Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 695

Although he experienced the three second-year worlds of the past, there has been a legendary dragon, but the truthful dragon, the moment is still seeing today.

And think of you can successfully tame a dragon, and it is the strongest Black Dragon Akolkia in the world as its own mount.

That will be a shocking thing.

"I have never seen it," I secretly bowed to the moment, I was excited. It seems that there is a child who sees my beloved toys. Beautiful swordsman Zhuhong Cui Green big eyes can not help but bend into the cadres, "" Adult is so happy "

Walk? "

It should be the biggest unfortunate thing to "actually encountered the most horrible monster in the world ...

I glanced at myself that I was looking forward to my face, and Gildalz was secretly laughed. He can't understand what the current young people think.

At this time, there is a quick gliding in the mountains of Lingfeng Zhuoi'a Wilderness, the black dragon Akolkiya, which seems to have heard the noise of the bustling bustling bustling in the earth, suddenly stopped the wings of themselves.

"Half Cao!"

"It notes us!" "

I saw the black dragon Akolkia on the head of the head suddenly stopped the wings of the fan, and bowed aiming at the orientation of the three people in his feet, Gildals suddenly sweat.

400 years ago, the strongest Black Dragon Akolkia, which is outside the Dragon King, is launched, is stared at the world's most horrible monster.

Rao is a super-s-level magistan, which is better than the holy top ten magistan, can not help but be dumb.


On the occasion of the thousand, I face the Black Dragon Akolkia on the top of her head.

Gildalz directly blew his most shredded magic, and the horrible white magic light was slightly left directly toward the head.

But let Gildarz suddenly stunned, I saw the intended intention of Black Dragonaolki Asia, and even completely ignored the magic of his hands.

The hook is unwilling to use a horrible to the ultimate speed, and the super-super-level destroyed magic of all the substances and magic eruptions broke out. There is no effect on the body.

"……So fast!!!"

I haven't seen the shock of my heart.

Looking at the top of Heilong Akolkolia soared in Heilong, "}}} (Wang Zhao)'s dive speed, Gildals is crazy when it is crazy.

Bang !!!

Just a moment that is not enough.

As if the wilderness of Lingfeng Zhuoni is shocked, Gildarus is directly flooded by the big sound of this day.

In all, the fog is filled, and the black dragonflock is afraid of "} Huge black double wing in which" a pair of lanterns like a ghost fire.

"so close"

"Thank you, thank you"

Gildalz put down the arm that was blocked.

I looked at the moment in front of myself, and I said thank you for his back.

Chapter 42 Akolkia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Eighty-one break!!!

I saw that I didn't know when I was standing in front of Gil Daz and Zehong them.

One hand opened, there was an invisible mysterious spatial barrier when the air in front of the air, as with the world, the heaven, the terrorist air waves and burst gravel of Heilong Akoliolia diverted Outside.

"My magic is not very good at defense" seeing an impact on the speed of the black dragon Akolia.

I saw Gildassi smiled and scratched her back, "Thank you ... Xiao Brothers

"But this black dragon", I looked at the smile in front of my eyes, if the smile in Black Duokolia, the smile on the Gildass face, the tone became unprecedented, "it is the world The most horrible monsters ... far is not the human magic tuning can confront ... "

"But two of you are still very young." Some feelings look at their backs of their eyes. Gil Daz is flashing 673 a firm look, low and heavy voice slowly said: "At this age can reach Such magic ... "The future achievements will be higher than me" "Let's leave here _" Said, while Gildarz is full of huge magic, all gathered, suddenly smelled, "this Bao Dragon is handed over to me _ ... "

It turned out to be a person left to drag Black Dragonaolia, let the moment and Zhuhong two people left here.

"It is Heilong Akolkia", "I heard the firm words of Gildalas, and the moment I gave a glance in Gildarus who stood behind him. The opening reminded him," the strongest dragon in the world ... Black feather ... You won't know, "Of course, I heard the power of the moment, I saw a hunting hilarious," But since you are not dark, "I'm not dark." But since you are not dark The guild's magician ... The world is always to give young people some opportunities and hope not? "This guy

It is no wonder that Naz, Habie and Lisa, they will use him as their own father. "

Looking at the uncle of this vicissitudes, this vicissitudes, the uncle of the shackles, but the heart is secretly nodded "_ _.

Although sometimes often spoken, Gildar is the only magist guide in the original unique as the basic magic, and its smashing magic will not consciously destroy the surrounding buildings (never take the main entrance when entering the official meeting. Broken wall).

When walking for this, Marginolia's street will become "Gildarus mode" to prevent him to disappear to destroy the street, so the people in the town are quite "}.

The strength is very powerful, but the character and flash are very similar to the four emperors who know in the Pirace world.

The same unfunction, the same luxury dry cloud, the same alcohol, or even the same gambles such as Naz (Lu Fei)

Body and life.

"That ..." "Uncle Gildal ..."

Seeing the filled dust and smoke in front of you gradually

At the moment, I took the broken broken space in front of him. The mouth between the mouth was a inexplicable radiator. "I think the person you should refund today is you ... After all, I am a Ten major magic guide. _ ...

"You this little ghost" heard out the title of the Ten's Ten's Ten, and the Gildarus (AHDE), but the moment it was saying, but he made him the whole person.

"More ... Today, this is actually encountered in the world's strongest dragon king _ ..."

No, I would like to pay attention to the Gildarus behind him, the blind eye of the left eye penetrated all the dust and fog in front of him, and the death of the horrible black dragon Akolkia and Jun Xiu's face revealed. The inexplicable smile.

"How can I make it so simple, let it walk away from me" "What ?!",

I heard the moment, I tried to tame Black Dragonaolia became his own mount.

Suddenly I spit out such a crazy intention, Gildalas is shocked.


I haven't waited for Gildalus to react.

A dull impact sound suddenly returned to the wilderness valley of the entire Lingfeng Zhuonia.

It seems to understand the dialogue between several moth ants in his eyes, and only such a huge dragon body in Black Dragona will disappear in front of Gildalas and Zehong them.