Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 690

"Use magic to form such a monster ?!" "

Looking at the magic of the magic of the fashion, the shocked Different Dougmato, "How is it ?! What is this magic ?!"

"What is this?!"

Suddenly, this didn't have seen the "magic" in the last battle. "Makaro" is a shock, "" How can magicals make such things ?! "

"I haven't finished yet," I watched the expression of everyone in front of him. The way is evil in the mouth, and the red light is suddenly poured. "This is just a semi-finished product," Rounded to the eye? Bearded to be!!!

The sound of the moment, and suddenly shrouded the black mustache surrounded by his body.

It turns into a war armor between the transstature, and the hundred-meter magic giant of the super long warrior is straight into the cloud.

A pair of wings behind the sky suddenly launched, as if they came to the reality from the heavens, the moment, shocked the soul of all the magical people present. "

This ... what is this?

The eyes of the eyes are looking at hundreds of meters in front of themselves.

At the scene of all the magical brains, it was a blank, and saw that this scene almost completely exceeded their cognitive power. They had a big mouth, but they couldn't say anything.

how can that be……"

There is such magical in the world. "

Zikre did not have any other expression in addition to the shocking in this moment.

The hands of the hands are deeply embedded in their hands, and the pain of drill is suddenly letting him understand that all this is not a hallucinology.

Take your greedy breathing "

The terrorist shocking is responsible, passing out the sound of the calm and indifferent, in the left eye of the flash, seems to have still seen it in advance of the eyes?

Ward death.

You survive in this world, there is another second time "

What jokes? "

I heard the moment I pointed out that a holy ten big magist can only survive one second in his hand.


Wardon has increased his face, from the fear, the whole body's magic is like a river to pour.


Killing sword!

As the huge magic broke out.

I only see Doug?

The air in front of Ward is suddenly condensed out of countless huge metal magic swords. From all the angles of all sides, all the sorts of madness hit to the top of the top of Sudo.

When the air is sudden, I will send a big rumor, which is the strongest killing trick in the Doug, whether any opponent he has confidence, and this trick can be used.

All right"


H inch

In the face of the huge metal magic sword in front of the countless bombardment, the opposite must have a moment, this time suddenly opened his eyes, the blue-blue eyes seem to have a pair of almost the endless abyment of the choice.


I haven't waited for the surrounding magician to react.

I saw that the exactly the best in the moment was able to have a shackles behind him.

The horrible ends of the horrible, almost fly all things on the ground, all huge metal magic swords that Doug broke out were all rolled out.

Even even Dual?

Ward himself, also started from this violent M wind roll in an instant, and the whole person was blocked in the air.

Doug's magic ... is it blowing?

Feeling almost the horror RA wind that you first set off, I saw the strongest magic of Doug, and I was in an instant. Everyone got my eyes.

Senlo Yijian!

Then just a short moment.

Locking the DVENTENT STG in front of him is in front of you?

Ward, the deep eyes of the moment suddenly.

Suddenly time and space seems to stop, I only see a huge extremely extremely extremely extremely extremes in front of you. When you raise your hand, stir your sky, and your eyes are in front of the sky.

Ward suddenly waved a sword.

The sharp power torn the whole air in front of the moment, the sky, the color changed the Buddha, all the eyes were killed into a virtual, and the heart of the swords of the heart seems to take out everyone's soul.

What is the power?

In front of the moment, I must be able to cut off all the swords of all Senovan.

All the magic tangles in the Magic Trial Talents have a blank, and I have forgotten my life is dead, where is it.


At the moment, the Senli, the Senli sword, the 7800 very far-reaching mountain came, and only the two huge mountains were separated by this sword. .

Mountain ... The mountain is cut off "

The intermittent sound came out, and the two mountain peaks in the extremely distant collapse were suddenly collapsed, and several of the magic reviewers next to him tongue!

Head began to knotted.

Not self-strength ...!

I Senlo Yam put the holy tenth?

Ward directly kills it.

The exterior of the absence of an instant is able to gradually dissipate the air, as if I want a traceful dream.

He gradually walked towards the conference hall, and there was no look at their wonderful expressions.

The reason why it is necessary to use the most powerful force, and another purpose is to shock the magic reviews, which is convenient for yourself.

This level of magic


If it is the four guys, "

I saw a holy ten big magist guilly killing.

In the first time of Makarov, I thought of Ishi Yingr's four days, the four strongest holy ten with other holy magicers.

Chapter 36 New Ten (seeking rewards and automatic) a holy ten big magic guide ... Just like him easily kill ... Everyone has a big eyes.

The eyes were staring at the color of the clouds that gradually walked in the end of the hall, and the whole magic reviews were as silent.

The holy ten is so falundated. "

Watching the patriggers of the sinth?

Ward is now instantly killing.

Just now, the magic of the world, as if it is just a dream of being a new, and Urudia, which is standing in Zikre, has already blotted.

The eyes of the dark eyes flashes, and no one can guess the mind.

If you have such a force ... I am afraid that even the guy of Hades is not likely to win. "

The eyes are not tightly staring at the long back of the meeting in the meeting, Urudia can't help but chaos, "

So awakening Jerff

... Plan for the Creative Great Magic World "


How much magic is available in the end? "

Makarov and other magic counters next to this moment, all of them are all in the bottom of the heart containing how much magic, "

Can support him to build such a huge monster ... I, "



There is actually the impeccable magic of this attack and defense ... "

Seeing the moment directly broke out to see the power of such a peerless force, killing the holy top of the same level as yours.

Ward, at this moment, Zik Remain can't stand again.

The blue broken hair is a pair of evil black eyes to die, stare at the back of the moment, "

I hope he doesn't become the obstacle to the R system ... Otherwise ... "