Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 686

The leader of the Separation of the Three Early, the leader, the unbelievable look at my hands, completely crushed the red tales.

At this moment, it is more unbelievable at this moment that there is no endless delay in the ground, and the whole of the Kingdom of Fire, the Kingdom of Fire, which is unfolded in front of the ground.

"did you see it"

Stared that the whole person in front of him is like a puppet, the puppet, the beautiful Swordsman who has lost the soul, the sound of the flash, "the gap between our two ... Just like this, the sky is general ... can not be more ...,"



Listening to what I said, I looked at it. I was like a vacuum fault, as if it was like the original calm world, it was used to use violent hard to tear an ugly scar, and Zuhong lost himself. language"…

"team leader?!"

I saw my leader Zhuhong was immediately defeated.

At this time, I've been a fear of my heart, and I suddenly screamed, and I broke out my best kill.


I saw the tall tagged, the pen was sprint, and his mouth suddenly opened an incredible radiator, which seems to be an attempt to swallow the whole person.

If you are swallowed in him, the stomach of the stomach can digest the magic of the opponent, so that it is also part of the characteristics and strength.

Rock sleep!!

And the other side of Vigda Ladas Eagle stands in place, suddenly allocated the electronic bass in his hand, and a strange magical voice is suddenly spread.

If you have entered your opponent by his magic roll, then Vigda Ladus Hawk can control the brain and nerves of the opponent through this special magic, so that the opponent is completely .

Boom! Boom!

However, it is in an instant.

Vigda Ladus hawk and spring two people were bombarded.

Two people poured in the ground pain, covering their stomachs, their faces did not see clearly, and they were instantly in an instant "Your music magic can control the enemy's brain ... Looking at Vigda Lidus?

The eagle and the spring of the eagle and the springs lickled on the ground that he was not far from his eyes, and the moment was gently muddy dust that did not exist at all.

"But very regrettable.

... _ My speed can be more fast than the sound "

Obvious ... Staring at the eyes, they can't overcome the moment, Vigda Ladus?

The eagle and the two people almost brought their heads into the soil under the feet.

Chapter 30 Invitation (seeking rewards and automatic) "That ..." Mr. Mr. ... Please wait, wait ... "

When I turned around, I suddenly came back to the voice of Zhuhong again at this time.


Everything is immersed in the mysterious magic books you have just got.

The moment to turn around suddenly called the Zhuhong behind him, and suddenly frightened his skin herme.

The next consciousness thought that Zishi still planned and his dead war, so the deep eyes of the moment suddenly swept the sword, "It seems that you are going to die here?"

"No ... is not"

I saw that the monster charm of the fascination, it was also in front of the moment, it seems that there is a bit, and the pretty face of Bai Zhe actually ranked a slender, and the mouth is in the mouth: "

Mr. I am I hope to be your disciple ... learn the swords with you ... "

Become my disciple?

Learn the sword with me?

Wen Yahath, next to Weida Lidus on the ground?

The eagle and the two people seem to have forgotten pain, and 08 look at their leadership.


It seems really carefully and carefully considering the request of Zhuhong, and I only see that if I think about it, I don't think about it. "With your current age, you can reach this level ..."

"Talents and potential are not bad"

Staring at the beautiful swords of the looks in front of him, the beautiful swords of shame, the moment of the brain suddenly became flashed, and the corner showed a deep smile, "

This way ... you join my guild to come ... "


Zhuhong stunned, and then widened his green charm and big eyes curiously looked up. "Do you have your own guild?

"I haven't yet yet yet, but now it is.

... "Looking at the curious eyes of Zhuhong, there is some weird smile,"

Congratulations ... Be a member of my guild officially added ... "Yi ..." The smile of the fascination of the fascination of the fascination of the fairy, she looked at the back of the eye, she suddenly I feel that I seem to jump into a deep screw that is less reliable.

"Eagle ... "

let's go"

After the look on the face, after all the beauty swordsman is still finalized, I called the Vida Lidus next to it.

Eagles and two people, all the way to catch up with the pace of the moment.

If you are interested in thinking, you will follow the two younger brother with your two younger brothers, and the mouth of the moment reveals the inexplicable smile.

Vigda Lidus?

The eagle and spring these two dragons are not placed in the heart.

But the talents of Zhuhong this beautiful swordsman don't want to be underestimated, can practice swords in her age to transcend space.

Looking at the entire Astro World, this is what even did not do even the prize Queen Aulisa.

I believe that if the moment is tangled in the future, I will configure a bad knife on her. I want to be a lot of power to become a powerful force in the institution.

Stepping into the bustling of the Fira Kingdom, the prosperous king of Wangdu.

I saw all the people in front of you are in the panic that has just been caught in the entire king.

They are all the Wangdu military soldiers who have maintained public security. Only a group of people walk in the opposite retrograde, and everything around it is not coherent.

Especially after the moment, I have three people, in order to cover my identity of myself, all of them are all on a black cloak, and suddenly look particularly eye-catching.


"You are four!

Sure enough, it is still the case of such a person who is so compelling, and it has also caused attention from the Wan of Fiore, and only one group of guards surrounded.

"Please wait!

"Let me be given here!

However, when the guards around them were in front of the guards, they suddenly came back another low and thick voice.