Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 708 of Hueding Cracks

I didn't experience the stream and feelings of the stream on my face, but I was secretly paying attention to his Brandi, and I thought it was a little curious.

"As a prisoner if you still have to say these nonsense ..."

I don't think about it, but I heard that Brand Vish has sprint that the most pleasant person in his mind, the dark assassination guild is not so good to have the amount of space.

I saw that the face of Zhuhong originally became a smile of a smile, and the green eyes of the green eyes were cold, and gently showed the chop of the knife in his hand. "" I don't mind to put your tongue L. " The head is cut down ... "

Seeing the two troubles of the Zhuhong and Brandius, it is necessary to argue.

At this time, all the endless residents and tourists on the streets around Albares, but have discovered the Brandi in the moment.

After all, it is the magician of the Arbarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield, and has a stronger strength and amazing beauty of Brandi, in the Albarez Empire. It is definitely a household name.

"Fast watch! It is a Brandar!"

"Brilli adult seems to be caught ?! How is this possible ?!"

"Who is the two guys ?! actually grabbed Brandar !!"

At a time, all the people's eyes gathered to the three people in the whole bustling street.

Looking at Brand Greens that were blocked by the whole body around the body, all people on the entire street have triggered a dramatic embarrassment.

"It's trouble" "It seems that you are very popular here." Looking at the people who have been constantly crowded around, there is still an abnormal Albares, the Capital Magic soldiers here, and the face is on the face. Helpless colors.

Revoked eyes


The eyes were locked in front of the horrible and high Iron Iron Iron, I was directly launched, I was in the original place, and the two were disappeared in the original place with Brilli Dock and Zehong.

Albarez, Royal Palace.

The Richtled Room among the big temple.

A huge circular conference table, at this point, the positive end of the strong magic tidelire is sitting in the native.

It is the six magic tidiers of the Arbarez Empire Sanctuary, and each of them has this huge magic that is enough to turn the river in the sea.

"Bell ..."

"I heard that there was a wandering outside for so long ... I'm going back ... Is it true ..."

I saw a spiral brown hair, the black skin with a white head, with a big Buddha bead earrings, the upper body red} bare hands wristband with bracelet, the lower body wearing a fat pants "Desert King" Agil Ram

Playing the world is uncomfortable sitting on the chair of the conference table, watching the taste looks at the opposite side of the man sitting and polite.

"Yes, it is estimated that it will not take long, and you will return to Albarez." "

With glasses, white hair combing a whip, wearing light blue colored coats like a Sens Junxiu, a "Winter General" because of Bell, said that the word is like gold.

"The territory of Albarez Empire is wide and no margin

At this time, sitting at the closest to the host, a long hair, thick beard, kind face, wearing a black with a cloak with the Albarez Empire, hand The old man of the wand is open.

"In the past, even the time of several years ... everyone can make all the opportunities together," This kind of kinder, is the first of the Arbarez Empire, the "Magic King" master Ou Jart, all magic coming, now.

Qualifications, strength, all in the peaks of the Emperor of the Albarez Empire, Ou Just, and all the magic tidels all in the whole hall are quiet.

"Although only seven guardian twelve shields ..."

I saw the "Magic King" Ou Just's face like an ordinary kinder.

On the other hand, his eyes are not a constant older, but the eyes are sharp, which is sharp, and the endless magic mystery is not dare to violate his mold.

"But this main purpose is to meet the return of Your Majesty in the future ... is enough ..."

"Others have not rushed back, there is" "Magic King" Ou Just's words, this time the "Desert King" Agil Ram finally opened.

I saw him hanging his gentleman's legs, with a unique cruel smile, "But the first joys of the four days ... Joined our sanctuary of the twelve shields, Serena Things ... "" Who allows him to be so arrogant,.?.

Chapter 59 appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

"What Yiqiu Jalian four days ... What is the Ten major magist guide ..."

The 'Desert King' Agil Ram cruel looks, there is no one to reveal a deep dismissive for the Magic Guo, Ihjahar Mainland.

"It's really laughing ... The newcomer should not think that he has a title from the family of the Iraqal mainland ... I can get what we are in front of us ..."

"Do not……"

"The gods of the gods, the guy of Serena, is hosting eight knots of the dragonfly crystal ... At the same time, it has mastered eight kinds of dragons ... The strength is absolutely not under us ..."

Unlike the arrival of the 'Desert King' Agil Ram.

I saw a calm and calm 'winter general' because Bell was swaying silently, and the calm eyes under the eyes were ambitious. "If you look at him ... Loss, you will only be yourself ... Ram ... "

"I will not be in the name of God, Serena."

It has been quietly looking at the front of the eye 'magic king' O'Just, 'winter general's dialogue in Bell and' Desert King 'Agil Ram.

At this time, I saw a round table seat next to the meeting, and I had the name of the "goddess of the battlefield", "I only care about my Little Brown ..."

"The words said that this assembly is clearly the seven people of our sacred twelve shields ..."

The golden breath is uneven, the strong bust is dressed in sexy, the right arm is with a gold arm, the coat is on the waist, Albarez Emperor

The national badge is engraved on the outside of her left leg.

I usually like the beautiful girl, sexy tend to shake S. Tymalia Jesta, the good face, the mouth, the mouth, the smile, "Why is my Little Brown, there is no What is it ... "

"Brandash's greedy girl ..."

A elegant sound is doped in the high cooling.

I saw the ' '

"Wait a little later ... should come soon ..."

Wearing a black magist guy, hand, white with black spotted antlers.

The crimson hair, as well as the absolute face of the Airewa, there is four braids, the body slim is exposed, and there is a scar on the left side of the copy.

It is the strongest woman in Albarez Empire Sanctuary - Irene Belselli, known as ''.

However, just at this time.

The air of the whole hall seems to be one of them.