Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 691 of Hueding Crack System

The top-level views have captured all the people around the people. At this moment, the shadow is inexplicably raised, and the eyes have been shocked to the slogan.

"Brake ... Mr. Shun ...",

The eyes were looking at the moment before you came to you.

Beautiful Swordsman Zhuhong shocked, even the black cloak of the face was quietly slippery, and he had never been noticed, showing a good face of Bai Zhe. v

And the two people next to her, the Eagle, two people who have already trembled this, and the two dragons have seen such a peerless power.

"What is wrong ... I will say" I will say "I saw it in front of myself, and I lighted her back to reapperse the black cloak.

At this time, I only saw the outside of the magical review of the outside of the magic commentary, and all the people's eyes were all sucking! "Come over," Since the things are decided to have a good "" The guineral magic is outstanding, the spell is superior, and it is conseudently destroyed more than 20 Dark public contributions to the Asnd Magic World. "

After seeing everyone's gaze, I saw the reviewer of the Magic Review House solemnly announced that "therefore ... I would like to the Magic Trichi ...

The title of the big magic guide ... I hope that the holy magic guide can continue to pay for the Iraqi Yingr Continental ... "" What ?! ",

I heard the Magic Comments Institute solemnly announced that the moment became a new holy Ten major magist guide. At this time, several magic speakers next to him suddenly screamed, "the argument leader ?! But just Doug Ward was killed by him. ?! "

The patriarch of the top of the hometown is the same. Ward is so murdered.

At this time, the speaker of the Magic Review, still insisted on the title of the top ten magistani of the moment. His movement allowed all the magic speakers in the field could not understand.

"Doug? Ward San Mode is unfortunately lost in the magic of the holy magic guide ..."

The old and deep eyes flashes, only to see the magic reviewer, the truth, Ward, is explained, "All the colleagues of the Magic Review are very strong" ... but about new holy ten The big magistan is a matter ... no need to repear "" But ... Competition ..., "

I heard the Dark. Ward is like this by the Magic Competition, and all the people around me hesitate.

"Don't say it! This thing is determined this!"

I saw the surrounding Magic Trial Affairs or still in doubts. I saw the Magic Commentary Shaoi's eyes suddenly scanned. "" "The Albarez Empire over the West Continent is in the past nine years. I have developed a lot of powerful magic people ... this matter will not use me, I will remind you. "

Albarez Empire ...

I heard the Magic Competition, suddenly mentioned the super magic military empire that was built from 730 public consequences, and all the magical counters were all silent.

In the face of such a tiger, there is a terrorist opponent that can launch an attack at any time. "Ido Yingr Continental urgent need to supplement high-end powerful combat power" can not deny that this young and powerful The magician is undoubtedly the best candidate.

All Magic Compassures have received (Zhao Qian) in the event of a new holy tenth fact that it has become a new holy ten fact that is about the survival and interests of the entire Iraqi Yingr.

Once the holy ten patriarchal, Ward's death, it seems pale and insignificant.

"New St. Thirtery" The first person who has received an instant to become a new holy Tenth Magist, not other people are Zik Ree.

I saw his face quickly recovered calm, and the blue fragments hanging on the face of black mysterious tattoo. He gradually came to the moment, "Congratulations." The Magic Guide. ... "

"But if I haven't mistisred the wrong words," Then Zikray used almost only the sound of the two people to hear, there is no trace to move their lips.

Chapter 37 Amazing Message (ask for reward and automatic)

"They only see Qikre's smile in the corner of the mouth" should be the strongest assassination of the guild "" "New Ten major magist guide ..." The Dark Congress assassinated the troops three black feathers hooked together ...

The eyes were full of deep eyes, the whole body was wrapped in the black cloak, Zikray broke the mouth, "If you pass it ... you should be a shocking news.

"Almost forgot}} i

I saw that I'm shew in the face of the smile, I suddenly appeared in my heart, "the incident of the park in the original park ... Gerar and Zhuhong them are a group ...

However, in front of his eyes, Zikre was a threat, and suddenly laughed, looking at his eyes like a poor insect.

"Zikrison, Ten Big Magi and Magic Representative

I saw that the mouth of the moment is gently, and the sound is not big. I just passed into the Zikre's ear. "The real identity is a poor insect of the so-called Jerev's undementation" "so far The curved R system huddled in a 783 small island "looked at the expression of Qiks, the appearance of the instantane, and the elegant jun show," "" You said this news out ... Will it be more exciting than what you just mentioned? "

He "how to know the R system", even if he left, Zikre did not find out that his entire person is completely in the original place.

There is also "What is the meaning of Denger's undead", "Zi Kle," Zikray thought about it, I really want to grasp the moment, but I saw it now I have only give him a back, and then I can't think of it. The peerless power measured, Qikre was only helped the fist.

"There is also you" feeling that after the moment, Qi Kre is crazy because of his heart, and it seems to be interested.

Gradually walked to the beautiful magist of the long-haired red lips, the side of the Ahad, Tia, in her surprised eyes, slowly getting a beautiful cheek, "Miss Uriya ... you Mother has always loved you too much ... The identity of this witch in the seven genus is not suitable for you.

"It is best to return to the place that is really belonging to you."

"Hahaha !!!" "

After that, I didn't pay attention to Qikrein and the Uridian face of the wonderful expressions on the face of the Uridia. The moment took the three people laughed and walked.

Only the face of the people in the middle of the magic review hall looked at each other, and the hearts of all the conferences were in a hurry.

In the next few days.

A young magistan called an flash, became the news of the new Tenth Magist, like P-wind and plague, generally invading the entire Astrology world.

Soon, I am defeated the old holy top ten magistan Makaro in the Kingdom of Fiore.

The mysterious young magic guides of the husband.

For a moment, all the news and newspapers in the entire Astrology World, all were discussing this topic at the same time. As for the original holy ten bits of the fallen. Ward, obviously no one will pay attention to this. topic.

Margonolia, demon tailpark.


In the hall of the guild, only the hands of the Nazi suddenly pressed on the table, and his eyes stared at the president of the eyes Makarov. "The guy of the moment ... has become a holy ten big magistan? ! "

Ten major magic guides?!

How old is that guy?!

Among the guild halls of the whole demon tail, everyone has fallen into the quiet silence.

I remembered the young handsome face of the moment, and soon defeated the terrorist power of Makarov, and the face of all people showed a complex look.

Everyone is the magist guide. "People are so young, they have already boarded the gap between the holy ten" people and people "" Yeah "," Yes, "Members who saw their guilds have exposed their own expectations. Shocking expression.

I saw Makarov sitting silently on the bar of the guild hall, "So everyone must cheer hard ... Especially in Lusa, a few children ... do not It's easier to be easier than others. "" I am oh! Burning! "

I haven't waited for Ai Lusa to talk.

I saw that I was unminely Naz, which was stimulated by a holy ten. The whole person suddenly burned the flame of the bears, wow wow, "" "Holy Ten! Holy Ten! I have to be a holy ten!""

"Idiki! You still think about how to take a trade union's S-Class Magnille!"

At this time, Gray next to Nats has been hitting him with a speech, "People Ai Lusha and Mirajay are already the S-class magicile!"

Although I said on my mouth, I remembered that I had the original Ice styling magic in front of the moment like a ridiculous toy.