Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 709 of Hueding Crack System

I saw that the 'magic king' OEASTT originally closed and quiet, I suddenly opened my own fierce eyes. "It is the magic of Brandash ... It seems that she has arrived ..."

Flip-flops ...

Sure enough, 'Magic King' OEAST has just fallen.

Among the palace conferences behind the people, she suddenly sounded a string of open footsteps.

"Small Brown ..."

Looking at the shadow of the temple in front of the temple, it gradually came out of the picture of Brandish.

Timaria Jasta originally calm faces, I am happy, "You finally arrived ... I have let everyone wait for you for so long ..."

But very fast, next second, her face is suddenly changed.

A pair of black eyes suddenly condensed the fierce fierce, Timaria Jesta became the war of knights in the battlefield.

"who are you?!"

As Timaria Yesa worsen questions.

In the eyes of some people who were in the scene, I saw that the Brandim shouted on the front of the temple was entangled around the rough magic chain.

In the shadow behind the Brand, it gradually came out of a mysterious youth they had never seen.

A black gorgeous coat, silver white noble and shining long hair, handsome perfect elegant face, the whole person is like a night, there is a suffocating beauty.

"1, 2, 3, 4 ..."

In the eyes of all people who are vigilant, I saw that I was so satisfied, I have been in front of the Albarez Empire, and "count the Miss Brandash, who was captured. Seven sanctuary 12 shield magic tidelines ... "

captive? !

I heard the words of the strange mysterious youth magic tunks in front of the eyes, and all the Albarez Guaranteed 12 Shield Magic Magnilles were shrinking ...

Their Albarez Empire Sanzi Twelve Shield's 'rule of the country' Brandish is actually caught by people? !

Is this the world crazy? ! Still all of them dreaming? !

"I met for the first time, my name is flash."

In the face of six Albarez Empire, the Empire Guas, who has destroyed the earth.

At the moment, it seems like a new group of new friends in a friend's birthday party, kindly smiled and greeted with them.

"It is the new holy Ten major magist guide of Ishijah Continent."

"Iraqi Jal's St. Ten?" 'Desert King' Agil Ramyi.

This is not what he just dismissed. I didn't think I just finished it.

In front of this, this little face, who claims to be Jahdo, who is called the top ten magistan, captives one of the Emparty of the Albarez Empire, 'Blades' Blanish, inexplicable appearance. His face.

"Small Blanish ?!"

I saw the Queen Timaria Jesta simply couldn't understand the Brandim of the magic chain seal in front of him. "What happened?! How can you be ignored? Can the magic ?! "

The character has just strong "the goddess of the battlefield", Timaria Jesta, I don't understand how I have the weakness of the destruction of the country, how can I be hit by her eyes? Grab. (New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 60 Amazing Power (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I met this guy on Galorku Island." ... he killed the soldiers of all Albarez Empire ... "also has Ma Lin ..."

Looking at the "War" Ti Maria Jasta Incorpting Question, Brandish is helpless, "I was defeated by him ... and then captured by him." ... "

From when I started to make such a powerful magician ... until I heard the Brandi Picture of Brandi, I was in the fact that I was defeated by the captive. At this time, all Albare The Empire Guaranteed Twelve Shield Magic Magnilles is all sharply.

"Your emperor ... Sprienow" did not pay attention to everyone in front of the eyes and eyes, the eyes of the blue blood, but wear the royal palace in front of the whole Albarez capital in front of the quiet hole.

Jian Yu gently 9, the moment, I found that I didn't expect myself to see the most powerful black devil guoshi Jerff in the history of the magic history, and the look became somewhat lost. "He is not in Albarez" "I think You still worry about yourself.

Looking at the moment of

At this time, I've of shaking the Queen Ti Maria Jasta, but the hint of icy ridicule has been revealed.

Time beam!!

The most terrible thing happened.

No one saw how Timaria Jesta shot.

But a united to the ultimate magic light, instantly wear the body of the moment, accurately penetrating the heart of the moment, forming a must kill the effect "What is going on ... This feeling" is wide. The blue blood red double, the moment seems to look at the wound that is blind in the moment.

"Can you see?

Looking at the appearance of an unusually mistaken look in front of the eyes, shaking S Queen Timaria Yesh, "Because I also master the moment, the moment, the magic and receiving magic, just at the moment I attack you. Time is being stationed ... so you can't see my attack. ...

Even ...

It is said that it is said that the future ability is not good. "Side, while Ti Mary Jeda is inheriting, L So Mane added.

"Master the magic of time?" I heard the explanation of Timaria Jesta in front of him. He looked at the wounds whispered in his body. "" It is the strongest Ten Albarez Empire. Two people ... this power is really terrible ... "

"Looking at our Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield ..." The use of time still-stop magic, penetrating the heart in an instant.

Timaria Jeda is like a victory goddess returned, and his face is gradually went to the brownbird that is blocked in front of him. "I really don't know if you are stupid or arrogant. ... Little Brown ...

Come here ... "Hey!!!

Just at this time.

Timaria Yesa suddenly incredible with his eyes, suddenly stopped his footsteps.

The bright red blood is like a fountain. It is generally sputtered in the air. In the surprised eyes around everyone, a huge wound does not know when it has appeared in the "war" Timaria Jesta.

"How can it be?!"

The body is inexplicably hitting, and a lot of lost blood makes Timaria Jesta's body feel weak.

I saw that Tymalia Jesta became a bit of pale, unbelievable staring at the moment, "What did you do ?!",

"Forgot to tell you two things ..." Including Brandipis around him, the moment in front of the seven Albarez Empire Santed Twelve Shield Magist Faces are all income.

I saw that there were countless mysterious pupils in the blush of the blue blood, and the smile in the moment of the mouth became the invitation of hell in everyone's eyes.

"The first thing ... I have a ability to know all the best ... I can not only see all the future ... and can also change all future ..." "Just when you attack my moments, I stood in the future. You ... "Said, while the flash fingers finger the huge wound in front of the front of Mary Yesta.

There is no mistake, knowing all the best.