Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 703

I saw this self-proclaimed a man named Ma Lin Horlo, a smile, a smile on his face, rushing to the moment of the moment. A gift.

"Branches of the Albarez Imperial army

"Brass" Brandi Shi ... "

Listening to Ma Lin Horlo's self-introduction, the moment is calm sitting in the dessert shop, finally finished the last star manstest, muttered in the mouth, "" It is the Harranty 12 of the Albarez Empire. One of the shields ... "

"Is the enemy?" Seeing that 827 people greeted and hit a dessert store where he was in the moment.

Unlike the lightness of the moment, this time the Zhuhong Cui Green Eardia has already turned into a cold color, "There is a lot of quantity" except Malone Horo, I saw him behind him. Follow the magic soldiers of a large group of Albarez Empire, each soldier is with a neat helmet, and wearing a slapie.

"Is it the magician of the Iraqi Yingr Continent ?!" "

"I am evil ... I was mixed by them ...

"I will catch all of them !!" "

Tens of Albarez Empire Military Soldiers following Ma Lin Horro.

I saw the flash and the two strange faces on the dessert store stall, and I suddenly worked.

If you don't immediately take these two Iraqi Yingri tidiers who mix the Albarez Empire border, they are facing the most demanding military and penalty of the Albarez Empire.

In the face of dozens of Albarez Empire Magic soldiers who are rushing towards themselves and the moment.

Beautiful Swordsman is a cold, and she is stronger. She is born, she looked at these shots to attack herself and the soldier, she won't have a soft hand.

Swords, not yet!!

I saw that Zhuhong held his hands in his hand in his hand.

The whole person's delicate body disappeared in the dessert shop instantly, and there were countless cold and cold swords in the air.

When the figure of Zhuhong once again appeared in front of everyone, I saw that Zhuhong had already appeared after dozens of Albarez Empire Magic soldiers.

Hey, "With the elegant cold] Yan's gradually recovered his hand in his hand, he suddenly did ten of the dozens of Alba after her eyes.

The Leis Empire Magic Soldier fell into a piece

It is possible to use the smashing of the knife carrying the hand, can directly cut the opponent's nerve without damage to the body, this is the most subtle orthodox .

Especially after the words of this time in the moment, after the words of this time, it is equipped with a sharp and unpredictable knife.

The original strength has stabilized the Zenghong on the S-level magician. Nowadays, the strength is further further, I believe that when she successfully liberates the knife, the strength must further reach all the magic. The level of guides dream of.

"The unsatisfied knife" of the unsatisfactory "AhBC" has solved dozens of Albarez Imperial Military Soldiers, and the Far exceeded almost all the famous knife swords in the world. "Thinking here, Zhu Hong's heart couldn't help but be more expected to have the sophisticated cleansing of the moment. I can't wait to call the" true name "of the knife immediately."

"Qualified ... Qualified" saw the dozens of Albarez Empire Magic Soldiers from the Albarz Empire, were killed in an instant.

I know that Ma Lin Hurou does not change color, as if there is no life of these soldiers at all, continue the yin and yang strange, praise the strength of the beautiful swordsman, "strength is completely qualified ..." this guy " Looking at Maline Horley, if there is nothing wrong, the eyes of Zhuhong gradually lifted.

Just now, when she scatched the sword without the month, I also included Maline Horlo into the scope of my own attack.

However, it is not expected to be easily avoided by his use of a mysterious magic. It seems that this guy does not have it to deal with it.

"Don't look at me with such eyes ..."

The horror of the horror, the scene of Zhuhong has passed the sound of Ma Lin Horlo.

I saw him talking, while using his own space magic, the body continued to appear in Zhuhong, the speed is like transient.

"I am an expert in the space magic." "It is the Magic Magist of the Albarez Empire", "Green Eardians are vigilant," I have the same time around you, the constant transients, Malone Horlo, Zuochong's death. I lived in my hands in my hands! / It seems very tricky _ two.

Just in Zhuhong Zhi Zhi Zhi's own strength, show the swordsman of the surpass space, the murder of Ma Lin, Horlo, IR0

"When is it going to play ... Ma Lin ..."

At this time, the ear of everyone suddenly came back a cold and indifferent sound.


With this cold and indifferent voice into their own ears, when Hu Hong suddenly felt a huge magic of unimaginable magic, appeared in his surroundings, it was gradually close, and Bai Zhe's pretty face could not help but change his face.

"This huge magic is"

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 53, "Brass" Brandish (ask for reward and automatic)

In the eyesight of Zhuhong, it is very vigilant.

I saw the beach from not far from the beach, and I gradually came to an eye-catching girl.

Leave a green-eyed short hair Qi Baobao wave head, wearing two blue purple little cross.

At the same time wearing a white cross earrings, wearing sexy bikini underwear, wearing a brown-yellow dress, a coat with blue purple feathers.

The Albarez Empire's badge is engraved on the outside of her right leg, and it is the "rule of the country" Blandshire, one of the Aerbarez Empire.

Destroying the country, the country, the light from the title can be judged, this appearance seems to be full of lazy gas field, in fact, it has the power that can easily destroy a country.

"She ... she is ..."

"The Country" Blanchi appeared, and all the people who recognized her identity were all breathed.

As if on this hot and unusual summer beach, suddenly transferred to the cold ice of the winter, was shocked by the huge magic of any magician in the "rule of the country" Blance Je shi. Can't come out.

"The sanctuary of the sanctuary has come to Yingla Culu", "the" Blast "Brand 'Tish appeared, so that the tourists and residents of this Welcome Culu is all insensitive. panic.

"Brandshire ..."

Seeing the emergence of "disruptive" Brandar, Ma Lin, who is around Zehong, finally stopped he had a general space magic, laughing and looking at his owner.

Strong Space Magic Magin Malin Horo, is just a pet and toy, one of the "rule of the country", one of the "rule of the country".

"Is there a star surface ice cream ..."

"The Country" Brandi landed in Yingla Culu, but it is looking for the most favorite starbike ice cream.

"Hold ... Sorry" I heard the "Blapland" Brandar, at this time, the dessert shop owner next to the moment is suddenly sweating on the forehead. It is usually hung up. The battle is very stunned: "Today's Xingmang ... Selling It's over ... "

"After sold," in the Albarez Empire all the sanctuary of the 12th shield, "rule the country" Bran Tg's personality is relatively easy, and occasionally selling.

Although there is a strong force to destroy the country, it is not good, quite annoying, don't like to say the same, if necessary, will take the fastest to solve trouble.

I heard the most prestigious star manchor crane on Wing Laku is sold, Brandish is standing and nod, "" Too much trouble ... Then I will eat it next time. "

"Let's go ... Ma Lin" "I saw it" I heard my master Brandi, Maline Horlo hit the Zhuhong in front of him, I want to turn around, " People who control the space ... occupy the absolute advantage "!!!