Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 682 of Huedings

The old house star spirit magic, the rock style magic, the text magic curse, the Warcraft receives magic ... um ... the celestial magic also has ... "

In front of the bookshelf with a variety of mysterious magical books in front of you, the flash of the flash flying over a variety of magic books, whispered in the mouth, "Not bad ... Collection is very rich ..."

"It is a son of Makarov ... Laxos's old ..."

A book is over ten minutes, and I still put these magical books after all.

Although these are the boutiques in the magic, 3.6 but did not let the moment to see similar to the gods magic, destroy evil or loss of magic this top-level magic book. (Dragon Dragon Magic is required to be professor of the dragon person, can not pass the Magic Books Society)


When I was in an instant, I was now unleaped.

The blind eye in the moment suddenly saw the upper end of the bookshelf, there was still hidden on a surface that could not be spotless.

If it is not an ignorant of God who has a history of God, it will not be able to find out the mystery here.

"This is?!",

After opening the darkness with violence, the moment has successfully removed a full black or title of magic books.

Chapter 25 Mysterious Magic (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Today is really right ...

After careful, I will read this mysterious magic book in my hands.

Looking at the magical text above the top of the other magic books, the deep eyes of all the other magical books suddenly shielded, "I didn't think ... Makarov's son actually hidden a good thing."

"Unfortunately ..." "Make others ... this book is now my" after the mysterious magic book, the mouth is gently, and put it into your own king. The treasure is in the treasure.

"Drouple tail." "Thank you for helping me collect such a good thing" "Hahaha ..." The face with a satisfactory and strange smile, the momentless laughter echoed in the tail of the Dafford Every corner of the Genurg Confucius, the figure gradually disappears in the vital atmosphere.

Only left countless bodies outside, and the blood flowing into the earth, and a blood-long-haired woman faced a stunned gods, and 08 formed a very small picture.

I don't know how long it takes.

The Droupled Tail Baggao Congress, finally came back to a large group of black magicilers.

"Guild ... Everyone ..." Just one, everyone went to, can't confused, and the horizon in front of this hell, "What happened this happened ?!"

"Naru Buddy is also dead ... all have been killed ..."

Looking at the horror scene of the front blood flow into the river, there is a corpse of the frozen and broken Narolbin, and the inexplicable weapon bombards a thousand biblio, and only the mask and high hat. The Black Magisto Oblator of the Long Hair Nose is completely stunned.

As a famous Ding Ding, a well-known Ding Ding, Austral Magic World, how can someone destroy their guild to this extent?!

"Fuffa? Are you still alive?"

At this time, the Black Maguchi Obla, the Tail of the Dulut, finally saw Fali Ya, sitting on countless bodies and bloody, and suddenly flying to the front of Frea.

"Fali Ya! What happened here ?!

Seeing Faliya is still alive, O'Brium is crazy to ask her, "Is it those normal bright mong?!


"The Devil of Silver White Demon ... Everyone" Guild ...

As if he didn't hear the roar of O'Brra, it was completely fascinated by Fuffya, which was still in the old body and bloody ends, and the eyes were muttered to repeat the same words. "It is all destroyed in a moment ... We are not his opponent" Silver white long hair devil ?!

Is the enemy only one person?!

Suddenly all people are shocked, and in the minds of the minds. Search for the Magic World of Astrology, which magist guide has a silver-white dress, and has this power to destroy their entire duple.

"Is there only one person?"

As I Blaza, Obla in front of you, I will ask the spirit of Fuffa.

I saw this time, the president of the Droupled Tail, wearing a black fur collar cloak coat, wearing a strange mask, the eyes flashed a thinking look, "Holy Ten? Or Say?"


The soul is in the abyss of the magic, although it will not pay attention to the life and death of these guild members.

However, in the mind, I suddenly thought of a terrible thought. The face under the mask was coming, and the whole person suddenly became crazy to go to the ancient Burgong, which was in the eyes of the top.

"I am not seen ?!"

"The Magic book is really taken away ?!"

After rushing into your own Tibetan book, I found that the dark slave has been opened, the things inside are free, Ivan finally changed its face.

"Damn ..." "How maybe" "No one knows that I will take this magic book here."

I haven't found the mysterious magic books that I have taken away from the book. Ivan finally could finally couldn't help but hysterically roaring, "impossible _" Even if she takes away

"The magic above, I can't master it."

"Is there a guy with white long hair ... I don't care who you are?

Thinking that the mysterious magic book is something yourself through your father's demon tail, according to countless old clues, finally find something.

The above records that the taboos that they can't master, and the eyes under the Ivan mask, suddenly invited the infinite resentment of evil, "Since I dare to make it with me ... I took me away. s things"

"As long as I am found ... I will let you regret it to this world" "must ...

Just when Ivan was deeply cursing in the tail of the Drouple. At this moment, the moment is strolling in a sunny unmanned street in the Kingdom of Fiore, "Ah !!" Suddenly I can't help but sneeze, and I have a bit wondering from my sword eyebrow. "Is there anyone in this world miss me? Is it Ai Lusha? Or Mirajie?" And at this moment, it is constantly over, it is the mystery that is previously taken from the tail of the Duo. Magic books, moment is using this idle kungfu to try to learn to master the magic of the past. Hey!!! And at this time. At the moment, there is no sign of mysterious magic books in his hand and stopped your own footsteps. "You are three ..." In the case of the blind eye of the left eye hole, it seems that there is no such thing in the world to hide. I saw that the mouth of the moment is light, it seems to speak on the unmanned air in front of my eyes. "I have been tracking I have been a whole ten minutes." I still don't plan to come out "Chapter 26, three Yuwu (seeking rewards and automatic)