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Chair of the Capaci Yushu System Chapter 688

Just stepped into the conference hall of the Magic Review, a thick voice, and suddenly passed into the ears of the four people in the moment.

Please "...

Such a middle two lines are what the conference hall just entered the Magic Comments, he heard the drink asking such a majestic (middle 2), and there were some speechless twitching when the moment.

This guy "It is clear that they sent people to" now put such a pace ... Is it sick?

Tucao, but the face of elegant Junxiu has no change in the face, and the profound gaze is like the sword glanced at the number of magic people on the meeting table.

The magic of the two holy ten big magic tidiers "a magical of the S-class magist". ...

Its more than 740 ... all are weak chickens, "I saw a gently glanced. At present, I suddenly saw the strength on all the people in the field, and I was in the heart.

"I heard that you are eager to see me", "After seeing the leader of the magic review of the meeting in front of the meeting, after the appearance of the remaining eight Members," "Is there anything?"

This kid- ....

It was originally seen that the appearance of the moment is so young, and there are a few magic speakers who are small in their minds.

Feeling that the eyes of the moment, like the swords, I usually rose my cheek, as if I penetrated my soul.

Several magical counters at the meeting table, started with the eyes of this appearance of the young people in front of this appearance.

"I didn't expect this for a few days," all incorporated her eyes on the face of several magic returns, and smashed the mouth, and looked at the old people sitting next to the meeting desk. "We will See also ... Makarov old man

P A ... and meet the magic of the top ten magist of the Shengtai, which is a few days ago, a few days ago, there have been a fight in Makarov, I saw him smiling and reached the touch. The beard that I haven't existed at all, "I heard that you have destroyed twenty dark guilds in recent days ... don't do it ..."

"Your name is it ?!"

Just after Makarov, I saw another magic review school next to it, I wake up, "Pay attention to your attitude! Here is the Magic Tutor !!"

This is a black short-haired middle-aged middle-aged magic talents, and another holy top ten magist of the Holy Top Ten Magic, which has just been seen. It is in his body.

"Don't say this ... Doushi Uncle ..."

At this time, I didn't have a good voice, I saw Jun Xiu Youth, I saw the blue hair next to it, with her face

A trace of evil smile, there is a black mysterious tattoo on the right cheeks, "" "" He also said ... He also defeated the Youth Talents of the Holy Ten Magist "." " ... don't it be awarded him "Holy Ten" title "awarded the Ten's" AHAD) ?!

I didn't respond yet, but the three people around him suddenly shocked.

This is the highest-free, the highest-free, the highest, the highest, the highest, the highest, is the highest, the highest, the highest, the highest, the highest-funded name. ""

Usually only the strength far exceeds the S-Level Magist and make a rich contribution to the excellent magist of the contribution, it is possible to grant this Glorious title by the Magic Comment on the Magic History.

Sure enough, the static face of the moment did not change, because he has guess such possibility before coming here.

Before you show the strength of the Ten Magica Makarov and today, more than 20 Dark Commune have caused strong gaze of the Magic Review, this is just one of the reasons.

In fact, the big reason should be that the Magic Comments, the Kingdom of Fira, the entire Iraqi Yingr continent, and now the current situation is urgent to supplement high-end power.

Because in this Aside World, in addition to the Iraqi Yingr continent in the moment, in the distant West Turne, there is a super magic military empire that is built by 730 public consent. Albarez.

Nine-year ago Albarez Empire sent troops to attack Yeling, the reason why they had to stop is that they are dedicated to the powerful power of the magic review, so even if it is such a big super magic big country. truce.

However, the Arbarez Empire's Guardian Zhunyi made a tissue of the twelve powerful magistrs, which is the organization of the Emperor Spriena (that is, Jeref), each of the twelve magistrs There is a force that is more than the best magicile guidelines with Iraqatar Continent.

The strong military power of the Albarez Empire is undoubtedly like a horrible mountain, and has been crushed throughout the hearts of everyone in the entire magic review.

