Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapel Chapter 697

The roaring energy of the black dragon Akolia suddenly bombards the black virtual flash above the moment.

The destruction of the collision is almost almost almost destroyed the entire wilderness mountains where everyone, and all the existence of all Lingfeng Zhuoiya can clearly see the energy collisions of these two shocking worlds.

"Sixty-seven three" this kid ... "

"Really a human magma?" Standing on the ground and shaking, felt the violent energy of the continuous blowing in front of the ground, and Gildalz made itself unable to come.

"The black deficiency is not enough,"

The deep evil eyes and died, staring at the top of the head, and constantly huge black light balls she bombarded towards their land. The blood in the body seems to be ignited.

"This is like _._ ... The strongest dragon king ._ ... _ Akolokia, you don't let me down" Wang Wei's flash!

With the sound of the moment.

A huge light column with a silky red light in a black, has suddenly bloomed in the moment!

This huge black red light column shows, even the glory of the sky is unable to cover its darkness! This is completely born for destruction!

Especially in the rumble of rumbling, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the fracture.

I heard this kind of giant, the scene of Gildalas and Zehong, even Black Dragon Akuloka produced a illusion.

It seems that I saw the scene of the eternal Daily in front of them suddenly felted in front of them. This is an unstopable catatroiship, which should not appear in the world's strength.

"this is……"

"What magical is less

When I saw this at this moment, my own feet, my right earners finger the horror, the horror, black red rays that they condensed, and the black pupils of Heilong Akolkia couldn't help but suddenly, and there was some pain in the mouth. Human speaking.

"Being my mount.

"Dragon King Akolkolia" fell in an obstacle, a huge light column with a silky red light in the black, almost instantly enveloped the entire Lifeng Zhuoia.

At a time, the entire wilderness forests where everyone were all flooded in this black red color, and if the world was hung, the sun and the moon were indulged.

Great sound.

Elephant invisible.

The strongest and strongest power collides together, and there is no dramatic collision sound that should be in any imagination.

However, Gildals and Zehong are frightened, and all things around them are constantly changing.

It is completely shocked by the shock of the power of the two peerless monsters that are attached to the Black Dragon Akolkia.


"Ah, ah !!!" "

Everything is 3-9, Gildaras and Zhuhongyin think about it seems to hear a roaring sound from the dragon and the painful roaring sound.

Waiting to the horror majora's energy, all the dust and ashes in front of the surroundings are landing, and the two of Gildalas and Zhuhong finally see.

A deeply visible wound has appeared in the central center of Heilong Akolkia, which seems to be a eternal scar, and thoroughly trauma to the strongest creature in the history of Heilong Akolia. .

"Black Dragon Akolkia" looked at the black dragon Akolkia, which was in front of him, Gildarz made a large eyes, and all this is like a one. The dream of the field, "" I was hurt.

"Feel the pain ..." "" This feeling ... is very fresh for you.

The flash of whispering with his strongest virtual flash has successfully smashed the roaring energy of Heilong Akolia, and successfully traumed it, almost any magical can be traumatic, "in the surrounding Among the earth, the cracks of the earth, the moment is slowly moved, and the black dragon Akolkiya in front of him will gradually go, and the eyes are evil.

"I know that you will use human language." "No use ... " although the whole person is immersed in an moment, it is a great force.

But seeing the moment in front of you seems to have a trial and communicate with Heilong Akolkija, and Gildar, who is far away, still can't help but shook his head, "Just like the human beings will not speak with ants." "Heilong Akolokia is a" Gildals who will communicate with any human beings, because Akolkia is the only complete dragon-definition magic guide in history. .

It has eliminated almost all dragons of the dragon before 400 years ago, but it is called the king of Dragon and 3.4 despise human and dragons, regardless of it, and does not even want to communicate and communicate with them.

It is clear that the power to support the world is just just simply destroyed, death and destruction are its best synonymous.

However, Gildar is not finished, and the reality in front of him gave him a loud slap.

"who are you……"

It seems that there is no language for a long time, and a short sentence seems to be so hard and unnatural.

However, in the shocking eyes of Gildalas and Zhuhong, Heilong Akolkia is still open, and the cold pupil is dead. This is the only successful trauma to his humans in 400.

Chapter 45 captures Black Dragon (seeking rewards and automatic)

Black Dragonaoliolia mouth after the mouth.

And in the moment they were stunned, the body is beginning to shrink quickly, and the flash is turned into a human appearance.

The human form of Black Dragonaolia is a silver-white mad} a wild long hair, the dark skin has a mysterious death pattern, which has a pair of destroyed breath.

There is also a black cloak on the body, and the eyes seem to hate all the creatures in this world.

In his body, between his forehead, there is a wound that is deeply seen in the blood of the bone, and it is just the eternal injury left by the successful trauma of the moment.

"Looks that it is not very good." He looked at the young white long-legged black skin of Heilong Akolkia, and the extravagant eyes were interested. "I heard that you have been a Human pair 11

"Who are you ?!" It seems that it has not heard the problem of the moment.

I saw my own problems when I saw the people of Heilong Akolkia, who were in front of the human form.

"Well," I saw the silver long hair boy completely ignored the problems you made, and I was a bit helpless, "I still don't be good at communicating with people. _ ...

"That ... my name is a small

It is found that he attempts to tries and in front of the black dragon Akolkiya is completely a useless use of useless work, and it has only helpless to give up.

The blue-blue monsters have some burning staring at Heilong Akolkia, and the moment is simply saying their own name, and directly opens their own purposes. "I hope to find a dragon in this world. As my mount "" I heard that you are the strongest Dragon King in the world ... so

"On the moment, I haven't finished it, and the rotation of the God of his right eye is going to the eye.

I saw the teenager Black Dragonaolia in front of him, directly disappearing in the original place, using a speed of almost separating the wheel of the moment, appearing in front of the moment.

The palm of his hand made a sharp tear of all things, and he hit the face of the moment.

Among the original, the hit of the juvenile Black Dragonaolia, killing the most powerful magical talents in the San Ten of the Iraqi Yingr, Ishi Wing Ying, the four days of God, Serena.

There is also the spiritual attack in Lingfeng Zhuoi, who is just playing a general attack, and directly makes Gildaz have been hit by a moment, lost his left arm and left leg, and some of the internal organs, forcing Gildas Abandoned the "Centennial Tasks".

In the eyes of Dragon King Heilong Akolia, the strongest species dragons in the world are only the objects of the slaughter, let alone, in his eyes, as if there is a general manner in the same way.