Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 702 of Hueding Crack System

I saw that Zhuhong curious seems to be a little girl, the moment is gently smiled, but the blue blood red is on the glance.

The sea around, "But ... I am clearly perceived that the black dragons in Akolkia is escaping in this direction ..."

"Strange ... Is it my sense of perception?" Follow the magic of Heilong Akolkolia residual in the air, the moment is tracked with Zhuhong all the way.

However, there was no sign of black dragon Akolokia, and there was no choice but to make a good job, "see this situation". ... Capture Akolkia's plan can only be postponed to the next "" "" "The sea". ... is the Albarez Empire of West Turnde. "The island in front of him, and the eyes are in the eyes.

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Chapter 51 Sudden Attack (ask for reward and automatic)

Yingla Cu, near the sea.

Here is the split line between the Idon Yingr continent and the West Continent.

At the same time, it is also the border of the super magic military empire, so that the two of the moment and the two people have seen the distance from the afar sea stopped with a Albarez Empire. Jereff ... "

The blue blood red scorpion looks at the wings of the Welcome Ruoju, which is quietly floating in front of the sea, and , "I came to your country."

According to the best, the emperor of the Albarus Empire (meaning: ugly gap), real identity is the strongest black devils Jerff Doragnier in the history of magic.

Jereff in West Terco not only ruled this super magical military empire from 730 public policies. In addition to the endless magic guards, there is also an endless magic guards, but also guarding their twelve shields.

It is that the entire Iraqi Yingr Continental Magic Federation of Magic Treas is trembled, and each of the sanctuary 12 shields is more than the strongest magistillers with Yi Xiukar. the power of.

After becoming the Ten major magistan, the news from the Magic Review House, and the moment I knew now that the first Iraqi Welcome of the four kings of the four days of the Ten Tien.

Soon, I was destroyed in my hometown, and the rebellion joined the Arbarez Empire in West Turnde. He became one of the twelve shields of the sanctuary. This amazing news has undoubtedly, it is now that the situation of Yingying is in harmonious eggs. .

"I didn't expect to arrest the black dragon Akulokia ..." I have chased the West Tower Albarez Empire "," I recall the emperor of the Albarez Empire in the heart, the strongest black magic guides in the history of magic history. Dolf, the deep eyes of the moment suddenly revealed the look of very interesting.

"I don't know if there is any opportunity to see the strongest black magic guides in the legend ... Jelf. ..." ... "

" ......! I

The green scorpion stared at the bustling and lively Yingrasuku Island, the beautiful swordsman Zhuhong took the moment, "We want to go up" "Let's go " ignorant the brakes and smiled and reached out. Gently hold the buddy breeze, "" I will take you to the island ... I heard that the Xingmang here is famous ... I don't have to taste it too unfortunately ... "


After being held in the moment, the whole man was smashed by the whole man, and the eye waves looked like a countless Albarez imperial magic soldier on Welcome to Cu, Welcome.

"Master" ... There are many magical soldiers on the island to guard ... "

"Of course, I don't pay attention to it." Of course, I also noticed the Albarez Empire soldiers who were guarded in Welcome to Kuku, but they still didn't care, and the left eye bloomed into the eyes.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

With the Zhuhong around him, the two people instantly disappeared on the sea.

"Can't think ..."

"A island at the Albarez Empire is so lively ..."

And in the moment, after the Welcome Lusu Island, some curiosity got a lot of bustling shops around him and many tourists.

"Come on" "Try the most famous Xingmang here" see a dessert shop named "Mango" Gelato ", and it is not hesitant to take the Zhuhong around him.

"Look at your two dressings ... should be the magician of Yi Shi Yingr ..."

After sitting, the boss is a beautiful uncle wearing glasses, wearing a beach dress to the moment and Zhuhong each sent a star manchor.


The moment is a little bit, and I tasted the star mannocrit on the table. The entrance is , is indeed a rare top dessert in the world.

"Uncle ..."

At this time, I'm eating a star man in the flash, and I am full of praise. "What you do is too good," After all, girls don't have any resistance for desserts and ice cream. " Lightly smile.

"Of course!""

I heard the praise of Zhuhong, and the big uncle's big boss with glasses suddenly smiled. "I want to promote the star mangmang in Ying Yingr, and then create the best dessert store in Ying Yingr."

"Don't look at it although it is just such a small stall.". ...

On the other side of the two people, I said that the star of the boss is like a star, the smile on the boss seems to be like a child, "But I am also living with dreams" just boss. " If you haven't finished it.

The eyes of the moment, but suddenly, the blind eye of the left eye was instantly entering the feng.

Bang !!!

No one understands what happened.

I saw that the entire dessert store stall in the brakes and the entire dessert stores were submerged in a dramatic explosion.

There are countless gravel bullets on the entire beach, and the beach chairs and tables outside the dessert shop are all fried.

"Hair ... what happened ..."

Among the severe explosions, wearing glasses (Qian Zhao) The big uncle's uncle is already scared.

"It seems ..."

"We seem to be eyeing by the army of the Albarez Empire."

In the noble gaze around everyone, I saw that the look did not change.

At the original position, you still have to sit in the original position, and the elegant is continuing to taste the star mannocrit on the table.

It's just a moment of flash and Zuhong, and the big uncle boss wearing glasses, the top of the three people, the sky blue is quiet and quiet.

A large layer of large unparalleled three} corner-shaped defensive arrays, Herone appeared in the entire dessert shop stalls they were, isolated from all of these violent explosions. Mantle

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Chapter 52 Albarus Imperial Forces (seeking rewards and automatic)

... ... ... Suddenly came from a series of applause.

"Is it a magician of Yingye ..."

I saw a black hair, wearing a wind-free glasses, a man wearing a lattice suit and a shirt while gently applauding, while moving towards them, "It seems to have a good strength. ... 1,

"Qualified ... _ qualified one less

I saw this black hair, the monsters of the black hair came towards the moment, but the eyes were tightly stared at the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, "" That's very good, this appearance ... very qualified "" "people's name" Is Ma Lin Horlo ... "