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Racating Crack System Chapter 679

In fact, if it is not just the emergence of Laxas and provoke yourself, the battle will not upgrade to this point.

This guy

Not an enemy ...

In the moment, I said that all the magic tidels around the demonbar tail were all in a state of being a borrow, only the inner heart of Airewa quietly put a breath.

"That one……"

After that, I slowly walked to the front of Airewa, "I am very happy to know you ... Ai Me.".

"But I want to take a closer look at the world, look at all kinds of magical magic" under the eyes, in the eyes of Ai Laza horror, the moment in front of her is stretched and gently rubbed her head, "believe Soon ... we will have the opportunity to see again ... "

It is usually strong and handsome and unscrupulous.

In the public, he was touched by this mysterious young magist guide in front of him ...

It is very rare, and a suspicious red halo is unable to floating the pretty face of Ai Lisa Bazhe.

However, she looked up with her eyes, but I didn't know when I had already disappeared in front of everyone, as if it was a dream.

"A Gerar has been out of the Tenth Magist".

"Now suddenly there is a moment"

"The current young people really make people feel old." Looking at the moment, Macalov found that he didn't even see what magic did he use, suddenly can't help but sigh.

Brake it ... After 580, it is not only the other magic guilks and Ai Lar, all the demon tail.

There is also a pair of brown blue big eyes to move a different streamer, and the white long hair is a beautiful face.

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Three days later.

The session of the demon tail, the legendary Holy Top Ten Magicair, Macalov, was defeated by a mysterious young magma.

Although there is no delibucation, it is still like a plague, it is generally swept through the entire Fiore kingdom, and even the entire Astrode magic world is shocked.

On the Magic Newspapers, the Magic Comments, there are countless magical guilds, even even the people are talking about this amazing shock news.

At a time, although no people have seen the appearance of the moment, everyone has discussed this strange name for them.

Everyone seems to be seen, a bright magic new star is rising.

Chapter 21 Magic World Motion (seeking rewards and automatic)

Magic Review.

Located in a rich emperor of the Kingdom of Fiore, Ihwar Yingr.

The Magic Commentation is an organization in which the Masland Magic World is responsible for maintaining the order of magic boundaries, consists of 1 speaker and 8 members.

The main tasks include monitoring the actions of the National Magnillers, punishing the rules of the rules and chasing the Dark Congress. It is regularly (will also be held at the headquarters of the Commentation Institute "at the time of emergency. Discuss the important dynamics of the recent magic world to determine the recent approach.

There are several divisions around the mainland, and with the investigation group and the forcibly detainement for the execution of the arrest task. Although the sanctions object is basically a dark public meeting.

But in the original, because the demon tailpark members can cause public losses when they work, they often involve major events. It is also a frequent visitor on the list of reviews, allowing the reviewers to always feel quite a headache.

But at this moment.

Among the conference halls of the Magic Review, everyone discussed the same thing.

"Tick ... Tick"

At this time, a green magic crystal ball is constantly broken on the floor, and is constantly being restored by a mysterious magic to the original look.

Although the sound is not large, it is particularly a harsh in the conference hall of this serious and quiet magic review. "Urudia ... Don't play when you meet ..."

The calm voice sounded, and he saw the white-haired head of the white-haired head at the chief of the meeting table.

"Because it is bored ..."

The head of the first seat of the Magic Review, saw a black long blood red lip color in the meeting table, and the beauty of the white color and the gown was finally recovered to the green magic crystal crystal ball in his hand.

But there is no sorry between the look, but I have a young man in another position next to himself. "Right? Qiksore?"

"Hey ... is very boring." When I heard the girl, I saw the handsome youth next to the blue hair, with a trace of evil smile, there is a black mysterious tattoo on the right cheeks, "Is it recently? No one wants to make trouble ... "

"Note ... Pay attention to your tone !!"

Seeing this blue hair Junxiu Youth so arrogant if no one is attitude.

His president of the meeting table was not talking, and a member of a magic review at the next next to him couldn't help but complain about it. "Why did this haunt kid become a reviewer sitting Here?! "

"Because my magic is high ... Old man ..." Still not put all the magical returns in front of you, I saw the blue hair youth, the eyes smiled, and the eyes of the eyes hide the group The Magic Comments Members' a deep disdain.

When I heard this blue-haired youth, the old group of Magic Auditorium was suddenly blown, but she was helpless.

Because this somewhat evil Junxiu Youth is the top ten magist of the top ten magist of the Ten Magic, the top ten magist of the Ten Ten Marks, a name of the Ten Ten Missors.

At the same time, Zik Ree is also the world's youngest holy ten, and because of the long and beautiful beauty, Ziksore is also the top five in the first five in the magic authority magazine "Want to be a boyfriend". "Cough ... well ... you don't have noisy you."

Seeing the meeting in front of the meeting was a mess, at this time, I saw the leader of the magic review of the conference table for serious cough, and stopped all of their lip tabs.

Hearing the speakers of the Magic Commentation, the entire conference hall finally gradually became quiet.


After the conference hall is quiet, I saw the long eyes of the Magic Commentary to move to Makarov, and "The rumors of the magic worlds have been rare in these days ... You are really being called the moment. The magician defeated? "

I heard the question of the thirteen of the Magic Commentary, all the ear of the member of the parliamentaries were all vertically, and the eyes were completely brushing to the side of Makarov next to it.

Obviously, the amazing rumors of boiling soup that have recently been passed recently in the Astro World, all of them are very interested.

"Yeah" "The guy ..." Seeing that there were people who were betting curious, only a bitter smile when Makarov suddenly.

He also left the injury left after three days ago and in the moment, but there is not much more difficulties between the look.

After all, I can confirm that the black magic guides of the Dark Congress are not very pleased.

I saw that Makarov's tone seems to have a little feeling, and some are sighs. "There is a magic for people who are unable to imagine ... There are also unbelievable powerful magic ..."

"The most terrible is his age ... probably, it is almost the same as Mr Churec."

In the sigh, Macalov's thoughts were suddenly pulled back to the battle before Li Qian's), "old ... The future magic world is your young people.