Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 680 of Hueding Cracks

I heard that Makarov actually realized the rumors of recent days. The members of all the Magic Reviews of the Magic Review have not help to succumbate.

"Beat Makarov's young magistan ..." Sitting next to the discussion between the Miss Magic Auditor's Members, Zikray smiled because of sudden evil spirits, "It's fun ..."

"If there is a chance ..." "I really want to be he for a while."

In the mouth, he muttered, Zikrein and the two people around the Uridia were silent. Suddenly, the hearts of the hearts smiled ...

Chapter 22 Sweeping the Dark Community (seeking rewards and automatic)

Just in the Magic Review Institute is discussing issues related to the moment, the entire Yaslan Magic World is in a crazy shock.

Dark launch duo tail.

This is a guild base of a horrible Chinese castle style, all of which are some quasi trees and side.

Just in such a way that there is no one dare to step on the dark, today, I suddenly came to a unusual special guest.

A black gorgeous coat, silver white noble hair seems to tell the epic story in the air.

The perfect handsome elegant face with a trace of evil smile, high-teching, slim, as if it comes with a mysterious breath that creates and destroyed.

"Droupled Tail" "

"This should be the 18th Dark Lales."

The deep monster scorpion quietly got the tail of the dark public doodle in front of the Chinese castle style, and the mouth of the mouth suddenly looked with the devil. Since leaving Say goodbye, Ai Lusha leaves the demon tailpar.

In this three days, in addition to travel throughout the Kingdom of Fiore, explore the entire Yaslan world's style.

I also witnessed the darkness of this magic world, such as those who criminal, usually, have the task and work of trafficking in children, burning looting.

Although the Bright guild does not necessarily represent justice, the Dark Community may not be all evil generations.

But at least a regular bright public public will obey the leadership of the Magic Review, will not allow for the mission and work of the Dark Lalessers, the task and work of the burn.

So among this over the past three days.

On the other side of a leisurely, I was free to sweeping a dozen Dark World's Magic Association, causing a small panic and sensation in the dark world of Fiore.

Of course, sweeping these Dark Magic Associations, in addition to disgusted their harsh behavior, there is still a purpose for their own purposes, in order to find a variety of lost magic.

The reason why didn't go to the formal guild to collect the magic of these lost, one is that I don't want to be the public enemy of the Austral Magic World.

Another reason is that the most places that really collect these lost magic are not a regular bright public meeting, but these Dark Congress.

For example, the most powerful Dark Congress "Devil's Heart" in the orthodox "Devil's Heart", all the masters are lost in the legend.

However, the giant where the dark public giants always mysteriously can't be invasive. At the moment, there is no way to find the hiding place of their guild, so there is only some unexpected discovery.

Dragon Magic, Star Ling magic, native magic, styling magic, holding magic, manipulating magic, writing magic, space magic, changing magic, grievance magic, receiving magic, taboo magic, super? Magic, lost magic

After three days of sweeping and exploration, it has a general understanding of all the magic of this world, and all mysterious features have unlimited magic, which is the source of this world yearning.

"Some people come in ..."

"Looking for death ... I have found the tail of our Droud." "Is this little white face crazy ?!"

"Hahaha !!!"

It seems that I have never seen a more arrogant person in this case. I saw the moment in front of them. I was stunned, and everyone was stunned, and everyone was smirked crazy.

"Listen ... Kid" "I don't know who you are ... I don't want to know who you are.

When I saw the little white face that suddenly came in in front of him, the fat man was twisted by the fat black magic guideline Naru Buddin Kutou, "Here is the tail of the Du ... Since you come in ... that is Don't leave ... "

"Your president Ivan ..." as if the inch of the head is fat, Naru Budding, the red-haired beauty, and the black magic guides of all the Dresses behind all the Dresses, all as the air.

At the moment, if you don't have anything, you will look around the Chinese Burgurong, as if you are searching, "Not here ..."

The tail of the Dark Congress is the Dark Congress founded by the President of the Fairy Tail, and the Dark Congress of Ivan, with the Six Devils, Devil's Heart, the gate of the MTD, but not Belong to "Param Alliance,

This secretin, it is estimated that it will know so clearly this traveler will know.

"The president has brought the Obla and Black Snake."

The sound of the moment seems to have an inexplicable attractive magic, attracting Naru Budding, truthfully said the trend of Ivan, but soon he immediately missed something wrong.

Chapter 23 Du's tail (ask for reward and automatic)

I saw that Naru Buddin's double eyes were tight, revealed a dangerous essence, "Wait ... Why you will know our president ..."

"Ivan is not there ..."

I didn't plan to answer his question. The nearly ruthless horror magic of the body suddenly became active, as if I got the child's child, "It's good ... After all, I solved a hint of the Ten-Level ... or solved You help the mixed fish is slightly cumbersome "

This guy……

The atmosphere is condensed throughout the earth.

I heard that this looks at the little white face of Light Junxiu once again, I called all the sorrowful black devil guides as a mixed fish, and there was no one to bear.

"Let's get rid of this arrogant boy ..."

"Mr. Naru Buddy ..."

"I will tear his mouth is old ... Let him regret it to this world ..."

I saw the black devil guoshist of the tail of the rippled, the black magistrar of the tail of the ripple, and the look of the gods were screaming.

As a well-known Dark Congress as a well-known in the Athral Magic World.

Which one in these black magicians is not full of blood in their hands? Which one is not a girder?

Today, I was actually a small white face that I looked so, I was ridiculed in the door, and the fall of these dark worlds fried the pot.

"Silver White ... So noble ..." At this time, I saw the red long-haired woman around Naru Buddy, her face with a pathological mad muttered, showing it in the eyes It is desperate horror.

"Beautiful long hair ... Why don't I have such hair ..." "Kill him" seems to hear the red long-haired female Fali Ya, whispering, fat black devil, Naru Buddy Cruel laugh, "Remember to stay in his hair ... Give Freaya ..."

This red long-haired beauty black devil guya.

In addition to their official trunk members of their ducha, they are still proud of their long-term tuning}, this is also a desperate side of this seemingly wonderful magical magic world.

"Wait ... wait ..."

At this time, everyone suddenly stunned when the magic guides of all Dresses were trying to use their hands.

Suddenly I saw the incredible scene of the incredible scene, the strength of the fat man, the black devil guoshon Naru Budding, did not help but contraction, "What is it ?!"