Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 698 of Hueding Capacity System

However, in front of this human beings actually boldly, he said that he had to tame himself to become his mount, even if this human beings had enough to wound their power, this is not what he can tolerate.


However, juvenile Black Dragon Akolokia tears all the dragon's claws.

It is still in the hands of the palm of one hand, and the air is in the air.

Directly in the palms directly grabbed the wrist of the juvenile black dragon Akoliolia dragon, although the body of Heilong Akoliolia was 400 years ago. Fragmentation.

However, the body of the moment is not only fused with the tail, and it is also integrated in the last second yuan world, it is completely an ultra-uncommon existence.

Moreover, this has not yet taken the fear J decoration strength of the ultimate creation.


A huge deep pit appears in the middle of the floor.

I saw a flash of the bombardment of the bombardment of the bombardment of the bombardment of the bombardment of the bombardment of the boy, the whole person made a violent kick.

Horror to the power of could not be calculated, torn directly in the air, bombard the juvenile Black Dragonaolkia, over the ground, extending the spider web in the spider web.

Black Dragon's Deni !!!

Brake is suppressed with such terrorism.

This revealed the endless death destruction} of Heilong Akolokia.

A darkly dark magic burned into a fatal flame, and only the other hand of the juvenile black dragon Akolkia on the ground has once again destroyed the hit.

"That I've made a melee with me" "You are still cultivating for a thousand years, not my opponent ..."

The blue-blue red double is completely overflowed by the dark flames of Heilong Akolkoa bombard.

But on the face of the beautiful evil, it has revealed the smile, and the body has already spread a black magic.


The darkness of the Dark Dragon Moist is hit in the darkness of the black dragon in the black dragon, and the last day of the end of the legs will be broken. The dragon is ruined.

The paint black air dragon in the moment is directly 114. He swallows up.

The power of terror seems to break his whole person into a residue in an instant, like a flower that blooms a dark end.

With the roaring that destroys the dragon, he bombards the sky on the sky of the juvenile Black Duoloka, Zhuoi A, shocking the dynamics of the world, and the whole of the peak Zhuoi is almost all fierce. beast.


At the end of the moment, the power of the horror of the horror is zero.

Rao is the ubiquulous immilestive body in Heilong Akolkia, and can not help but open the dragon blood of the sky.

The screaming of the black dragon Akuloka will not maintain, directly expulsion of his dragon in the sky.

I want to release the ultimate Black Dragon's roaring i in the original, I will be destroyed along with the whole spiritual peak. At this time, the black pupil of Heilong Akoliolia suddenly begins to spread unlimited.

Chapter 46 Hell Lock Meron Dragon (ask for reward and automatic)

Lingfeng Zhuoia.

In this case, there is no world in the most sinful wilderness mountain.

At this moment, there is no longer half-point appearance, and it is a mountain and giant rock that collapse.

The terrain here seems to be like an ancient beast, giving a giant beast. Gildalas and Zhuhong two breeze / b, shocked at the incredible everything before the eyes.

The sky is constantly sprinkling with the sky, the battle of He Dragonaolokia is simply letting the heavens and the earth are sun and the moon, and they have surprised the entire peak of Zhuoi Ali's original all kinds of beasts.


The last day of the moment of the moment has always bombarded from the ground.

The fierce burst of terrorists directly let the Heilong Akolokia open the dragon blood of the sky.

Black Dragon's roar!!!

After can't help but revert to the shape of the dragon.

I saw the Wings of the Black Dragon Akuloka opened their death, and the endless magic was stunned in their own body.

"It's too late! Akolkia !!"

Just in the Black Dragon Akolkia crazy condensation magic is just to release the ultimate black dragon roar.

I saw a moment of standing on the floor of the earth, a pair of deep monster eyes penetrating the endless void, firmly locked its huge body.

The bottom of the right eye looks back into the black hook jade, and the endless magic has urged the evergings, and the sound of the sink is like a sacred song like a fate.

"Give me a starfish! Then become my mount !!"


In the sky, you are trying to release the ultimate Black Dragon roaring Akulkiya.

Suddenly I heard the sound of my own heart, I'm going to have a pair of deep monster gods, and I suddenly felt that my whole bones and soul were allly wearing him.

At a time, the movements of Heilong Akolokia did not help but stagnate.

Round looks · Braz star !!!

There is only an endless magic of your own body between China.

A blood-immersed god is in the eyes of the eyes, and the palm is gently moving a dark ball. When the black sphere is flying out from his palm, the speed floating into the high altitude.

"This is ... female ~ two,} Ti

Icy doubles stared at the black sphere released from the bottom of the earth, and the black dragon Akolokia couldn't help but once, and the heart suddenly had an extremely unpleasant warning.


I saw this black sphere large in the sky under the sky.

The whole land of Lingfeng Zhuoii seems to be shaking, countless ground starting cracks, starting to break into huge rocks, rising in the sky.

"what is that?!"

Feeling that the whole land under his feet is crazy, Gildalas and Zhuhong have almost unable to stand, look up and look at the rock ground before the eyes, and it is simply shocking between the time.

"this is……"