Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Capaci Urban Chapter 685

I saw all the swords of all the shots that were shot in front of the eyes, only the swords that were suddenly slammed by the moment in an instant.

"How could ..." "His sword ..." It turned out to be completely surpassing me ... "The green eyes were completely filled with the cold swords in front of you.

Seeing that the swordscent of such a belounced scholars were completely crushed with the swords that he surpass space, showing two swordsmons at a level.

Like the baby who is generally strong, the giant fumes, I can't believe my eyes. "Are you not a magic guide ..."

Insulating in the evening? Night fork !!

Although it was shocked, although Zishi was the leader of the three Yuwu after all.

In the face of the eyes of such a horrible sword, the omelette is gently turning into the half-air, and the red tooker in the hands instantly turns into a phantom that cannot capture the naked eye.

This is the extension of the moonlight, and the original is instantly cut off the sword of the circulation of Ei La, the speed is fast and the knife is precise. It is the top of the swords.

I saw the air in front of the moment, and I suddenly flashed the figures of the rapid movement in an instant, and the fierce and unsuccessful swordsmanship and smashed the cage of killing, which was avoided.


However, in front of the spot, this countless speed of the fierce, the flash is flicked, but it does not refund.

God's turn is accurate and unparacted to capture the magic illusion in front of his eyes, and the flow blade in his hand is like a balloon of a reversed stream.

It turned out to have a precise and unmistered the sword, who is like a sword that is smashed. It is like a relaxed model of a leisure, as if it is in a guiding one after a renovation of the sword.

After sweeping the tail of the Du, I got the mysterious magic books of Ivan's heart, and the mood of the moment is obviously very good.

Holding a common mindset and the beautiful swordsman who is in front of him, using the sword in their hands to hit countless compliance.


It is completely pressed by him ...

The red tooled in the hand once again tasted the horror swordscent of the moment. In the moment, it is so little written, and you can sway yourself, you can't do it at this heart.


He is in his hands.

Between the hand, the Zhuhong Cui Green scorpion quickly glanced at the red tooker in his hand.

It was obvious that the cracks that have been dissatisfied with dense Ma Ma, obviously can't be supported for too long, and the quality of the blade is completely exceeded in her hand.

"No ... If you go, let's go ..."

I saw the sword of the life of my best to be a life, and I was placed in the beginning to the end of this.

It has completely seen any hope in front of him. It has finally secretly of the heart, and the green eyes have released the fierce brothers, "only can gamble."

Innotation? Welcome to Luo Yan !!

As if it seems to be a magical swordsman, only a large amount of hot and high temperature swordscent in the air in front of the air.

Zhuhong finally used his strongest oysters, released a lot of flames in the moment of launching the moonlight swords, the power is huge, and the original damage is immersive.

"If this trick can't beat you"

With a strong and decided, the red tooled in the hand is like a huge flame of the phoenix, and it is more brilliant than the past, "then let me die in your hand." ...... "

"It's a good look"

In the face of huge swords against the horizon in front of you.

At the moment, I captured the 7 eyes in front of the blind eye. The madness and deciduous, my face appreciated the color, "Then I will let you know ... What is the true ultimate of the sword!!!"

Drop the void !!!

Just when I once again swayed the sword in my hand again.

The whole space seems to be like a black and white mime, and it is generally fixed, in the pupil that is unlimited in Zhuhong binocular

I saw that the flow blade in the hands of the fire was smashed with a speed that was not imagined in this life.

A pure black is like a cockroach, and the huge sword of the black strings is like a huge sword, and the moment is smashed out, and the air in the air is smashed into the air in the air.

Chapter 29 Solving (seeking rewards and automatic)

It has not been generated and produced at all the awareness of the reaction.

The red tales in the hand have been completely smashed, and the air and light in front of the eyes are generally ruthlessly torn.

In the eyes of the moment, this is just the world and the void of the world and the void of the sword.

But in the corner of the others, it was a huge black sword in front of the moment, and the shape of a huge black sword was swayed.

The moment is like a death, and directly brushed the entire world and void.

The king of the entire Fiore kingdom, suddenly being smashed in half.

No one understands what happened, but an endless persevering gully has become a fact that the whole king is all in front of the whole.

Even the main hall of the King of the King of Fiore, also was completely cut into two halves, and the whole of the king of the whole Wangdu was shocked. The kingdom of the King Fiore is in the palace. "Just ... I have just happened ..." The National Defense Dattard of the National Defense Dattard was scared to sit in the floor, and it was full of horror and deep gully on the ground in front of him. The hall and the palace of the inexpanical thing. "Whole Royal Palace is cut ... how can this ... Not only is all the ministers of his hand, sitting on the princess of the princess of the Kingdom of Fiore on his princess throne? E. Fiore, can not help but The green eyes of my green, looking at the incredible everything in front of the eyes. "Not the Royal Palace ... The whole Wang is being cut" this time, the whole palace hall, the strongest Sakura Knight Group Head Alca Di O'Se had seen something happened in a glance. I saw him in the face of the old-fashioned face. At this moment, it is full of shock and unbelred. "There is a sense of such a terrible sword with such a terrible sword." "Princess His Temple ..." After all, the head of the Kingdom of Fira, the head of the Cherry Knights, who saw Alcari, the first time, and gently owed the princess of Fira, the Kingdom of Fira on the steps. Emerald? E. Fiore invoice. "The terrible guy should now be in Wang Tuzhi _" I will lead the Cherry Knights to confirm his identity ... "" Go ... "Jade Princess recovered past After the calm, it quickly became the original, "If it is not an enemy ..., please ask him / she comes to the Royal Palace," Yes, the princess. " "After turning around, the face of the Alcatellus face suddenly, the days of the Japanese Eclipse plan are getting closer, his inner heart becomes more and more uneasy. Country ... Chen Demin, I choose and judgment Is it correct or wrong. The head of the Cherry Knights, Alkius, gone, gone, the jade princess flicked, and the sharp nails could not help but embedded their own In the palm of your hand. (Welcome everyone to search "Huang Ying's collapse system 'joins the kingdom of this book) Fiore. Wang Tuo is on the unmanned street. "The whole of the king was opened ..." "What is this sword skill