Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 696

Next moment, the mountains in the distance have occurred a dramatic collapse, as if there is a large substitute to invade it.

" !!"

Finally, after the reaction, I saw that the whole person in the moment was taken by Heilong Akolkija. He hits into the mountains in the distance. .

"Wait! That kid is not injured!"

I saw that Zhuhong was rushing to the whole person, and Gildarz, who had a heavy look, suddenly stopped her.

"This kind of power is ..." This speed is only seen in the mountains in the distant collapse.

The hands of the flash of death resists black heads and sharp portions that are hit in front of Black Duokolia.

The back bombards all the rocks in the mountains, and felt the pounds and death of the pounds and death in front of themselves. This is the ultimate strength that is not experienced.

The blue blood red double-pupil can't stop revealing a crazy color. I realized that the power of Heilong Akolchia, the original calm and elegant face, this moment is even more excited and expected distortion.

"This kind of death and destruction of the breath ... It is worth a person who sagizes almost all the dragons of the dragon."

Chapter 43, the strongest name (ask for reward and automatic)

"Hey !!!" seeing your own impact is actually blocked by the ant mocksti in front of me.

Although it is just a moving mentality, he has not burst all its strength, but Black Dragonia is still anger.

I saw that Black Dragon Akolkia used his head to die, and he suddenly broke out a dramatic snoring while opening his blood.

The dramatic snoring of Heilong Akolia, instantly has a substantive horror wave, and direct shells generally bombard the moment in front of it, smash all the objects around them.

.NIR strong "" But not enough "There is no sound wave of the endless destruction, it is actually the moment, which seems to be speaking.

Although it is completely used as a battle between the spatial pupil and the fight between Black Dragonaoliolia.

But the moment is still hard-erases, using your own body, the sound shock of Heilong Akolkolia, and the blue-blue scorpion issued a crazy color that made He Dragon Akolkia.

"Akolkia ... I know this is not your strength" ...

"Only under the threat of death" ... you can explode you the most authentic full strength ". ...

After the crazy voice is falling.

In the distance of Gildalas and Zhuhong shocked, I saw that they crushed in front of them, and suddenly broke out of the black and white.


I saw the mountain that was originally collapsed, and it was completely fried into a flat place at this moment.

A mixed white horror magic is mixed in a black, forming a pound of light column.

Directly broke through the flow of the sky, as if a post of the Qing Tianzhi connected to the heavens and the earth, the scene shocking could not be described.

"This kind of magic ..."

He has grown up his own eyes, and I saw Gildaz unbelievan, "" How could it be ... this is not the magic of the holy ten magist talents "" "" Even if it is Ten The strongest four guys can't have such a magic. "First, I think of Iraqi Yingr's four days, but soon, these four guys were excluded by Gildar to the brain.

Looking at the majestic magic of the heavens and the earth, Gildalas can think of the strongest black devil guosen Jelf in the history of the magic history.

Unless ... Jerev ... Only the strongest black magic guides in that legends _. ... It is possible to achieve this extent

"The moment is there, the silence of the mouth, the name just seen from the spot, Gildar is deadly staring at the fight of the farther's two terrorist monsters in Heilongia and the flash.

"What is this kid to the end?"

In Black Dragonia, there is a somewhere of laser eyes.

I saw a huge virtual hole in the middle of the moment in front of it.

Silver white long hair polar, Joo

For example, if the Galaxy Waterfall generally didn't get into the void, the blue blood red scorpion became deep and demon.

A horror magic of suffocating cold is out of all body, and the whole person has a crazy destroyed gas.

This is like the abyss that is unheveronged to endless magic, so that the magic is generally destroyed.

In the unique vision of Black Dragon Akolkia, the moment in front of it has gradually coincided with the figure of one of its memories.

That person is the strongest black magic guide in the history of magic, raising black magic to the ultimate creation of countless black magic and demon to let the world fall into a chaos, with a man who destroys the world almost invincible for a man, one, one Doragnier.

"Jelf" is in a faint approval, and the Black Dragon Akolkia seems to be opened, muttering a person's name, a deep impact on his name ww !!! 1 before 400 years ago All mountain rocks spread. When Black Dragon Akolokaton, I felt that I couldn't speak in front of him.

In Gildalas and Zhuhong sluggish eyes, Heilong Akolokia has been placed in the whole huge body of the head.

Black virtual flash!!!

At the same time, the entire huge body in Black Dragon Akolkia was pulled in the air.

I saw the air in the air "} the black rays of the cloth crazy rotary convergergence, the black flakes of the flash finger fingertips have been completed.

Suddenly formed a black virtual flash that turned around the space, as if a black "FF-" hustle is horrible.

"What magic is that ?!"

I saw the horror black magic of infinite condensation at this moment. When I watched Gildals, the pupil suddenly contracted, from this horrible "magic", he felt endless death and destruction.

The surrounding time seems to be solidified, only the horror black flakes of the finger finger fingers, instantly seems like a nuclear bomb is detonated in the black dragon Akoloka in the air.

There is no sharp sound in everyone's ear, and the whole space has been completely blamed in the black horror magic light gun in the hands. The huge body of Heilong Akolkia seems to be elongated by this horrible energy.

Black Dragon's roar!!!

Since 400 years, Heilong Akolokia has never felt terrorist power.

Seeing that the black deficiency of the moment is to flood the black dragon Akolkia in the sky, I saw the black dragon Akoloka bloodshot slightly opened.

It seems that all the air around it has been smoked by it a thousand, and the endless destruction of endless destruction of the black dragon Akolkolia suddenly agglomerate.

The surrounding temperature begins with unlimited rise, a huge incredible huge energy black balloon sprayed from the body of Black Dragonaolokia, shrouded in the top of the head of each of them.

Chapter 44 Who are you (seeking rewards and automatic)

This huge energy black balloon from the Black Dragon Akolkika, which is unimaginable.

Among the original, Black Dragon Akuloka is using this tricky roar directly to kill the fire dragon Wang Ignier. The light is the whole wave destroyed the entire Tianfu Island.

The black feathers of the end, the black dragon that killed the world, sagged all dragons in 400, destroyed everything, absolutely not just a simple symbol.

Bang !!!