Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 684 of Hueding Crack System

"and so……

"You will die"

I saw Vigda Ladus Eagle and the two people went to the front of Zehong.

Desperate rocket!!

The first is the body of 583, the big eagle, and suddenly sinks.

Behind the huge rocket cartridges are shocking out, dragging two lines of smoke in the air, going towards the moment of violent bombing.

Rock? You !!

The rock man next to the rock, Dagada Ladus hawk, the black long hair suddenly skyrocket, blowing a fierce spirit, cut down in the moment

"The Tenth Magnille is defeated by me ...

In the face of the rocket barrels and black cutting long hair in front of the eyes, there is still an indifferent, but gradually put the black mysterious magic books in his hands. "I really don't know where you are the courage. Accept the murder my task ...

In front of you, the three-shocked eyes were shocked.

I only see the moment in front of it, but it is just that the slightly tight is slightly blown out.

Suddenly a white light, instantly blinkled all the rocket barrels and black cutting long hair in front of him.

<(aidg) "/> The freezing sound of some molars.

It seems that the whole space in front of you is freezed.

I saw the rocket barrel and black cutting of the air in the air, and I was frozen into a froble ice crystal in an instant. I shine glory in the sun in the evening in the evening in the evening of Fiore. Unsteady ...

I saw all frozen rocket guns and black cutting long hair, suddenly fell on the ground to break into powder-shaped ice crystal particles.

It seems to cover the ground of the streets of the whole Fiore, which is a dazzling crystal.

However, it is apparent that this beautiful dream scene can only bring incomparable horror and fear to the three Yutu three people before the eyes, just blowing a breath ...

Suddenly, Zhuhong, Vigda Lidus, the eagle and the three people suddenly pumped a cold breath.

"This guy" is the strength of defeating the top ten magistrs ...

Swords? No moonlight !!

Just in Vigda Ladas Eagle and the two people shocked in the shock brought by the power of the moment.

When the air in front of the moment suddenly flashed a snow-white lingerie, the long hair of cherry blossom brought a fascinating breeze in the wind.

It is the team leader of the three Yuwu, I saw that she held red in her hand. When she was in the moment in the moment, she was too cut in her hand, but the sword of the lunarily broke out.

The cold weapons battle generally face the enemy to pull the knife from the scabbard from the scabbard to meet the enemy, but the ahead is just the opposite.

It is difficult to accurately estimate the length of the knife in the state of the knife, and it is unable to determine whether the other party can make a threat to yourself, but it is completely clear whether the other party can make a threat to himself. Within the scope of our first trick.

This is the purpose of the ambition of the rumored swordsmanship, and be sure to pursue a hit. "Good Sword"

Although the

Sword flash!!

Finally, the moment in front of them is within the scope of them.

I saw that Zhuhong Yuanmun's charming double-grabbing is a thin and sin.

Although this youth looks like that young handsome show, it is not dare to have a big idea in the face of the magic whistle of the world's magic guides.

The red troops in the hands are finally eager, quickly to the ultimate sword light instantification, a giant men-only, the whole, the whole, the side of the moment.

"everything is over……"

Dust settled, only white and suits, the beauty of the white kimono, the whole person has instantly appeared behind the moment.

The two are standing back, and the cherry blossoms are long and whispering in the mouth, "Although you are defeating the Magic Magic Magic" of the Ten, "But my sword is just your gratitude.

"It's been a long time ..."

However, there are some feelings of a little in some calmness.

When I was awkward, I opened my eyes, I saw that she was not as falling as she thought.

However, I didn't know when I had a slender and very sharp knife, and the elegant, the face of the elegant, looked at her, "I didn't see such a wonderful sword ..."

"how come?!"

I saw the magic of the flash of magic in the hands of the big knife, and the pupils were shrinking when the face was up.

Multiple sword flash!!

Silver tooth gently bite, I saw that I was shocked in my heart and turned into the moment when I was shocked in an instant.

The most terrible thing is that these swordsmutes are all faintly about the space in front of the moment, and the horror swords that surpass space have been huddled in the moment.

Chapter 28 Keyway is the ultimate (seeking rewards and automatic)

This is the extension skill of Zhuhong Jian flavored, quickly releases multiple points and makes his sword beyond space.

In the original, she used this trick to cut the card space in the paradise, and the Airewa embrace it within the card space.

"My Sword" can exceed space _ "

In an instant, the horror of the swordsman broke out, and the eyes of Zhuhong demon feminine and charming the eyes were like a look of the baby. "If there is a book ... you will stop trying. "

Exceeding the sword of space ...

The blue blood red is infinite mysterious brilliance, and the swordscent of the bloom in front of the blog of the bloom are hit, and the moment is coming.

From the Tower of the Original Paradise, Zhuhong can press the strength of Airewa, and the level is absolutely at least the level of the S-level magic.

The light is sufficient to attach the attention of the swordsmanship that exceeds the space.

Void swords? Unintentional angel!!!

At this time, suddenly all of the people all of them have widened their eyes.

I saw that the long-in-one in front of the moment is too long. There is no number of swords.


A dramatic metal rib sounds throughout the unmanned empty street.