Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 694

At the top of the top of 07, I saw his thick iron boxing and pulling a punch in his head.

A huge white spiral radio is now here! Like a fountain shock wave, it is generally smashed around the whole earth! The moment and Zhuhong in the top sky are violent!

This is his current magical magic, gathering magic to hitting the opponent to increase its acceleration, no matter what magic can be smashed.

Its power is powerful to even hit the opponent to a few thousand kilometers away. If the opponent is flying, the high due to the speed is getting faster, and the body is stress in the air.

"It is the strongest back of the demon tail," facing the murdere of such powerful violent below himself and Zhuhong.

The eyes of the blue blood of the flash of blue blood, obviously have recognized the identity of the people.

At this time, I'm tightly aware of the body's body, this mission-puzzling genius female Swordsman finally had the opportunity to be so embraced close to his arms.

Blood color is extremely cold!!!

Endless magic in the body is instantaneous in this moment.

White smashed spiral pillars at the foot, I saw the wheel of the right eye, the blood of the gods, the blood red, all things in front of the eyes, as if all were all bluffed by the flash of ice.

Between, between the three people, the whole of the three people, the whole of the three people is like suddenly ushered in a bloody dusk, and the surrounding time is gradually slow.

"This ... is it one?!"

Gildaz on the foot of the foot widened his eyes.

He was influenced by the freezing of hemathatic cold, and his speech was unlimited, and he felt that all the body and thinking of his body were twice.


The clear rupture sound of the sky.

I saw the white huge spiral pulverized light column released in front of Gildaas, and instantly fully

A large piece of blood color icicles pulverized.

In Gildals, the lapse of the surrounding time seems to recover the normal flow rate.

Flip? ....

In a piece of colorful, beautiful blood-rage.

At the moment, I finally took the slightly flying waist from half of the air, and the feet were gently stepped on the ground.

"What is this frozen magic"


Gildalas is full of the minds of the mind, all are all the horror frozen temperament of the ice-made magic of the ice of Gray.

"I actually smashed my crush magic ice". ... _ and just time _ "Recall that the time of the time that I have just hit this space was influenced by the horrible" Ice Magic "in front of it.

Gildalz is very heavy, obviously, obviously the strength of this mysterious young magistan, opposite the appearance of his elegant Junxiu, the horribleness is difficult to believe.


"Gildas ... we are not enemies", when Gildar finally shot again, the moment suddenly opened him.

"you know me?!"

I heard the exact number of myself, Gildaz face, he didn't expect that there will be someone to know him in the ordinary unobedied place in Lingfeng Zhuoani.

I is the strongest reusing of the essence of the tail ... I am also a friend with Makarov. "Looking at the expression of the gildass face, I explained it on my own black coat. A bright badge, gently swayed in front of him.

"Holy Ten?!"

I saw the badge on the hands of the moment, and Gildars turned into the pupil.

"It turned out to be a friend of Makarov old man" 670 heard the moment of Makarov, Gildar Atten was a good look, smiled and said: "I didn't expect that my Lingfeng Zhuoiya was executed for so long. The world has actually appeared such a young holy ten big guideline, "the orange big back and the little tap, the body is tall, wearing a green windbreaker, the demon tail, the heraldic arms wear on the left On the chest.

This seemingly vicissituded man standing in front of the moment and Zhuhong is the strongest in the three strongest reunion of the demon tail, master the super-level destroy magic one Crash (smashing) super S-class magician one Angdas.

I didn't think that I have just entered Lingfeng Zhuoihi.

It will actually meet the top 100-year task that is challenging the most difficult world (that is, for a hundred years, no one has completed the task for the highest difficult task, followed by the ten-year task SS level task, once again the S-class task), Gildas in the Expedition of Lingfeng Zhuonia performs tasks.


Just when it is in the moment.

At this time, suddenly the face changed, the air in the three people was suddenly crazy, and a huge black double wing of death and destruction suddenly passed over their head.

Chapter 41, the black feather (seeking reward and automatic)

The dark is its Yuchai, death is its scais.

A fluid is dark, the whole body spreads mysterious and dead pattern, and the body has a half of the island. The big black dragon suddenly passes through the moment, Zehong, Gildarus triple head.

Black scales were immunized. This world, most of the magic in the world, sharp claws can be asked to tear any of the defenders, and the emeraldful smashed teeth can bite the world's most backstaged shield.

Wings, muscles, claws, smashed teeth, undoubtedly not revealing a fatal relationship.

A pair of huge symbols in the black wings of death and destroyed flying in the air, under the driving of its horrible magic and power, the air around the three people continued to emit the restless roar.

"this is?!"

Somet, I saw the black dragon that appeared over the top of my head, and the face of Gildars was mad, the I hole was instantly contracted into a 7-pin well.

The most dangerous place in the world in Lingfeng has been a trace of dragons, but Gildalz did not think that there was really a dragon today.

"And this dragon is" After seeing the unique death pattern of this black dragon in the top of the head, Gildals suddenly tightened the entire body of the whole person.

"Akolkia ?!"

The blue blood-red double-dupid killing this black died of the black died in the top of his head, and it recognized its identity in an instant.

The source of evil, the king of the dragon, the black feather of the end, in addition to Akolkia, there is no one in the world that can have such a unique death pattern.

Moreover, Akovakia is the only one full of completely dominated dragonfly, 400 years ago, it almost eliminated all Dragon Dragon, known as the king of Dragon.

In the history of magic history, the strongest black magic guinea Jereff called it "the nodes of evil", destroying everything, bringing desperate painful dragon. And his appearance also represents the end of the right era, and also known as the endless black feather.

Simply put, this black dragon, it is likely to be the strongest creature in the world, except for those who are ignorant.

"It's really the black dragon" that is different from the Girldes' faceside, and only see the original elegant and calm face. At this moment, it can't stop the excitement, "" too All right…

" ._ ... _ didn't think we are so lucky today

I saw the flash of the beauty of the beautiful swordsman, "Li Feng Zhuoia met the dragon and the strongest Black Dragonaolkia" At this moment, moment There is an intra-self-sufficient excitement and .