Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 710 of Hueding Crack System

After the moment, after the death of the dead world, finally absorbed the power of the spirit through the strength of the jade, derived a more powerful all-around all of the friends.

And I saw the future and changing the future, but it is only a part of the power of the whole thing.

Change the future?!

The unclear voice echoed in this empty Albarez Palace. 793 instantly allowed the Santed Twelve Shield Magic Magnilles in Albarez Empire on the scene to have colors.

"Damn ..."

The huge wounds who have been hit by themselves in the moment.

"It was actually a magic of this kind of victims in the world.

Timaria Yesta found countless victory on the battlefield, which has made himself a little smhettically smaller than other opponents other than the Arbarez Empire.

"The second thing" is in the flash, while the eyes are shocked at everyone.

I saw his body on the body. When I was "war" Ti Maria Justha, the wounded wounded wounds had already disappeared, and even the gap on the clothes was completely restored to the primary.

"Like the heart of the heart ... for my body ... I can't be strong than the mosquito bites ..."

"Brandshoo guy ..."

I looked at the moment in front of my life. I can't help but send a depressed rumor in the heart of all people in the scene. "I brought one of the monsters to come back ..."

Chapter 61 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Albarez Empire, Palace.

Among the modern conferences, at this moment, all the Albarez Empire Guarana, the eyes of the two eyes are staring at the top ten major magic guides who are self-proclaimed Yingri, who are dead. .

"The evil" "I want to slaughter this guy" I saw the most central, and I was instantly changed to change the future "War" Ti Maria Yesa.

Like a hurt sex} I am-like wild beast, black double , the magic of the body is like the sea, "" Receive, God's Soul "limited to" war " Timaria Jesta is to show his strongest reception magic to receive the soul of Kulonos, to kill the eye AJ's moment.

However, at this time, an ancient magic rod suddenly stopped in front of her.

It is the first magical king of the 12th Shield of the Albarez Empire, "Ou Just, and the most trusted staff of the Albarz Emperor's Emperor IT. Winter General" Bell.

"Ti i-Lia" only see the whole body magic, like the abyss, the "magic king" Ou Just, and the face of the calm vicissitudes is like a unborn old man, "Don't impulsive ... this young man is not so good to deal with it. "" "" "Since there is a change in the future! Avoid the magic ..."

And the other side. The winter general "Due to Bell, the eyes under the glasses depose the wise brothers." So you ask the magic for us, it is important ... so ... "" he Give us it ... "

"Don't make good time to claim because Bell ..."

It is just that the Winter General "was just falling down because of the quiet words of Bell.

I saw it very good to fight next to it. I have been very good, and the "desert king" of cruelty. Agil Ram has already been couldn't help.

"Give it to me !!"

When the sound of this sentence sounds.

The "Desert King" Agil Ram's entire person has instantly in front of the two people in the moment and Brandi.

Sand ax!!

I saw "Desert King" Agil Ram casually reached out

Suddenly, there was a sharp sand ax, and I went to my head in front of my head.

As the Albarez Empire, the San Difting of the San Down of the Sandfield, and the "Desert King", the "Desert King", the "Desert King", the "Desert King" Agil Ram is far more than a common magicile.

"This idiots" saw the "Desert King" Agil Ram, which was a good battle, was rushing up, and hitting it.

At this time, he said next to the red long hair with four whips wearing a magician hat. Irene Belselli, Suddenly helpless.


Sure enough, a crisp sound sounded.

I saw "Desert King" in the hands of Agil Ram

The hand ax in the sand is going to be in front of the moment. It was instantly, it was buckled with his wrist in a flash, and a tap of a violent violent giant, and his root did not enter the "Desert King" Agil Ram's belly.

"Vomiting ..." Such zero distance was cast in the moment.

"Desert King" Agil Ram only felt that his five internal organs were twisted into a piece, and a blood directly unable to contain vomiting.

"Yes ... I have forgot to tell you" Looking at the "Desert King" Agil Ram in front of the eyes rush, covering his belly, the blood is weak, and the fell is in front of himself, the moment is indifferent Quietly open, "When playing with body skills ..."

"Your Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield Everyone is not enough for me ..." Overlord domineering, overweight !!!

On the other side, I broke out a substantive horror gas field directly on the side.

When the people in the hall, all the ground suddenly smashed, the horror majestic momentum was directly condensed into a venous and thunder lightning.

One time, not only all soldiers in the Albarez Palace, even the residents and tourists in the city of Albarez capitals, and all were shocked by the horrible gas fields, and they were fainted. On the ground.

"What is this magic ?!"

Looking at the air in front of the eyes around the endless Thunder lightning and the wind.

Under the deterrence of the substantive terrorist gas field burst in front of the moment, hence the double kneeshed had a soft impulse, "Desert King" Agil Ram has a greatned his eyes.

"Ram, the stupid material" see "Desert King" Agil Ram Trade, rushing, and suddenly, it was put on the ground.

11 Reflected "Irene Belselli slogan lowered the hat of his magician hat, as he couldn't see this guy who lost their Albarez Empire.

"No ... this is not a magic ..."

"I didn't feel any magical fluctuations from him."

Tongxiao's "Magic King" Ou Jaster in the past is a look at the Ni Dynasty (Qian Zhao), the eyes of the vicissitudes, the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes, the spirit of the magic, the abyss, generally mysterious.

"This is purely from the momentum of him ... Improving the change of the sky" this guy ...

What is the monster?

Feeling the horrible strikes of the hustle and shock, all of the Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield Magic Magnie has gradually downgly.

"No matter who you are."

At this time, I saw the amazing magic of "Desert King" Agil Ram in front of the moment in the moment of shocking in the bangs.

"Sand by my death