Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 693 of Hueding Crack System

" ... II

Zhuhong slammed his own green eyes looked at the moment by his side. "Ling Feng Zhuoia is the most dangerous place where the world is ... It is not a one or two days of the trail of the dragon. The thing you can do "" "Long is so big, I haven't seen the dragon, what is the long way?"

Thinking of everything in each world is related to the powerful mystery description of the dragon. In the deep eyes of the moment, the unable to contain the glamorous brilliance. "If it is really like the legend of the legend ... that captures a dragon Come and become my mount is also good ... "

Capture a dragon "to be a mount?" Listening to the words of his own moment, the heart has already been shocked by the power of unwanted power.

Beauty Swordsman Zhuhong did not have a strange expression. Even now, she would like to kill the strongest black devil guoshi Jerff in the history of magic, she will not feel surprised.

"Say ... Zhuhong" recovered his own blazing eyes, suddenly I looked at the beauty swordsman Zhuhong next to himself, and the elegant Jun Xiu's face revealed a smile, "Lingfeng Zhuoi is so dangerous" ... You follow me here. ". ... I am not afraid of Warcraft that exceeds you tolerate.

"In order to instant people ... even if the powder is broken, IL 'Gan Wen is willing to receive the flash of the moment, the pretty face of the bloom, and the low of the mosquito," "What is the big people Being around ... Why do you fear any enemies ... "

"Hahahaha" looked at the body and minds, it has been home to his own beauty. It is not a lot of pride, and it is unfortunately.


"I'm going to see!"

After walking about ten minutes in the Linfeng Zhuoia sinister forest.


"See it _ ... this kind of killing is less

Looking at the watches of Warcraft that is smashed into a fragment on the ground, it is obvious

The traces of the magic were noted. If you think about it, I seem to have not only the existence of our two people.

"Be careful ... pay attention to protect yourself ...

On the side, I will continue to go forward, while I am so whispered in my own Zishi.

However, at this time, suddenly turned around, the left eye was predicting some of the unusual things in advance.

"Black Magisto?" The low and thick strange voice came.

At the same time, a tall and healthy figure is temporarily ejected from unknown shadow corners as Thunder.

"Open people! Be careful!"

There is no waiting for the moment, and the genius female swordsman has already reacted it in the first time, and the bloody and red-gardened chopped knife out of the hand.

Sword flash!!

I saw that Zhuhong Yuanmun's charming double-grab time was a thin, and any goals of the threat of the moment were all her enemies.

Quickly go to the ultimate sword light, made a giant men-only, and suddenly bloom in the dangerous forest of Lingfeng Zhuoiya. "


"Good Swords !!"

In the face of .

The mysterious figure coming in the raid seems very surprised. Obviously, it is not expected to have such a young woman who will have such a powerful strength.

But more surprising at this moment is Zhuhong.

I saw that this burly mysterious figure is like crazy, and I turned out the sword of Zhuhong.

In the eyes of Zhuhong, lightning generally pulled her uniform sleeves, and she threw her whole person into the sky.

break down!!

Throw the .

I saw this mysterious blended figure suddenly bombarded themselves.

The magic of the holy ten big magist talents is like the tide, and only a white light in the air is directly bombarded in the top of the head.

This is a magic that rearranges the structure between the substances. No matter what magic it can be decomposed, the target is completely splitted by the target.

Renovation of eyes? Who is!!!

There are 0.3.

The magic of the mysterious figure will hit the Zhuhong in the top of your head.

Decomposition her whole person into countless pieces, just like the Warcraft bodies on the ground.

But this time, this mysterious bureaucrained figure was suddenly a big eyes.

I saw that I was still in the other side. I appeared in front of him overhead, and gently took a slim waist, and another hand II was opened and separated by him.

Thirty -nnale fire cannon !!!

Infinite magic active beating in the air.

A sudden neon colored huge flame light group suddenly illuminates the original calm space in front of him.

Chapter 40 Gildars (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang !!!

The horrible smashing magic and the spookies that use the magic release of the magic are suddenly bombarded together.

The IJ's impact wave directly destroyed all the trees around him, the earth under the feet seems to be shaken.

"Good Magic!"

I saw the middle of myself and the mid of myself in an instant.

It is fully resolved with the powerful magic that you have not seen before, and the smashing magic of yourself.

When the mysterious burning shadow on the ground was shocked, this at least has reached the strength of the Holy Tenth Magistist.

"It seems that the Dark Congress" "" In recent years, talents are also ah. "

It is so young, the strength is so young, but the strength is a powerful, mysterious and burly shadow.

Broken evil is a day!!

The big magic of the whole body is like the river is generally pouring.

The voice just fell, the mysterious burly figure once again wesked out his strongest magic kill.