Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 704 of Hueding Cracks

Just Malone Horno's words have not been finished.

I saw that he was unbelievable to open his eyes.

I watched a fist with the power of the extremely cold and nime. I crushed his body in an instant.

"How ... how could ..."

The whole body is completely ice, Maline Horlo almost even twisted his neck, such a simple thing is difficult to do.

But he is still unable to believe in his own eyes, and his eyes will continue to appear in the moment after you have, "when" "What you said"

I saw that I didn't know when, I have disappeared in the dessert shop next to it.

In the air, I appeared in Ma Lin Horlo, using frozen boxing directly smashed his body, "" People who control space ... occupy absolute advantage "" "Can use space magic transient ... But your reflex nerves are really too Slowly "I saw the moment after the Ma Lin Horley, and I used the frozen punch to kill him directly.

The look is calm and indifferent to the unbelievous and unbelievable in Ma Lin Horn, until watching him completely disintegrating the whole person under the frozen of the atom.

"So you only match a pet and toys under the hand of" rule country "Blancuff ... rest in peace ..."

Indeed, don't say that it has long surpassed the reflection nerves of the human level than the moment, even if it is compared to the wave of the wind in the world, Ma Lin Horro is far less than, even if it controls the instantaneous space magic misma Lin Horo is still a moment that is easy to kill.

"You are. II. Who ?!"

I saw a moment in an instant to kill the pet toy Maline Horley in his hand.

"The Country" Blanche face is lazy and indifferent, there is no movement, but it is interested to focus on this elegant young youth.

"I met for the first time, my name is the moment." "

The Shuttle Trouble of Use of God's Renovation Space, Frozen Direct Sitting Direct Square Strong Space Magic Malin Horno.

At the moment, it seems to be a slight little thing, and the blue blood is quietly taking the best of the Aerbarez Empire. One of the "rule of the country" Blanit, elegant owes. Arreas.

"One of the Ten Magicians of the Ten Magic of the Ironal Wieer Continent." "

"Yi Xiu Yingr's so-called holy ten big dealers" I heard the self-introduction of the Past, "the country" Blalse "Brandi's lazy looks still there is still no change, but whispered in the mouth.

The title of the Ten Big Magist is definitely a deafening name in Ying Yingr continent.

However, in the Western Arborne, the Empire of the Empire of the West, the "rule of the country" Brandimi, it is clear that there is no amount of gold.

After all, I was in the four days of Ying Ying, the first in the holy ten, and the strength is far more than all other hunteen Gods. Serena has also joined their Arbarez Empire.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 54 Demonstration (seeking rewards and automatic)

In other words, the whole Iraqi Yingri continent has the strongest magist guide, and it has been rebellious into one of her colleagues, so she doesn't think it is worthy of the magician of Ying Yingri. She really looks at it.


"Ido Yingr's magician ... I don't know what you came to West Turndo ..."

It seems that the strength of the moment is not enough to remember his name.

I saw the "rule of the country" Blanter, still called the Magic Magnie of Yingri, I'm indifferent to the young Junxiu magist of himself, and reminded it for the good idea, "" "but here Already a border of Albarez Empire ... "

"Don't go forward again ... this is my last warning and reminder" as if I responded to the words of the "eight seven" chart of Brand, I saw a huge Alba in the far sea. The Leis Empire Magic Warship suddenly started, and slowly moved toward the people where everyone was located.

"Can I understand this as your concern for the enemy?" As if not at all, the ten huge magical warships that slowly swim around the sea, listening to the front of Brandar reminder and warning, moment, slightly light Want shook his head.

"I hosted a sly Black Dragon to come here."

In the words, the moment of blind and in front of the Brachi, the Branda, said his own and intended, "So I am going to go to your Albarez, the capital of the super magic military empire, go to see See ... See Jelf ... "

"Oh ... I almost forgot ... that is, your emperor's PRU ... Oh, I am afraid that she can't understand the name of Jelf, and I have added a word.

Charge Black Dragon?!

I still want to see the emperor Splindine of the Albarez Empire ?!

Brilli Sustain Silently shakes his head, apparent that she has made this young magist guide from Iraqi Yingrian as a madman.

"Forget it

I saw the most troublesome Brandi, "" "I lost two of the sea" "Magic · Deformation !!

Brandshire is finished from the language.

As her whole person, the whole body is very incomparably, the river is in the river.

Suddenly people on the entire Yingla Culu are all feeling that the entire huge island under his feet began to vibrate.

In the shocking eyes of everyone, I saw that Brandan had used their huge magic and horrible deformed magic, and directly pulled the welcoming Cologne to the shape of the cylinder.

Solitary high L is tapped on the entire sea, and all visitors and residents in the edge of Welcome, therefore fell into the sea.

"Very strong magic is also magical ..."

In the face of the entire changed form, it is facing such a shocking magic and magic.

I saw that the Banghati Boum took himself, still standing in front of Brandash, as if the death of death is not on the ground under the foot.

There is fallen into the sea.

Instead, it is still a face that is still unpleasant, looking at the Brandish in front of him, "" But you change the shape of the entire island ... What is the meaning? "

"Don't waste my kindness" ... "

The moment before I saw it is still firmly rooted in Yingla Culu.

Brandimoo seems to be finally angry, the brunette is a glimpse, and the huge magic is secretly running.

Magic, shrink!!

I saw that the BRANDE was slightly on the ground.

Suddenly, all people in the entire Yingla Culu are all discovered that they are vacated.

Because the whole huge Yingla Culu, the whole seat is not seen, it seems to have disappeared.

The 9th prize of the mouth is "between the time, everyone wow wow blame, turned into the sea under the feet.

Brandi, at this moment, it is a feather coat, which seems to be like a Queen of the world, and a person is alone in a small stone on the borderless sea.

This small stone, Herone is just a huge prosperous Yella Culu, Bran Green actually uses her magic to make an island in an instant a small stone with a piece of feet!