Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 707 of Hueding Crack System

The gods of God's eyes will return the time of the Brandi to a second, and all the (money) magic of the Brandi is 314.

"Nothing", after the magic of all the rebels of Bran Greensh

At the moment, I still use the gods of God. I am far from the huge magic of her body. I have a smile in my mouth. "" All all the resistance is futile "... ." Miss Brandash ...

All the Albarez Empire soldiers who came with "Devil" all were suddenly kicked in an instant.

All the majors of all resistance are ineffective in the moment, and all the magic in the body is crazy.

Looking at the smile in the eyes of the appearance of the beautiful face, "the country" Brandash couldn't help but bounce out these two words from his mouth.

Chapter 57 Albarez Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

Baddes 63 · Lock bar lock !!!

Finally absorb all the magic in the Brandi body.

The chapters of the Night Bible Nightmare have fly yield, and the large thick magic chain is like countless flexible giants.

While blocking Brandash, it also seals all the magic of her body, let her have no way to restore and use any magic and magic.

I only see the gestures of the swimsuit in the underwear, Brandash, a feather coat, is under the blockade of the rough magic giant python.

! Red is like a innocent girl who has been infringed by countless tits. It has formed a bloody scene "I am evil ..." Magic is blinded "No matter how Bran Green is struggling, it is no good, I have a pair of looks. The big eyes angryly looked at the moment in front of him, "Betting ... You'd better let me go !!"

"Attacking a Magic Magist of the Albarez Empire, you know what you are doing ?!" ""

"Okay ... nonsense, say two _ second less

Successfully defeated and the uniform seized after the "rule" Brandimoo.

The 830 zippermous blood red scorpion glanced at the whole bloody sea of ​​bloody sea, and there was a bloody icicles in front of him.

"Which direction of Albarez ...

"Your guy ... is it really going to the capital of the Empire?"

Brake Successfully Uniform, I heard the question of the moment in front of my eyes, and I can't help but emerge, "Don't be innocent ... Albarez is much better than you imagined. More terrible ... "

"No matter the uncomfortable Slug Ran Emperor, the devil is ..."

I saw a brown green pin to show a clean laugh, "" The power of the Empire Sanctuary is the strength and I have 11 people ... "

"And the strongest two people in the sanctuary ... Ou Just and Irene Irene Belselli ..."

It seems that I want to play the intention of the heart, Branday does not have a scruple that Albare is now the actual top-level force, "they are the strength ... not what you can imagine ..." AHBC) "Magic King" Ou Justice and nephew "Irene Belselli ...

I heard the words, muttered in the heart, even if I don't have to say, he also knew the two most powerful names of these two Albarez Empire.

, The magic king "Ou Just one is the strongest man in the sanctuary of the twelve shields, and Irene is called" Albarez double wall ", and it is also the head of the sanctuary, people say" Disaster

Not only can I use all the magic of the past, but also the magic types that are mastered seem to be on the top of Genje, but also have the strongest magic of the world.

The desperate of 'F1 filters "Irene Belselli's strongest woman in the Zon Zon twelve shields, magic and combat capabilities are extremely powerful.

And Lusha Schulkulo has the same flavors and similar appearances, and the two are very likely to have the relationship of ordinary people.

"If the strength of the Albarez Empire is really like what you said," Request all my thoughts, the face is revealed with a look that is very interested, "That is more worthy of me to see it. What do they want to let me down is the "this guy" to feel the kind of war, the kind of war, the involution, and the weighing.

Bran Greenshire's breath could not help but happen, she has never seen a man who can reveal this gas field.

"Perhaps" Dark eyes looked at yourself around the whole sea to frozen into the bloody sea, the inner heart of Brandar suddenly became a terrible guess, "these are not this guy Strength ...

When the heart flashed a countless thought, the color of Branda March finally recruited, revealing a strange and clear, "Since you have to find a dead road." ... _ then I will take you to the empire The capital feels the gap ... "

"Just ... In order to meet the return of the emperor of Shu Lang, it is estimated that the eleven guys also make a few more. I said, the inner heart of Brandimish is some uneasy. Think.

Iiiir is good ... "

"This is to love ..."

Seeing Brilli Dock finally pointed out the direction to the Albarez Empire capital.

At the same time, it was satisfied with the head, but also stretched her hand and pinch her indifferent cheeks, and suddenly caused a mush to struggle and the laughing of Liang Liang in Bragland.

"" "You are optimistic about her ... don't let her secretly recover magic

While told the beauty Swordsman Zhuhong, I saw the sealed Bran Lb, and the gravitation of the blind eye using God was used to control their two tightly floated in the half-air.

"Yes, the big people." "

I heard the instructions of the Pasta, and Zehong Zheng nodded, clenched the chopping in his hand, staring at Brandish around him.

"So ..."

After the voice falls, it is two of his two of his own and Bran L8, and suddenly flipped in the direction of the Albarez Empire capital.

"Hard San Twelve Shield" "What is the magical magic of a magical?" With Zhuhong and Brandhet, he lealed the endless blood, the sea, the sea

Looking at the capital of the Albarez Empire, which is getting closer, the deep eye is getting more and more bright, "" "" Jelf ... I don't know this time. "" "" "" Can you meet you ... r,

When all of them left, they only left this slightly magnificent ice sea, for this large magic era.

Chapter 58 Collection (seeking rewards and automatic)

Albarez Empire, capital.

"Here ..." "Is Albarez's capital ..."

After about a long time, I finally came to the capital of Albarez Empire in Bragashi.

Looking at this huge and prosperous huge city in front of you, there is also a big magic building in front of you! Tall into the huge magic architecture group, and it is shocking for this powerful city.

"It's really a bustling and lively.

"Shout" see the moment to shocked their eyes and the two people shocked.

The poisonous tongue that was firmly blocked in the Brandi, the poisonous tongue that didn't be got with: "It's really unknown township ... Do you have such a city in Ying Yingri ..."

More prosperous cities are "just in this world", I heard the Brandhash, who was being carried out by people, was stunned and , And emotion.

This guy……

It seems that a man with a story ...