Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 692 of Hueding Crack System

It was also under the use of the super frozen magic, frozen frozen three days in the original place, and there was an unable to touch the heart of Gray.

The guy __ ...

When do I want to achieve the extent ...

"The moment is so young, it has become a holy ten big magistan," said the beautiful amazing Mirajie is still laughing, the brown-blue big eyes flashed, and there is a silk, " Not je, is him?

"" and praises from the character of the Purusa heard the news, it is a hard-working, and the face is firm. "I will chase your footsteps" but I think of the shortness At that moment, the gentleness of the moment, and the cheeks of Lusa Bazhe can't help but do not help but

Chapter 38 breaks (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dark public, duo tail.

Sitting among the rituals of the rocks and descendants.

The whole body is dark, with a mysterious mask, at this time, this moment is dead and staring at a magic news newspaper in his hand.

The home cover is a big photo, the silver is noble, the elegant Junxiu's face, the blue-blue double-dupid, is the new holy ten big magic guide.

"" "It turned out to be your dry"

I saw Ivan burn the magic news newspaper in her hands into a year ash, and the eyes under the mask flashed in the darkness of the gloomy eyes.

"Defeated the old man in Makarov ..."

Everyone can feel the endless angry at this moment, all of the members of all Dresses of the Drouplers are shaking in Surse.

The dark magic of the whole body is like the abyss. The Ivan 's eyes are like the poisonous snake. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

Immediately, Ivan's mind remembered the secret of the highest secret of the demon tailpark, the secret of the secret of the three major super magic of the gap. Reconstruction secrets.

Suddenly, the eyes extended, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

Lifen? Xing Huiyi is a secret that has been wanted to get in Albarez since the ultra-magical military empire of West Continental.

Kingdom of Fiore, Margonolia.

Just in the moment, the shock of the new holy tenth magician agitated the entire Asndend Magic World.

At this time, the mountains are not far away from the demon tail, all the mountains in the grass are all in the mountains, such as a huge sword.

"This ... this is ..."

Vigda Ladus eagle and the two people are unbelievable, looking at the sorrowful knives in front of the mountains, each of the sharp snow swords reflects the face of the two shocks 11 Beijing.

"So many knives ... Mr. I'm ..." I feel that all the colds came around, the beautiful swordsman Zhuhong was shocked, and the eyes of her demon} burned the eye, see The moment in front of yourself "last time your weapon was broken by me ..."

After opening Wang Zhimong, after all the sings of the knife, the sharp looks smashed through the collections of the mountains around him, and the Lang Sheng said: "There are so many scorpions ... you choose one most suitable Your "Clearness ?!",

In the mouth, this is a strange vocabulary, and the bustle of the green eyes is staring at the face of the moment.

"Building a self-cultivation, through awareness of the name of the chopper, through a dialogue to the soul, through the dialogue with it, got birthplace, died with you, this is the chopper. "

I saw the look of the mortuary in front of the face, and the sound of the moment is explained. "These sings are far more than the sharp level or the quality is far more than your previous use ... If you can successfully communicate, you can get it ... Special and powerful power ... "

"Give it to me ?!" "

I heard that Zhu Chen was happy, and I didn't know what this demon} glamorous beauty swordsman thought. The cheeks of Bai Zhe were suddenly 94} red.


As a Swordsman who is drunk, I saw that I was so many famous swords, I saw that I saw a lot of emperors.

Suddenly in the middle of the mysterious call, it seems that he guides his soul, and the eyes of Zhuhong suddenly falls on his own red cherry blossoms.

The reached out and gently pulled this from the ground, and Zhuhong wiped the sword of the cold, "" I feel that it seems to call me ... I will have this. ...... "

"I found it" Seeing Zhuhong has chosen the chop of the knife that is bed with her soul. The moment is gently smiled, and suddenly, all the hands of all the sings of the king have been returned to the king's treasure.

The deep eyes have some expectations to watch the genius girls in front of themselves. "With you so out of the sword talent ... I believe you can quickly call out its real name ... I will not let me down" "" Mr. I! ""

I heard the light words of the moment, genius female swordsman Hunghong suddenly took his own sickle, and the long hair of cherry blossoms was deeply caught in the moment. "" Zhuhong will never let You are disappointed! ""

"Yes ... there is another thing ..."

It seems that there is still an important thing that has not been announced.

I saw that the left eye of the left eye, ZHANG Guanghua, the sky, the blue, the blossom, suddenly, the three of them, all of them all have a special mark of the cross.

"This ... what is this ..." Zhuhong dawn looked at the Cross Star of the Central, which was in the heart of his chest.

"Last time I am in the Magic Auditorium _ ... I have let them register a guild ..." Looking at the three people in front of you, the moment is calm and said.

"Congress ?!"

After listening to the wrong, the beauty swordsman Zhuhong suddenly turned on, I couldn't help like an ordinary little girl. "Too good! I can finally follow the same guild with the moment !!"

"What is our fair ?!" Zhuhong curious eyes stared at the face of the appearance of the moment, and she couldn't wait to know the name of the guild.

"The first light in the night ... is the brightest light in the world."

The mouth is laughing, and the moment is looking up at the blue sky, it seems that there is a light that can't see this world.

"The name of our guild is one by one."

Chapter 39 Ling Feng Zhuoi A (seeking rewards and automatic)

Lingfeng Zhuoia.

Here is the dangerous place where there is no smoke.

Surrounded by mountains, everywhere is the world's most fierce World of Warcraft.

Even in the legend, there was a dragon's footprint that there was almost no ordinary people or even the magist of the magic.

But it is the ridiculous place that is so fierce, but it has surrended two special guests today.


"It's really big ..."

A depressed voice echoed between the entire oky of Lingfeng Zhuoia.

I only saw a slim figure, and I followed a petite step on the red high-like figure, it was an instant and Zuohong.

"Ying Yue v cherry ..., <" / "" ">

Seeing the temptation of the Chunfei, the beauty of the Swordsman, can't help but hold his cherry L peaches with white and clothing sleeves!