Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 683

Kingdom of Fiore.

On the other end of the capital of the capital, it is a unmanned street, surrounded by the shade of both sides.

The sun is skewed, in the evening, the sun shines in the evening, killing the figure is pulled.

However, at this moment, at this moment, in the left eye of the blue eyes, even if you don't need to look back, you can see very clearly, and there are three guys who have no weakness behind them have tracked their long way.

"Good amazing observation ..."

The sound of the embrace has suddenly passed back from the moment, "It is a president of defeating the demon tail ... The man of the Ten major Magica Makarov ..." But you will be free. Behind the enemy behind ""

As the sound is getting closer, I only see the not far behind the moment, slowly come to the three people's figure, "I should say you are stupid ... still big ..."

For the head of a demon, the long hair of a cherry blossom, a white kimono, a pair of red high-wood, hands and red tensile knives.

Follow her on both sides, one is a very strong man, but a geyable head, behind the two rocket tube.

On the other side, a black long hair man wearing a rock singer, with a strong heavy metal makeup, sometimes spit his long tongue L head from time to time.

"You are?"

God's reincarnation, after the appearance of the people and the shape of the people, at this time, I finally slowly turned my body. For these three people who appeared in front of him, there was not very impressive in his mind.

"Silver white long hair ... red and blue eyes ... Handsome elegant long-distance ...

I saw this cherry blossom-long hair, as if there were cases, and accurately describe the message in front of them, Bai Zhe's pretty face has a smile, "and task The same thing ... is a guy who will always remember when you look at it ... "

"We are the strongest assassin of the guild, and the three fences ..."

It seems that this kind of knife has been used as a homesome meal, and I saw the cherry blossoms in front of him, and the beauty of the sakurai, I still looked at the moment. "You just need to know someone who has a 10 million J to harvest you." The head can be ... "

Bone ancient bones?

Three Yuwu?

10 million J harvested my head?

I watched the moment, and I quickly reacted.

The brain quickly flashed all the news from this three days in this Asnd Magic World.

The pilol is one of the Dark Congress of the Astrode Magic World.

The three feathers are the strongest assassination troops in the guild, who have assured all 1 regime of the Western national army in the Wiele War of Wing Yingr, who had assured all 1 regime of the Western National Army.

"Scary will be three Yuwu ... I have heard of your famous head in the dark world." "

After recognition of the three people in front of the three, the moment is a little curious to stare at the kimono beauty of this cherry blossom color, "But I am curious ... who will have a high price of 10 million J to assassinate And me"

"And I can track my whereabouts"

Seeing that this assassination force, the three-child Yuwu, who can track yourself, and I have to be surprised about this moment. "It seems that you have three more powerful ..."

"The delay time can also change the fact that you die ..."

The slim wrist gradually placed on the red taikhek knife, and only the Sakura color long hair headed by the assassination force San Yueu and the beauty is gradually slightly, "Sorry ..." San Yuwu is impossible. Release the information of the employer ...


"It's trouble ..."

I saw that the assassination forces in front of the three-child group seems to have a professional scriptures, I saw that the moment it seems to be a bit distressed to scratch my head. "You don't do it, don't do it ... The other is 1 million employment you assassinate me. So now I have ten times the price to exchange the other party's information "

"10 million j in ten times ?!"

Listening to the treasure is to exchange the employer's information with 10 million ten times prices. At this time, the rock man with black long hair is suddenly laughing with the nose. "" Do you know what you are talking about ?! "


Just rock the man's words just finished.

I saw a clear referring to the moment before I saw it.

D Huay !!!

Countless metal friction sound comes into a piece, it seems that the tide is generally crazy.

At the time, all the assassination forces in front of the murder, all of them widened their eyes.

I saw a flashing finger after the flash, suddenly had a lot of golden gold coins, so like a group of floods generally flocked.


"how can that be?!"

I saw that there were so many gold coins in front of you, and the beauty of the cherry blossoms, the beauty of the beauty, Li Qian. "Is this a magic? Or illusion?"

"Do not……"

Bending the waist and picked up a gold coin from the ground, I saw a high body of the body of the body, "these are true ...

"All is true ?!"

After listening to the words, the black long-haired rock man Vigda Lida is almost jumped throughout the whole person. "How is it ?! What is this magic ?!"

J is a common currency in the Astride World, and all the regular bright public mission of the magic world is even a dark public meeting, and accepting the task is also for money.

Now, this young handsome magist guide can use the mysterious magic to make so many currency. How can they be shocked?

Chapter 27 (seeking rewards and automatic)


"We are assassinated guilds." But we can't sell the employers before selling for greater benefits ... "

Looking at the shocking scenes of countless gold coins around the eyes, I saw the captain of the Sheriff of the Three Earm, the sakura color long hair, and the beauty of the beauty, suddenly, I intermitted the Weight of Vigda Lids. Eagle and Heart Move.

"This is the guidelines we walk in the dark world ..."

"The captain said yes ..."

I heard the captain of Zhuhong's silence. I saw the tall. "" We do the assassination mission is all in order to destroy sin ... as a guilty guild ...

But insist on your own set of guidelines ...

What kind of people are really not lacking in the world? "

I saw the so many gold coins created by myself, and I was moon.