Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 678

The surrounding time seems to be solidified.

I saw the horrible black flakes that the finger fingers were condensed, suddenly like a nuclear bomb was detonated.

There is no sharp sound in the ear of everyone, and I saw the black horror magic light gun tweet in front of the whole space.

After the black magic of the fingertips of the flash, the black magic light can be released from the category of the sound barrier, everything around it seems to be all hidden, there is only the endless huge black magic light column in front of the world!


At this time, the super-magical demon scorpion of Makarov has also been crazy.

Form a golden and elegant sacred glory, as if the comet generally bombards the moment in front of him

The golden comet formed by Makarov's super-magical demon stem, and the black magic light of the black magic is released, and it suddenly bombards.

The horrible shock wave and the waves are directly like the tide, and all the broken rubbles on the surrounding ground are directly treated with the most small particles in this world, completely disappearing in the air.

With the impact of the magic of the two between the two people and Makarov, I saw the people in the urban streets where everyone were finally overwhelmed. He began to fall the analysis. After the ground collapse, a huge shocking deep pit appeared in front of everyone.


After all, it is a big winning magic that is converted by all the flexible conversions.

I saw that Makarov, the whole person was shocked by the shells, and the straight set into the extremely far-reaching building tower, and the wife was blind.

"President !!",

I saw Makarov's entire people were shocked. Suddenly, all the magicians of all the demon tail procresses were shocked, Miraj je and Marko had a few of them flying directly.

The outline ... What is the magic of the moment?

But more people, or immersed in the horrible black flanks just released, "Is it a magic gun ... Actually released the magic released in that form ?!"

"How big is this guy ... is it a monster ..."

At the same time as all the magicians of the demon tailpark, I saw the President of the Fairy Tail, and Makarov, one of the Tenth Magnists, and all the shapes around all have all my eyes around. shocked"

"Who is the guy ?!"

"The Makarov of the Holy Ten Devils is actually defeated!"

When I saw such a young man in front of him, I used "Magic 'to defeat Makarov" one of the holy Tenth Magistizi of the world.

This shocking news and pictures are undoubtedly like a legwind that shocked all the eyes around this battle.

After all, in the eyes of ordinary people and the magic, the title of the Ten major magist of the Ten Majors is undoubtedly, representing the strongest and best of this world.

"I am evil", "I actually put the old man into this", "I saw that I saw that the President of the loved ones was actually slammed directly, and the building wall is in the far-reaching building wall.

At this time, Naz's first reaction came over, and the eyes were sprayed out of the angry flames, and the hook stared at the moment before the eyes.

Not only Naz, I saw my president was homoked. At this time, the other demon tail of other demon tail gradually surrounded it to anger.

"Naz ... Don't impulsive" But then two white arms suddenly stopped 7 them.

I saw that in addition to Ai Lusha, Mirajie was also solemnly stopped all of them.

"Ai Laha! How does Mirajie do you also ?!"

It was stopped by Ai Laha and Miraj to watch their two, Naz could not understand two.

"The president is defeated ..." Seeing the same fire dragon in front of a fire dragon generally angry Naz, Mirajay is quiet and gently shaking his head, "Even if you are all, you can't make trouble."

Chapter 20 Leaves (seeking rewards and automatic)


Although I know that Mirajer said that it is correct, I watched myself as the President of my loved ones, I was blown out like this, this is called the hair, how could it be calm down.


"You are not allowed to shoot!"

Just at this time, a dull voice came

I saw Makarov even struggled from the wall, dragging heavy body towards the moment they are, gradually come.

"This guy"

I feel that my whole body seems to be crushed by the magic giant truck, Macalov is lost at the moment, and she looks miserable, but a pair of eyes are still staring at the moment.

"It's as simple as you think"

"You are still young ..."

The eyes of love, glanced, and everyone around himself.

Since the year of forty years old, from the second 08th President Prescher Plesd, Makarov has already regarded the entire demon tailpout as its own home.

So he definitely not allow someone in the world to hurt his family, think of the scary "magic" and combat power of the moment, Makarov resolutely stops all of them, "This is not you can join now. fighting……,"

"But ..." the injury on you. ... "

I saw Makarov in front of you in this way, still persistent to protect them, and suddenly surrounded all the demon tail of the tail.

"give it to me"

White must be made on the face that has been burned out, Makarov is very firm to stare at the moment in front of him. "If you want to hurt the magician of the demon tail ... You will start from me first. The body across the past "

It seems to be infected by the firm tone of Makarov. At this time, all the demon tail of all the demon tail are all revealed, and it is obvious that if the moment is once again, they will not stand by.

"Even if it is dead ... also protect your own guild's companions and family ..."

I saw Makarov, who was firmly refused, and all the demon tail tail guides around all Zhongzheng City, and the moment of muttering, "If there is such a guild ... seem to be good ..."

Continuously defeated the most powerful Rickets and Michgang of the demon tailpar.

Now I still defeated Makarov, who is a holy ten big magazine, a powerful horrible, like a cover, the clouds, generally shrouded in the demon tailpark.

"I think you are wrong," Just at this time, I suddenly opened it. "I didn't plan to kill anyone ... I am a friend of Ai Laha ..."

"If it is not the fire, the boutique and that play with the ice," also has the discharge guy to show me ...

In the eyes of all people surprised, the eyes of the moment glanced at the nervous Ai Lusha next to it. "It is estimated that things will not be in the whole thing."

"This thing is here so far," We are not enemies. "

Just after the world, only one day, I didn't think about the enemy everywhere.