Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 701 of Hueding Crack System

A deep scrabging scar between the eyebrows in front of the forehead seems to have no significant signs, and the blood spots are slightly fused because of the extremely unparalleled pain.

That is Blacklong Akolkiya personally bit the wound left behind his tail ...

" ... ...

In the mouth, it seems that dreams are generally whispers to meditate this special name.

Since its own memory since Heilong Akolkia, Heilong Akolkia has never had a deep experience of such a person.

More violent than the body of the Dragon King, the horror magic of the Dragon Scales, and the last shot into the huge planet that seals yourself in the last shift.

All of this has brought a unprecedented strange emotion to Black Dragon Akolkia, called fear.

Suddenly, I saw the black dragon Akolkiya in the human form, and the completion of the face was in an instant, and it seems to be induced. The eyes suddenly turned "} It is easy.

"Akolkia ..."

A quiet voice in a calm vicissitudes.

In the pupils that suddenly contracted in Heilong Akolkia, I saw it under the shade of my eyes, a teenager wearing a black and white coats, a black hair Bai Zhe face is gradually coming out.

The whole person is like walking on the dark night elf in the magic, a pair of black eyes with endless mysterious colors, staring at the black dragon Akoloka, sitting on the ground, sitting on the ground.

"400 years ... I haven't seen you for a long time ..."

After seeing the appearance of this brunette black juvenile in front of him, the human teenage form of the black dragon Akuloka's face was suddenly solidified.

"It is you" "Jerff

Some vigilance, some enemy, look at this black hair, black hair, black dragon, black dragon, Akolkia, spit out his name.

The existence of a magical world, the only strongest in the history of magic, the name is almost called the forbidden mean, the ancestors of the Black Divide.

From the ancient continent, the black magic is raised to the extremely created countless black magic and the devil to let the world fall into a chaos, with the destruction of the world almost

Invincible power.

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Chapter 50 West Continent (seeking rewards and automatic)

This black hair is as young as young teenagers in the human form of Black Dragonaolia.

It has already existed 400 years ago. He was cucted from the god of Andrham, and he did not die. Strong, the most evil, the legendary black devil guide.

"You are hurt?"

I saw the blushing of Black Duolokia, so; the wife J's injury appeared, and Gielf seems very surprised.

"It's none of your business.""

Feeling that Jereph is like the abyss, the abyss is generally endless horror.

Black Dragon Akoliya's eyes are still vigilant to stare at him, but there is no fluctuating in the tone. "If you think this can kill me, you can try it. "

"No, I don't have this plan." "

In the face of the enemy of Black Duolokia, the gods of Jelf Junxiu's juvenile tops have no change in the gods, gently put their hands. "" I came here, I will tell you. "

"People who can kill you soon will appear."

"Can you kill me?"

I heard whispered in Heilong Akolkolia's incarnation and whisper muttered, but the cold eyes suddenly flashed, "No ... he has already appeared" "has already appeared ?!"

Jerff, obviously appreciated his wisdom, of course, people say in the mouth of the people and in front of the black dragon Akolkoli, is definitely not the same person.

"Injury on your body ..."

After returning God, Gielf is very curious to look at the shocking wounds that are shocking in front of Black Duolokia, "I am really curious ... He is what you said is the ability to kill you. "" "He called the moment." "

The sinking in the mouth, the name of the moment, the black scorpion of Heilong Akolkia seems to still have a deep taboo, even fear, "You don't think about what is your body? the power of

"And more important is ..."

Speaking here, Black Dragon Akolkiya pauses, disconnected with a deep disgus and anger, "he actually wanted to domesticate me to become his mount" I want to domestication Black Dragon Coonlia becomes his mount?!

When He Dragon Akolkia, Jenelph suddenly stunned, and his face was unable to curb an incredible look.

It's too long to return to the mainland of Iraqi, I don't know what it is crazy here.

In this world, some people have been crazy to try to domesticate this source of evil, the world of black feathers, the strongest Dragon King in the world as his mount, he thought he was God ?!

"" That. ... "less

Some silent silent in the mouth is a strange name, and Gielf deeply engraved this name into his heart.

Because he is very clear, it is absolutely worthy of his vigilance in Heilong Akolkolia.

"No matter how," all the complex thoughts, the eyes of Jelf are once again turned into T ruthless abyss, and finally read the black dragon Akolkolia in front of me, "Akolokia ... I should take it to you ... "So ·" ""

Gradually turn around, the figure of Gielf slowly disappeared in the desert island lost forest. "" Next time we met ... it is the dragon king offering ... it is your last day ...

"Dragon King Sacrifice?" After watching Gielf, the Dragon King sacrificed three words in the Black Dragonaolika.

400 years ago, the Dragon King Festival, he killed almost all dragons, 400 years later, he still destroyed everything.

The darkness continues to lick to the wounds that they are inserted by themselves, the icy eyes of Heilong Akolkia gradually break into the abyss.

"Just let me swallow everything" West Continent.

The coastline of the Albarez Empire border.

Here is a bustling island, full of summer scenery.

On the island, you will not have a variety of shops everywhere, but also have a endless business and tourists, there is also a local land, and there is also from Iraqi Yingrine.

"Fast ... Fast view" At this time, a tourist on the island seems to have seen any incredible things, unparatorared, reflecting the sea in the distance.

"No ... is not ... Is it my eyes spent a word on the side of the tourist, next to another tourist, looking at the sea in the distance, suddenly surprised opened his mouth, "How can someone walk in the sea ..."

I saw the sea in the distance, the two people were moving towards their 827, the island where the island is gradually coming, and they have stepped on the sea.

"Brake ... ..."

On the sea in the sea and in the moment, the beautiful swordsman Zhuhong looks surprised to the moment, "" The original gathering magic is adsorbed on the foot ... It can also achieve this magical effect ... "

"I said this is very simple ..."