Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 705 of Hueding Crack System

"How is this possible ..." Looking at the scene of the people in front of him, the beauty swordsman Zhuhong did not help but succeeded in a cold "" "" I saw this moment, I was carrying her, two people quietly The half-air floating in front of Brandish, the foot is the endless draft of the blue sea, "that big islands ... I turned into a small stone in a moment" this is "Albarez Empire Does the strength of the twelfth shield ...

Through a period of time, Zishi also knows some information she doesn't know in this world.

However, suddenly I saw the "rule of the country" Brandi, such a general magic and magic of the heavens and the earth, and Zishi still couldn't help but be deeply shocked. This is the power of the Top Ten Magists of the Yingri, the Top Ten Magists. .

"Is there a flying ability?" The calm and indifferent looks looked at the moment of floating in the middle of the half air. Brandhet was a lasting coal, "You kill Ma Lin, I will not Come with you ._ ... "But now ...

"Leave here? Is it still dead here? Go, decide!"


The voice of Brandash has just fallen.

The huge magic warships of the Ten Albarez Empire around the sea.

When countless magical forts above, all started crazy to condense horrible magic.

Numerous destruction is all to the position where the moment is located, as long as the Brandish is in a full-scale bombing

"First solve these annoying flies" deep monster double-sighted glance, the top ten of the Albarez Empire, which has been condensed around the sea, and the corner of the mouth, "Let's talk about it again ... ... Miss Brandim ..., "

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 55, the strength of the Sanzi 12 shield (seeking rewards and automatic)

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

The voice falls, I saw the moment in front of Brandiph, as if it seems to be a void.

The round of the blood of the gods flashed into the eye, and the endless pupil crazy, and gently moved to the surrounding sea. The huge magic warship of the Albarez Empire.

Among the eyes of all people shocking, they were pulled out of the shocking gravitation. I saw the surrounding sea. The huge magic warships were suddenly lost, all flew up from the sea.

Boom !!!

A series of fear "} the metal impact of the cloth sound.

I saw the palm of the moment, suddenly, I suddenly took a dozen batches! The huge magic warship of the Albarez Empire in the half-air was hit together, and they were smashed into a group.

Broken a dozen Albarez Empire's huge magic warships mixed with countless Albarez Empire soldiers' flesh and blood, 07 shocked rain in half air, reddish the whole sea.

As if dementia is generally looking at disaster scenes in front of you.

All people who dropped into the sea were suddenly open to their mouths, this is the shocking scenario they did not expect in their lives.

"You put all the soldiers of the Albarez Imperial army. ..."

I am grateful to make the moment to retreat, but the young Ishimon Yingr tidirector is not in front of him.

And after killing the pet Ma Lin Horllo under his hand, using such a shocking magic, the Magic soldier of the Albarez Imperial army, Brown Green Shredded him .

"Oh ... As you can see, it seems to be shocked on the front of the Brand Green"! Ginger's expression.

I laughed in the moment, smiles, smiles in a Bai Zhe flawless perfect side, as if I exudes a faint ray, falling and beautiful.

"Your strength is so powerful" staring at the Brand bomb in front of you, and the mouth of the mouth has a strange smile. "I just want to go to the Albarez Empire ... It is better to be my guide by you. "...

"Go to the capital of the Empire ... no ...

After I saw myself, I dared to ask such an inexplicable request.

Brandaton is not angry and laughing. The huge magic of the whole body is like a volcano.

Magic, zoom in!!

Jiajiao} will be loud.

Brand Ghee is anger, and the air in front of the two is suddenly striped in the air.

I saw that the Brandi was actually used its own deformation magic. It was so huge that the right hand of his right hand is like a whole island.


In the face of the change of Brandarsh, the mountains are generally huge.

I saw it in the air in the air, and I lived in the palm of death.

Even the power of the world of Heilongaolokia can be crushed, not to mention the 1.9 power of Brand.

"Good power" saw that he used magical changes so that such a huge palm was blocked easily.

Although Brandi is surprised, the calm and indifferent looks have not changed, "" "" But your body has come into contact with my magic ...

Magic, shrink!!

With the launch of Brandhome huge magic.

I feel that I have a whole body when I am in an instant.

Amazing scene happened, the bodies of the two people began to shrink unlimited, and they turned into a small dust, which was equivalent to disappearing in this world!

Albarez Empire Sanzi Zozi's "rule" of Brandimo's strength, horror, terror!


Using your own magic, the moment in front of the moment and the two people were shortened into dust, and Brandish was alone in the boundless blue sky, powerful goddess.

"At the moment ?!",

Sed to unlimited but not equal to do not exist.

I saw that the two of the Bracenis were shrunk by the Brandan, and the blocked world that became huge in front of the world.

As a normal human beings suddenly shrunk into bacteria to watch this world, it is difficult to say, "" Our body ?! "

"Don't be nervous", encountered a strong magic of Brandi, but there was no half of the color of the calm face.

Renovation, God!!!

Like time backward.

I saw that under the moment of the blind eye, the disabled I avoided.

At the moment, the whole time around the body is suddenly turned back, and the body instantly returns to the original size.

"How can it be?!""

I saw the two of my own magic to narrow the dust. 830