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Rigs Crack System Chapter 687

I saw a middle-aged man, wearing the Knights of Fiore Kingdom wearing the sword, led a group of mighty knights riding a high-head horse and gradually surrounded.

It is the head of the First Knights of Fiore, a cherry, the head of the Knights, the head of the Knights, Alcantius.

"Alcarius knight long!"

After recognizing the identity of the people, I suddenly stopped all the Wang Du Guards around them, all stopped the movements in their hands.

"This gentleman ..."

Wait until all the king soldiers around them have been scattered.

I saw Alcantus from the Knight of the Cherry Knight, and the brain has passed the horror sword light that had just opened the entire Wang.

There are 467 silent to show their eyes, which looks elegant Jun Xiu, but the gas field is very powerful, the Alcadius uses some tentative tone whispers. "I just is not you" "please wait a while!"

However, at this time, it was a somewhat sharp unfamiliar voice.

I saw the outer circumference of the cherry blossom knight, and suddenly walked a group of white cloaks wearing a hat, holding a green magic crystal cane in hands.

What is surprising is that the headed person is actually a guy who has a good green frog, which makes people unclear whether he is human.

"It's them?!"

Seeing this clothing the strange population appeared, Alcari Ossen, seems to recognize their identity at a glance, "But why is this time ?!"

"Excuse me ... Is it a gentleman ..."

I saw the guy who got a green frog, and said that it was accurately speaking, and said his own intention, "We are the messenger of the Magic Review ..." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Members of the Mung ... I hope I can invite you to pass. "

Chapter 31 Magic Auditorium (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 31 Magic Auditorium (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Magic Comments House ?!"

"invite me?!""

The streets of the capital of Fiore Kingdom.

At this moment, the Sakura Knights, the Sakura Knight, and the Magic Auditor's messenger, as if not belong to this time and space.

The deep monster double ,

"What day is today_.…

"Actually, I have learned that I have found me" In the memory of the memories of the moment, the messenger of this Magic Review House has always arrogant.

However, today, not only has found its own whereabouts, but also look at the feelings of their faces and even "there is still a little meaning ...


"It turned out that he was the mysterious young magistan guide that defeated the top ten magistana Makarov in the magical world.!"

At this time, I heard the messenger of the Magic Review, and the head of the Sakura Knight's team reacted, and the eyes showed the extraordinary youth.

"But ... I didn't meet each other with the speakers and members of your Magic Commentation." Gently pick your own swordsters, and there is some doubtful eyes falling on this strange frog people, Il. What do I do "" "this ...

I heard the problem of the Pasta, the messenger of this Magic Auditor seems to be somewhat hard, "Mr. I have you went to the Magic Review of the Magada, and the unity of the members know ..."

"Well ..., female ..."

Seeing the Magic Comments in front of the Magic Comments, I have already guess a probably possible in my heart, so I have a little bit: "The front is driving ... I just need to trouble the Magic review of the Council" Good " I saw the invitation of the Magic Auditor, and the frog people made a happy face, and they gave them a picture of them. "" Please come with me ... Mr. Ji ... Ji

"But ... please wait, etc. _ ...

However, at this time, I saw that they were behind the Cherry Knights of the Cherry Knights after them, "the Messenger" ... we also hope to see this moment in the princess of our Jade Princess ... "

(1 0 A ... I am really sorry that the Alcadius knight "seems to notice this time to pay attention to Alcadius and his Cherry Knights next to him, only see the frog people of the Magic Review, apologize. "" The adults of this Magic Commentary and the universal people ... invited Mr. I have a very important thing to talk about _ ... so

"Speaker and Member of the Magic Review House" Hearing the frog man of this magic review house in front of the Magic Compass, the Speaker and Members of the Magic Compass House, and only see the Alcatelli's face, but I have to nod. "okay then……"

"Mr.'s Mr. ... Waiting for you to have time to come to Wang Tuo ..."

Then Alcadi's eyes moved to the moment in front of you, and sincere and sincerely said: "" The Jade Princess Hall is very hoped to see you "" Jade Princess ... "

Wen said that this strange name in the heart is, for this princess of this unsteady, the princess of the Kingdom of Fire, he is not a special cold, so he nodded at will. "Know it ... I have time," I said. " This exulted ignoring king's empty, everything surrounded, everyone can not help but breathe.

It seems that this young man who defeated the top ten magistana Makarov. ". ...

It is more powerful than the imagination. ". ...

Walking around all the way, the messenger of the Magic Compass Institute can't help but hang a tight sweat.

It is worthy of the Mr. I'm "actually ignored the king room of the Magic Comments and the Kingdom of Fiore.

At the moment, I walked on the other side of the black cloak, I only revealed the three people, and I couldn't help but reveal the color of a silk worship.

Especially the beautiful swordsman swordsman who fumes, sneaked into the green eyes of the perfect side face, but it is not easy to detect.

"It's time ..." Here is the magic review of the school ... "

After getting out of the King of Fiore, follow the time of the Magic Trichorship of the Magic Auditor's time.

At the moment, a group of people finally came to a grand building of the building, and the outside is a rigorous green belt, which is a huge office conference building inside.

"Here is the magic review of the magic world to maintain the order of the magic world ..."

Originally, as a black public conference, the dream, I can't think of myself. One day will come to the "Holy Land" of this regular bright public public meeting of the Magic Review. The green eyes under the black cloak flashed.

"The generals and the members of the members have been waiting for you ..."

With the moment they wrapped around the central pool (Zhao Yao), the majestic statue and the promenade of the two sides have finally stopped their own footsteps, and they finished the door of the conference hall. direction.

"Please ..." Mr. "" Let's go in ... Zhuhong "Looking at the big door of the Magic Comment on the Magic Reference Hall," killing "," there is no hesitation directly to enter.

The blue blood-red double pupil seems to penetrate all the obstacles in front of you, and I saw the nine Iraqi Magic Magi on the mainland surrounded by the conference table.

"I don't know the old man of Makarov _"

After the three people behind, the three people walked into the conference hall of the Magic Review, the moment is rare, and if I think about it, "I'm not in it."

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Chapter 32 Holy 10? (Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 32 Holy 10? (Ask for reward and automatic)

"Recently ... About the very broad" Makarov "Makarov is very high-stricken by you ... so ..." You are the moment ... "Different even light in the unimagin of the spacious and bright conference halls. The atmosphere is very quiet