident, and the physical strength and magic are the biggest short board in Makarov. .

"The magic of the horrible fire ...

White beards and must be all in just now, it was evaporated to vaporization, and Makarov seems to be a bit ridiculous.

However, his eyes at this time is the height of the heart, and the young magic guides who are deeply in the eyes. "How many lost magic ..."

Obviously, this time Makarov has completely regarded the moment in front of itself as a magical master that masters a variety of lost magic.

I am afraid you will not believe ...

I haven't learned any magic ... I haven't learned any magic ...

I heard the words of Makarov in front of the eyes, I was silent in my heart.

After the fire is integrated with your own, if the fire is integrated, it is now completely like the original and the mirror of the mirror of the mirror, the mirror, the blue dye, no need to make a knife, you can explode The ability of the knife.

"It's really auspetent ..."

I saw that I was silently, Makarov's consciousness thought that he had already default his own statement.

But soon, Makarov looked at the eyes of the eyes, gradually began to doubt, ".. ... but why I have never heard of the world in the world for so many years, I have never heard of such a young world. Magic Master

To know, in front of the age and strength, normal, in the magical world, you should have already named the world, even if it is the title of the Tenth Magistilist who has obtained the legend, it is not impossible.

But as Makarov as a Ten major magist guide, the president of the Magic Commentary Members and the demon tailpark, which has never heard of a magic mastener in the world.

So the only possibility that can guess is that this guy is the black devil guide of the Dark Congress.

Because there is only those black magic guides of the Dark Congress, it is likely to have a powerful strength, but it is not able to reveal his name.

"Don't worry," Deep eye seems to be in the heart of Makarov in front of you.

The top-level view, hegemony, heard Makarov, at this moment, at this moment, the moment did not mind, "I am not a dark moon guide guide" _ in fact I came to this world But only a day "coming to this world for a day?

What do you mean?

Makarov deeply frowned his own brows, and there was some inexplicable speech to let him hear some clouds.

But the speaker is not intentional, and this time she has been standing from the ruins. I heard what I said, but I suddenly swayed, my heart shook, "from another world ?!"

"Isn't he come from the World of Edis?

"No matter how"

The three huge magical pillars in front of the body gradually withdrawn, the eyes of Makarov revealed the unparalleled look, "You are not a dark public black magic guide ... but you can't hurt the child of the demon tail. forgive……

"I never thought"

The eyes are gradually deep, and I saw Makarov gradually started to distribute the glory of the infinite golden magic. "It will be used to use this magic for a young man.

"this is?!"

I saw the mysterious golden magic of Makarov, and the Michgang and a few senior demon tailpad public members were shocked. "President ?! Do you want it ?! "

"This kind of magic ..."

Concently, the whole people in front of Makarov shrouded in an amazing golden magic, and the heart was already in the heart. "Is this little old man to use the legendary super magic ...

Because of the blind eye of the left eye of the moment, the mysterious picture that has been flashing after a few seconds.

Chapter 19 Super Magic (seeking rewards and automatic)

Super trial magic? Fairy law !!

Just in all people's looks, the super magic of Makarov finally broke out.

I saw a huge golden magic magic in the air, spreading almost hosted the entire town of everyone, and the mysterious magic runes of mysterious mystery were quiet.

There are all between the heavens and the earth full of golden glory, all the magic in the mystery seem to jump with a mysterious rhythm, endless golden magic runes fluttering every corner in front of everyone.

The law of fairy is one of the three major magic of the demon tailpark.

It is the strongest magic of Macarov, the legendary super magic, with the sacred light of the darkness, and the surgeon thinks is the enemy's everything as a goal, as long as it is intentional, everything can be destroyed.

"March 8th Sichuan is ... The super magic method in the legend ...

I feel that I seem to be in the world of golden magic runes. The flash of blue blood red eyes are completely illuminated by the super magic released by Makarov, "I can't think of the next day of this world ... Can see the super-magical ban _ "This festival will not be a bit too fast ...

Black virtual flash!!!

In the face of the super-magical demon squeezing method that has emerged in front of himself.

The moment is also unsweound. I saw that the stains of the moment were as usual. It was only elegant to endlessly condensed the golden magic of the endless condensation, slowly extended his finger.

I saw the infinite horrible black rays between the air between the two people between the two people and the eyes of the two people.

Eventually all gathered together in the flash finger fingertips, suddenly formed a black virtual flash that continuously distorted space, as if the bloomed a black "' .

"what is that?!"

I saw the horror black magic of infinite condensation at this moment.

Not only all everyone around, when the Makarov, which releases the super-magical demon sinister, also shrinks the pupil.