Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 700

The sky locks a pair of people, can lock the target along with the world, and those who have been locked by the sky, even if the world's supreme person is also unable to escape.

(The protagonist is also involved in the back of Heilong Akolokia, which will be domesticated by the protagonist (* "_" *)

Chapter 48 bid farewell (seeking rewards and automatic)

The lock of the sky, and it is said that it is a treasure, it is not as very rare to the gods.

Its ability is the "legal god", the higher the binding object, the higher the increase of the hardness, but it can be said that it is not much for the gods.

Therefore, the opposite to the target opponent without the gods, the lock is just a rugged chain, the more powerful, the more you have a galaxy, the more the locks are capable of blocking the characteristics of the world.

"It's a lock ..."

After reading the notice from the built-in jade system, the eyes of the blue blood were suddenly shining, "" Too good ... this is getting better and better "," must know, this world except the dragon King Heilong Akolokia and the history of the most stronger black devils in the history of Doragnier outside the two strongest opponents.

There is still a mysterious god, such as Anchserram, which is temporarily unable to speculate on its strength and ability.

But now the Wang Zhimong treasure of the moment breaks through the bottleneck breaking the boundaries, got one of the strongest treasures in the legend, blocking the heavens and the earth's lock against the gods of the gods, then all the problems will be solved.

"Akolkia ... Today, you are really walking ..."

Suddenly received the notice of the collapse system and got the lock of one of the strongest treasures.

The heart is now, I have to put down the plan of the arrest of Black Dragonaoliolia, and I am deeply flashing in the eyes. "But ... I can't use how long ... You will become my bag after all Medium ... Si

Wang Zhifa !!!

After standing on the huge population of Tianxing, he opened the king's treasure, and there was a golden red light between the heavens and the earth, and a mysterious ripple fluctuated in the air.

In the moment, Wang Zhimai, finally saw a single-handed chain, and the shapes of the two ends were engraved with countless mysterious wedges. The metal texture could not see what mysterious material was built.

"This is" I looked at the mysterious metal wedge lock chain in my king's treasure, I was so strong that I took it out, muttered in my mouth, "the lock of the sky _. ... i?

"This way," gently closed the king of the king, the ripple of all the golden red light in the air gradually dissipated, and the endless "after the opening of the eyes,". During this world, The gods have more

Convergence all the furded thoughts in his heart, the moment is over the huge population of the sky in the high altitude, as with a fallen leaf, it is gently fluttering in front of Gildalus and Zehong.

"At the moment, you are fine." Seeing Black Dragon Akolkia seems to have escaped, and Zhuhong carefully looked at the moment, for fear from his face to see an urgent corrupt face.

"Black Dragon Akolkia ... is it to escape?"

The arrival of Gildalz next to it is not so much, and after seeing the black dragon Akolkia escaping, he also looked directly and said: "see

Come here, Black Dragon is more embarrassing than we imagined. "" Wonderful "

I saw the expression of Zhuhong and Gildars in front of the eyes seemed very regretful, but I saw it calmly put a hand, I said: "Compared to this ... I have got a more The important thing "more ..." said, while the mouth of the moment suddenly revealed a smile, "It's my things ... I still don't escape my palms ..."

"You this kid" did not detect the evil smile in front of the moment.

At this point, the spirit of the peerless power that Gildar's mind has been completely inflated by the unwanted power that has just been in the battle and Heilong Akolkia.

I saw that Gildaz face complicatedly stared at the face of the young handsome face in front of him. "Is it really a Ten major magist guide ... u

"If it is not today, I see it today. ...

As I said, while Gildals Zu Sheng Haomai blusted a bitter smile, "I probably never believe ... this world actually someone can capture Black Dragonaoli Asia "" This kind of thing "seems to be more incredible, and only see Gildalz can't help but curly around the moment.

The eyes of the eyes and down the eyes of this young magma, as if there is a terrible and mysterious monster, "" Even if the strongest black devil guoshi Jerff in the history of magic is also can't do ... you What is the little monster?