So even if it is like the President of the Ghost Administrator, Joseph Polana is disgusting but has a strong powerful magma, the magic reviews will also grant him "Holy Ten" title. All this is because ... The Yingr Continent is too much to supplement the top high-end combat. "As a shocked person, the cave is general. If you understand what is going on, the calm face has a inexplicable smile. _In,. Let's get a title to play. It seems good ... Mr. I'm. "." Do you want to be a holy ten ... "

It is obviously excited to be excited in the black cloak. It is obviously excited to be in the eyes of the green eyes.

Chapter 33 dispute! (Ask for reward and automatic)

"Holy Ten ?!" "

! I don't care how you think! ""

I haven't waited for the long happiness, I saw the middle-aged man of Yin 2, and the middle-aged man who was covered with Yin 2 in front of the meeting. The words were ridiculed. "But I will never agree with this kind of Mao. The long ghost became a holy ten! "

Dougm? Ward is one of the strong magiciles who have been awarded the Ten Ten Missors by the Magic Review of the Top Ten Magniars in the Magic Collea. In the war of the Arbarez Empire, Once make great contributions.

Although there is no impression on this person, it is undeniable that the strength of the Tenth Magistilian level on him is unquestionable.


Listening to the opposite meeting table, Ward describes the little ghost that is still long. At this time, the other side of Qikre was laughing, "Du Ge! I see you still in me. Become a holy ten thing! "

"Do you want to see my celestial magic ?!" Side, while Qikre was eager to try.

ITO Heng! Zik Regrain! Or wait for your body to come over again! "As a hint of the Ten, of course, it saw that Zikrein in front of him is just a thoughts that use magic creation, disdain. Snort

"In the mouth

Geral didn't think of the evil spirits. His body is in the towers of the distant paradise at the moment, now sitting in the Magic Review House, "Zikrein" is just a thoughts he uses magic construct.

"I said ... Doushi Uncle" saw the atmosphere in front of it seems nervous. At this time, Zik Relein gradually came out of a black long blood red lip color to wear a sex} Gray and gown of the beautiful girl, hands Place with i to make a green magic crystal ball.

"Now vote is a six vote in favor ... Three invoices" "" The resolution "" Into the moment became the title of the new Ten major magma "... It seems that I have passed" "I saw the face of Uridia Baizhe, The eyes have fallen on the moment of the steps of the steps, and it seems that the appearance of the dusty dust is deeply shocked. Suddenly reached out, cover the cherry} peach small I mouth.

I A _. ... Zikre, adult ... this guy is more handsome than you? "

The tears of Uru, "Just looked at the beauty of the beauty magician in Zikray, while the eyes of the moment were also interested in hitting her.

"I want this time" I remember that I just passed the devil's heart of the devil who kills the world, and then looked at the Urudia in front of the baby in the dark, the mouth of the mouth suddenly I have a smile that is like a smile.

"She still doesn't know the crockery of the seven genus ... It is killed by me ..."

The moment of knowing the plot, of course, she knows her real identity, Gray's master's biological daughter, now the Dark Community Devil's heart purgatory seven genus, I have been lurking in Gerah, using him, a walk in the dark Middlewoman.

Moreover, the most important thing is that she has the arc of the lost magic for one time, is being a magical that is very interested in the moment.

"Shout" "I don't know how this guy is" "Walking in Urudia, Zik Recy has also seen the appearance of the shadow of the shadow of the appearance, and suddenly the evil smashed his mouth," Beading the old holy ten of Makarov ... should not let me down, "" Voting through "... " When all everyone in the conference hall, all the people are always thinking about it, at this time One of the Duals suddenly smiled, "But if this kid is unfortunately defeated in the magic duel ... If you don't have anything you need to become a holy ten ..."


I suddenly hear such an unusual appearance, and the Makarov and the rest of the Magic speakers were shocked when they were suddenly surprised. What is I do ?! "

"Do you want to shoot?" And there are different from several other magical reviews.

Feeling that one of the top ten magistan guides began to active magic, the ghosts, the heart, the rest of the unresolved, Lacy, who is looking forward to laughing.


The dramatic explosion suddenly resounded throughout the Magic Review.

The whole person who is currently trying to stop Dougmac is in the same place.