Everyone has a big eyes, and even the smile on the face is there.

Everyone looked at the walls of himself had disappeared. Instead, it was a huge cavity, and the dust fell into the bright light outside.

The Tenth Magist Guizi Dao Zig, who just talkated, has already completely disappeared on his seat, but it is a black coat Yumi Youth.

It is just now in the steps silently watching the slogan between them.

"Space conversion magic?" The eyes have fallen on the moment in front of you. Zikray has disappeared because of the feelings of the evil spirits on the face, "completely did not see his movement", "replaced by a look, looked at the expression Looking at the moment in front of the heart, it is secretly estimated that it is only two-thirds of the magic to resist the attack.

"Although I am not very interested in the so-called holy tower ..."

The use of the shuttle space is coming, and the Tenth National Magicair Road is directly explored by the Tenth National Magista. Ward directly out of the conference hall.

At the moment of the huge cavity, the silver-white noble long hair appeared in the sun in the sun, it is like a poetry, but the blue eyes of the blue redness is the coldness that is not dare to touch.

"But this annoying flies ... From me, I started to force it anything about ..."

Chapter 34 Confundry! (Ask for reward and automatic)

Although I don't know what I have to fight against the Ten Tie, which is the interests of Dharm Ward.

But since I entered the conference hall of the Magic Review, the speech is all targeted by this guy.

Just dominating the hegemony of the three second priests, how do you get a slightly large-scale dragon set?

"I don't care if you are a holy ten big guides ... The speakers of the Magic Review of the Magic Trial" will also "take the hand to Doug. After the moment of flying out, the sound of the calm and indifferent sound seems to have a simple fact. , "If you use this kind of death, you don't know how to talk to me ... I don't mind let the Tyle of the Tyramidament." This guy is there!!

In the moment, the calm and indifferent words said "Qiqi Zero", the gas field that was discounted in the invisible, and all the people were all breathing, and the soul was like being shocked.

Flip-flops ...

Almost at the same time, countless footsteps sounded.

The walls of the entire conference hall were taken away, and such a huge movement, I only saw that all the magic tunnel guards around the Magic Auditorium were surrounded.

"A commentary" "What happened" I saw a group of magist guilly guards and the magic reviewers and magic speakers in front of the conference hall.

"Ha ha ha ... j"

At this time, I suddenly reviewed the lobby cave outside, I killed a low laughter. "This is the magic of the old man who defeated Macalov ..." Sure enough, "I heard this familiar voice than I imagined. After that, Zikrein and Makarov on the face showed a livestock on the face. "Sure enough," if it is the magic of the guy ... This level of harm is not enough to hit him "

"What is this magic ?!" "

Looking at the Dougmato from the ground from the ground, Ward, and the mysterious golden rays that flashed on him, and the moment is lightly raised.

"The curved magic of the magic" seems to hear the doubts of the moment, I saw the magic used by Zikrein next to Zikre, Dougard.

However, there was no inexplicable look of Urudia behind him, because this lost magic is the magic of the people of their demon's heart purgatory seven people.

Is it the loss of metal? "

The blush of the left eye, the blush of the blue, seems to have an instant deconstruction, and the Dragonfly Deconstruction of Ward is all the deconstruction of the whole, and the heart is muttered in the heart.

"You all saw ...! /

The body that bombarded in the recess, and the metallic color of the metal was suddenly recovered, and only the Doug. Ward is full of distorted excitement.

"This little ghost is open to attacking the top ten magic guides ... this magic duel is now starting ..."

"Do you have two people!"

Seeing the incident in front of you will seem to continue to upgrade. At this time, the speaker of the Magic Review House suddenly smelted, "Here is the Magic Review!"

"The mouth is black ... _ is too late" I heard the sinking of the magic commentary next to the magic comment, Doug. The excitement of Ward is not shackled, but the holy ten-level magic is unlimited. "This little devil is dead !!"

Metal blasting!!

Doug? Ward's voice just fell, and Makarov had a few people in their hearts.

Sure enough, under the huge magic manipulation of Doug? Ward, suddenly countless huge metal sphere broke out at the foot of the moment.

"This bastard" suddenly saw the tricks in front of him. Ward broke out, and the Makarovs after the moment, "Is it planned to put us all into it?"

Defense France? Three Column God !!

On the occasion of the millennium, I saw Makarov broke out, and my hands were suddenly bombarded on the ground under his feet.

A set of triangles consisting of three columnar arctives with magic printed, the mysterious mystery of mysterious mystery slowly turned, and he directly made his strongest defense magic array, it was separated by everyone. ...


Just a moment of Makarov defensive magic array.

Suddenly all the eardrums of all the people in the field, a huge explosion roaring in front of them.

I saw all huge metal spheres around the moving body, and there was a dramatic outbreak.

The annular explosion forms an absolute vacuum in the middle, and the whole person is firmly blocked in it.

The powerful magic of this hand quickly, Dougd? The strength of the Top Ten Magicers of Ward has emerged.

"Mr. Mr.!"

Seeing the hometown in front of you, Ward creates such a huge explosion, and the Zhuhong in the far conference hall is shocked. If it is not the identity of the three people, I will have to surprise. Call it.

"do you died.".…"

During his eyes, staring at the dust fog from the exhibition, Doug. Ward's smile, "it is" but very fast, all of the eyes of all the magic people are all constitutive.

Only 0.3 see the dust fog standing on the flash, a huge black shadow in it, as if Makarov turned into the giant's giant's wrath.

"What is this ?!" Doug? Ward faced the smile, and the heart faintly produced a sense of crisis.

"All the enemies who have used this trick ... all is dead ..."

The dust is coming, I saw the flash of her hands in the same place, burned on the black magic of the flames.

A huge black magic giant firmly wrapped in his in vitro, flesh and blood, thread, bones, and finally formed a full set of bullets, isolated on all the attacks of the outside world, and attracted all the magistrs around the magist. Shocked. "You will not excerades ..."

Chapter 35 kills Holy 10 (seeking rewards and automatic)

The whole body is shrouded in black.

At the moment, the hands of her hands were proud, and they looked up with their own decline. The round of the right eye was slowly slowed down.

At this moment, in the eyes of the moment, the hometown of the eyes of the eyes. Ward is obviously a dead.