"Well ... Gildalus Uncle" looked like a thin strange body in front of him. Generally, the upper and lower ends were in detail. At the moment, there was a bit helpless, "" This magic world is not quite ... There is always something that you don't know, "" "Well, let ..." Wen Yangenedas finally stopped his own funny move, although there was a super super-s-level magicile strength, But the usual Gildarus is a good uncle that makes the property.

"I really don't know how the old man in Macarov knows the second _ second less

I shake my head and smiled, and Jeldas was so curious to play the moment, "But then I will come back __ ... _ How can you come to Lingfeng Zhuoana This waste-free place?" "I don't think about it _._ ...

I heard Gildalz asked, there was no intersection, I didn't hide it, I directly frankly, "Ling Feng Zhuoia has been related to the legend of Dragon ... So I specially came here to see if there is any chance to meet A dragon captures it as its own mount "" But now you have seen it. "Some said that there was a bit helpless," accidentally fled by Black Dragonaolija "."

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 49 Meet (ask for reward and automatic)

Are you accidentally escaped by Black Dragon Akolkia?

This kind of words ... estimates that only you have qualified to export ...

Listening to the appearance of the shocking language in front of the moment, Gildalz is a hilarious smile.

For guys who are unable to spend a sympathy, although I have not met the kung fu, he has gradually felt numb.

Even if there is any day to hear the moment of the strongest black devil's Jerff in the history of magic history, I am afraid that Gildar is not surprised.

"Then you have two now, what is going on," I finally calmed all the shocks and incitement of my heart today, Gildalz looked at the moment in front of the moment and Zehong.

"What can I have" "Six Seven" "" Since the Black Dragon Akolkia has escaped " ,,,,, Still this world's strongest black dragon Akolkia

Now, there is already the meaning of the heart, look at Gildas in front of him, "Then continue to stay in Lingfeng Zhuoia and there is no other thing. _ ... _ I plan to go back first ...

"You - One

"Gildalus Uncle" has always silently looked at the dialogue between the two people and the Gildarus. At this time, Zhuhong is very clear, "Do you want to leave with us?" "I" Das shook his head and smiled, and then the big face of the vicissitudes of his face was proud. "Can't ... I have to stay in Lingfeng Zhuoani to complete my" 100-year task ", this is never completed in the world. Task ... "

"Talking about this ... I still have to thank you to scare the Black Dragon Akolkia" I think of the "centuries of the task" that I am performing, and the Gildars looks, and the parcel on the ground is reinited. Back in yourself, "This" This "100-year mission" I must successfully complete ... _ You are waiting for my good news "" Hundred Years Task? " Smile, "Then let's don't do this ... _ Gildarus uncle ... we are waiting for your good news ... You don't let me see you ash, the face is a hit, after it is finished In the moment, I reached out and took the slim waist of myself.

Two people like two intensive fairy cranes, and they directly disappeared in the wilderness forest of Lingfeng Zhuoiya.

"Crow mouth !!"

"I will do it !!"

Looking at the sound of the moment and the two people, the voice of the two gradually disappeared in the horizon of Lingfeng Zhuoia.

I saw Gildalz gripped his fist with the sky of the moment and Zhuhong left, until I couldn't help but laugh.

This monster kid. ...

I really don't know what changes will be brought to this magical magic world? "

Finally, I was deeply stared at the slorcerate of the moment and Zehong, Gildarcked himself, who had no complicated thought, picking up their heavy baggage to continue to shuttle in Lingfeng Zhuoani's world's most dangerous The wilderness forest ...

Sea breeze whistling, shore shore.

Here is an unmanned island between the Yingri continent and the West Turndo.

A double wing suddenly brushed by a huge emblem of death and destruction.

I saw the black dragon Akoloki sub-tail sake, finally fled from the hands of the moment, quietly came to this wasteland.

After turning into a human form, the silver-white long-haired black skin is like a bit tired, relying on a huge rock on the door of a huge cave.