Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Capaci Yushu System Chapter 699

Feel around

The air is constantly shaking, and a huge gravitation is constantly pulling his huge dragon body.

Black Dragon Akolkia lifted his icy double-pupil stared at the top of the sky. The planet was growing. When the mind suddenly remembered the gods in this world.

The shock of the horrible and blood dripping, "God's power" looked at the ground that was constantly pulled up by the sky in the sky, and the rapid growth of the planet among the sky, Black Dragon Aku Norlosa is directly pulled in, and suddenly, I can't help but explode the roar of vibrating world.

"Is this the power of God _. ...

At this moment, I looked up with this huge planet in the top sky.

Gildalas and Zhuhong seem to have been taken away with their own soul, and even the breathing between them has been forgotten, and the shock is completely said.

In this past, no one is more vast times, no one does not feel that I am very excited.


I saw that Black Dragon Akolkia continued to explode a dramatic roaring roaring in the sky.

Even the release of countless energy shock waves, but everything will have new huge rocks immediately after the sky is broken, everything is only in vain.

Regardless of the black dragon Akolkia, how to fan your huge death, you can't get rid of the huge gravity of this pound of the sky.

With all the onions and unwillingness, I saw that Black Dragonaoliolia was still after almost irresistible majestic power into the top sky in the top of the sky.

Ben!! Ben!

I saw that Black Dragonaolokia was killed in an out of the stars on the ground.

There are countless huge rocks on the ground quickly attracted to the bombardment on Black Dragon Akolkia.

Until the entire huge dragon body buried completely on the planet, only a growing dragon head.

"He actually" "Really caught He Dragon Akolkia ..."

Looking at the huge planet of the sky in the sky.

There is also the roaring black dragon Akolokia.

Gildarz, at this moment, Zhang Zhao is big in his mouth I, but I can't say anything for a long time.

Taking human beings directly created a planet, but also seals the strongest black dragon Akolkia in history, so ridiculous things really happened in front of him.

This guy "is the god of human skin T," The power capable of holy ten levels can achieve.

"Finally ... I get it ...

After the dust settled, he looked at the black dragon Akolko, which was crazy after the in front of his eyes, and the burning muttered, "Akolkia ... now ... you It's mine ... "

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Chapter 47 Tianzhi Lock (ask for reward and automatic)

Looking at the top of the sky in the sky, it is blinded into the Black Dragon Akolokia.

I think that I have to have a world's strongest Black Dragon as my mount. I can't help but feel excited in my heart. I have been holding my fists in my hands.


I saw that the war in the moment and the Battle of Heilong Akolia was finally the dust.

At this time, the beauty of the beautiful swordsman who stands with Gildarz, and suddenly the petty shovel is straight to the moment.

"Xiaoyong" looked at the merits of the monster to the love of the veins.

At the moment, he careped his cherry blossoms, the smile of the mouth, "We will have a world's strongest black dragon mount ... happy ..." As long as you can be with the moment " Feel the

"Waiting for a matter, it seems to be a bit wrong ._ ..."

Just when I was immediately in the absence of a moment.

At this time, I suddenly didn't feel a faint, and I got my own brow.

"According to the truth ... The power of the source of the evil dragon Black Dragon Akulokia should be more than this extent to" flash quickly in the mind "the battle between Heilong Akolkoa The picture of the electric light stone fire, the more thoughtful, and the built is the abnormality of things.

"So that I have been arranged so many follow-up means ... I'm so easy to capture it." God's reincarnation looks at the huge planet among the high altitude, and the face of the moment suddenly became more and more unnatural. Get up, "What happened?"

I saw the expression of sudden solidification on my face, I can't help but lift my eyes.

"Waiting for me here ._ ...

At the same time, I was in the feet, and the whole person was just like a profiteering, and flew to the top of the Budget Star.

"Sure enough" flying to the huge explosive starry in the high altitude, the moment is staring at the black dragon's head to continue to struggle, the Heilong Akolikia, and suddenly hilarious, "It seems black dragon Aku Nallochia also has a sly, "imaginary!!!

On the other hand, I saw it softly to the Black Dragonaolkiya, which is constantly struggling to the roaring in front of him.

A black magic of the air is aggregated in the air, and dozens of highly concentrated magic light shots out, bombardment has produced a series of dramatic explosions on the Heilong Akolia.

Sure enough, after the dust smoke is exhausted, it is presented in front of it.

It is a huge tail, which is black, mysterious, and is still struggling to be struggled on the ground of star, as if still has its own life.

"Taking the chaotic bite your tail ... Use the above remaining and the same magic changes into one model _ ...

The blue blood color is staring at the tail tail that is constantly struggling in front of him. The moment is a flash, and I will understand it in an instant. "In the moment, I showed a lot of energy in the sky ... left a tail to escape. What is it ...

There is no angry idea in the heart of "broken tail."

See Black Dragonaolia successfully seized the opportunity to escape the cave wear of his own god, biting his tail escape.

At this moment, the calm face of this moment has raised a good expression, and the mouth is muttered in the mouth, "It seems that the so-called strongest Black Dragon Akolia ... is alone is only a body type. The huge clear hi-tiger is ... "But ..." Since I want something I want to get _ ... "

God's reincarnation of the eyes expanded to the ultimate, and walked around the sweeping hole to wear the entire wilderness forest around Lingfeng Zhuoni, and did not see the trails related to He Dragon Akolia.

However, at this moment, I really was ignored by inexplicable flames. The magic of the whole body was overflowing. The magnificent momentum of the world was coming, this moment is like the sky in the sky, D "Akolokia ... _ even if you run to this world ... and can't escape my hand, I only see that the voice of Hong Zhongli is in the end of his endless vaginal wrapping, vast The swing is usually covered with the entire Lingfeng Zhuoia

I have alarmed all tangible existence, I have been passing into Lifeng Zhuoija is crazy to wavily swear my death, flying, flying, flying, flying in the black dragon Akoliolia.

"Hey! The system detected the king of the host has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundaries, congratulations to win the lock of the sky."

However, in the moment I want to attack again, search for the drops of Black Dragonaolia, until it completely captures it to become a mount, then the brain suddenly came out of the long-lost system tips. Cliff!.

"Good death is not dead"

I just wanted to come again to search for Black Dragon Akolioli fallen, suddenly being interrupted by the notice pushed by the collapse of the jade system in his own mind, the swordbood is 9 gods, "how the system suddenly suddenly" ?!

However, when the moment it clearly clears the content of the notification of the collapse system, {. Wu, but suddenly changed, and his face revealed an incredible ecstatic color.