Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 706 of Hueding Crack System

Suddenly, I realized in front of myself, the big eyes of Brandimish look almost, "What did you have done ?!"

Magic, deformed!!

Although the heart is shocked, I don't understand why my own magic has no effect on the moment.

However, after all, it is one of the strongest black devils in the history of magic history, Brandimon's magic outbreak, moment and Deformation.

I saw the sea, and the two people around the Bangua and Zhuhong have a large-incomplete thalon roll that was turned into a huge talented dragon roll that was turned into a huge talented dragon roll from the magic deformation of Brandim.

It seems like a high-pressure deep-water pulverizer, and it is directly wrapped in the moment and wrapped in madness.

In addition to Welcome to Cu, Uncle's uncle, the dessert shop has escaped from the nearby sea, and the rest of all the residents and tourists who escaped all in the past were hungry. Become a fragment.

Albarez Empire San Twelve Shield Magic is more than everyone's imagination.

But at this time, Blanchus suddenly opened his eyes, and his heart was mad.

Just asking a wave of rewards and monthly tickets

Chapter 56 captures Blanish (seeking rewards and automatic)

Yingla Cu, near the sea. On the sea area of ​​this Albarez Empire border

At this moment, a huge water tailor roll is taken away from the whole sea water directly on the sea.

Directly absorb residents and visitors surrounded by all marine, wrapped in the moment and the two people in the two.

The "rule of the country" Brandi, one of the "rule of the country", one of the "rule of the country", and the strength of the power of the Albarez Empire.

"Get a fragment ... and then fune into the boiled sea.

Use the magic of changing terrain to stop the moment and Zehong two, Brandish single-handed on the sea, like a war goddess that is not inviolable.

"The Garzie Empire of the Albarez Empire ... Sure enough," seeing the magic of the sea to deform the magic of the sea.

At this time, the bright eyes of the moment were turned, and the unparalleled wilderness of the two seconds of the world was ruthless. The substantive gas fields in the talents of the tyrant were directly deeply shocked.

"But if your opponent is my words ... you are not enough ... Bran / Bsh Miss

Blood color is extremely cold!!!

The sound of the moment is dropped.

The huge frozen force in the body explodes.

In the face of the water-day dragon rolls that are crazy around yourself.

The moment of icy with frozen everything is crazy from your own body.

In the eyes of Blance, it seems that the whole time of the three people is located, and the time suddenly has stagnated.

Everything around it seems to fall into the pause, I only see that the frozen force of the nature of the nature of the body is outbreak.

Suddenly endless blood is very bright, like the ancient wave, the wild is in the world, and I have all all of the blood red glory.

Between the world, it seems to have a grand dusk in an instant.

All things, under the moment of the blood color, which is contaminated with blood color, stopping the operation between the substance atom.

At the moment, the unpacking bloody ice world, the silver white long floating on the black robe jacket, shuttle this seems to have been caught in the blood color world of time.

It seems that the King of the Heaven walks as any of his own palace.

"All ... The whole sea is frozen ..." _ two "

It is difficult to confuse and abnormally slowed.

I saw the Brandi in the world who did not have the world. At this moment, he didn't have the original indifference and calmness.

In front of you, the old, unfolded blue sky, which was actually blocked in the moment of the blood, frozen into a blood-red ice sea area.

Contains in the square of the square of the Brilli deformation magic, a huge water tailor roll, which is also directly frozen into a hematocolis.

Beautiful, demon, shock, all all languages ​​of human beings are not enough to describe their eyes

This shocking power.

But at this moment, Bran Green has no extra mind and then immersed in the shocking scene in front of him, because she saw this moment when she was getting close to her.

And she was frightened by this death, horrible, can affected the surrounding of time and space, which is completely dragged into the abyss, which is a while, the operation of a thinking requires more than usual Time.


Finally, in Bran Lb, Bishin, a wide range of eyes.

At the moment, I finally walked to her, and I stretched out of her neck and got her whole person.

Round looks · Opportunction suck !!!

At this time, I saw the inexplicable blood of the god of the right eye in the right eye.

It turned out to use the ability of God's turn to look back, and the source is constantly absorbing the magic of the Bran LB body in his hand.

"Cough cough one"

With the hard work of Brandi, the hand is struggling in the hands of the moment, and a series of strenuous coughs caused by breathing blocked.

The time around the blood-colored frozen frozen frozen is finally restored, but this is not able to stop the shock of British L8.

"The magic is being sucked away by him" ... "

Brilli Square struggled to struggle to make a generous iron hand.

On the other side, "} the discovery of Beijing, the magic on his body is underneath in an amazing speed, and a unable to make a unstoppable spread of the whole body of Blandshire.

Magic, zoom in!!

In the crisis, I saw that Blandstet directly released their own deformation magic.

Trying to make your body unlimited to make a palm of the brake, because of the brief battle, she is less sure that her deformation magic is reduced to the moment.

Renovation, God!!!

Only the deformation magic of Bran L6 is just used.

The god of the left eye has been wearing her anti-strategy.