Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 681 of Huedings

Wang Zhifa !!!

Everyone feels that she seems to be immersed in a world that is full of golden rain.

I saw an infinite blood red ray in front of my eyes, as if stuffed the whole world, I couldn't open my eyes.

Wang Zhimongbao infinite golden red is full of light, and the entire duo tail is originally dark space, and the whole space in the moment and the entire space is turned into a red golden world.

The golden rays that have been infinitely eye-catching suddenly shot, as if there is an invisible door in the meditation.

When the golden light of the infinity is dissipated, I saw the mysterious blood of the mysterious blood in the moment, suddenly there were countless round golden mysterious ripples.

"What is this ?!"

The whole space in front of him appeared such a magnificent vision.

It seems that the entire world after the moment has become this mysterious golden space. All the black magic guides present will have a sense of consciousness, whisper muttering.

"No ... is not good ..."

The strength of the Droupled Tail Board reached the first reaction of the Naror Budding of the S-class magicile.

I saw that there were countless mystery of the mysterious space in front of my eyes, and a horrible emotional emotion was spread in his heart. "This is his magic ... everyone is careful ..." "Be careful ? "

I looked at the color of all the black devil's face revealed, and I suddenly felt very ridiculous. "Even if you know that you have to collapse, can you stop?

The sound of the moment has just fallen.

Suddenly I saw the golden red ray space behind him, and the golden corrugated ripple gradually emerged with countless mysterious sharp swords, it was the uncommon knife that came from the previous life of the world.

"Good" a lot ... "

I looked at the mysterious golden space in front of my mysterious golden red space. I suddenly emerged for such a large number of church knives. It was almost unclear number, and all the black magic guides were shocked.

But soon, they will all always turn up their mouths.

Boom !!!

It seems that it suddenly has been pulled with an invisible mysterious string.

Everything in the moment of the treasure of the king of the moment is all chemical, and the flow of flowers run through all things.

When the dramatic explosion penetrated, the sound was tonized to gather, and I saw that tens of thousands of broken knives were bombarded under the moment, almost no black magic guides can survive.

The earth was taken out to penetrate the countless touched pothole, and the cruisers of the guild of the whole crowburg were completely a hundred sieves of the loopholes.

One instant a black magic guide in another Dachakam, all the body was ruthlessly penetrated, and the viscous blood almost gathered into a red river.

Among these tens of thousands of destroyed torches, all all things were all penetrated, but only a few breathing kung fu, the entire duo's tail campaign became a human hell.

Chapter 24 Ivan's Collection (seeking rewards and automatic)

Time I don't know how long it has been.

A general, a waterfall that penetrates all things, is finally gradually calmed down.

All of the chops are all automatically returned to the king of the king of the moment, as if they have their own wisdom and spirituality.

And this power is still the state of this tens of thousands of knives have not been liberated. If there is a day, it will use the collapse system and the collapse of the jade to all liberate these sickles.

So, the power that is generated, that 1 is also in the same way.

"Now" "Everything is quiet ..."

Looking at the tail cushion of the Drouple in the ruins and the hell of hell, he smells a strong bloody breathing in the air, and the moment is gently frowning "58 zero".

"Droupled tail"

"Such a big dark public ... should hide a lot of lost magic books," The body of a Droupled tail guinea will be hidden.

At the moment of the left eye, the blush of the blue gods, the whole hole was wearing the entire risking of the tail guild, the duchant, the duchant, searching for every corner, may hiding the magic books.

In this time, suddenly, a bloody arm was killed, and he seized the foot of the trousers.

"We President"

I saw the fat black magic guides in the tail guild in the crow, relying on the strength of the S-level magic tideller, there was still a life.

In a corpse, I killed my trousers, and the Naru Buddy went to the eyes and feared, "I will come back ... they will not let you ..."


I suddenly passed the blood of the Navarbin Tuple, and the eyes of the black trousers were suddenly cooled. "Your hand is probably not wanting ..."


The sound of the moment has just fallen.

Instant horror is extremely cold freeze.

I saw the fat man under the moment of the black magic guideline Narrobe Budine. The whole person was instantly opened to frozen into a frostless ice sculpture.

The moment is gently moving his feet, and suddenly, the Naru Budding Book is smashed into a crystal ice slag shred, scattered in the corpse of the land and the blood of the blood, and the brilliance of the dark and blood color.

"Devil" "The Devil of Silver White Hair ..."

I saw the moment I just killed Naru Buddy.

At this time, a long scream sounded, only to see the only duo's tail cushion now, the only survived Fuffa.

It seems like a mental abnormality, and it is very fearful to watch the front of the nahubinkin's frozen bodies in front of him.

Among the bloody and corpses of the surroundings, her red long hair seems to be like a blood river on the ground, which is still a beautiful face, which is the extreme fear. . "Don't come over ... It's terrible ... How can there be such a magic in the world ..." What is your name ... "The moment gradually walked to Frea, she stared at her, right eye. The round of the gods shines in the eye, and the mysterious blood-like light, directly uses illusion to control her.

"I ... My name is Fu Le Lejay" The spirit has fallen into Fuffali, which is completely fell into the illusion of the round of the moment, and finally gradually calm down, and the old man said his name.


I saw that Ferrea finally honestly, it was completely controlled by the illusion of his eyes. He nodded, and continued to ask: "You guild ... or your president Ivan" he put all important Where is the magic book? "" Do you know ... Fu Lerea ... "" Magic book ... "He heard the questions of the moment, Fu Raoya was silent for a while, and it seems to be recalling the accurate position, and then finally opened the way "" On the bookstock in the guild Treasure "," there is a book that Ivan President is the most frequent books ... "


Successfully set out the message you want from Fuya's mouth, and the elegant road is thankful, and then the mouth of the mouth is playing, walking towards the tail of the Dalong Castle. ... "" Bookshelf inside

"Let me see ... Where is it ..." I walked into the Lixerson Castle, walked through the long guild hall, and the moment finally came to the tail of the Drouple, the Tibetan book of Ivan private collection.

The eyes of the eyes of all kinds of words in front of the eyes, and the eyes of the moment have finally fallen on the last hidden deepest bookshelf.

"Found a little"