Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 711 of Hueding Crack System

Well swallowing !! "

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Chapter 62 handlers (seeking rewards and automatic)

Sand of sand!!

At that time, there is a lot of gravel when the air in the moment and the two people in Bragus are suddenly flowing.

I saw the "Desert King" Agil Ram whole people suddenly violently violently in front of the moment, and the body was swept away from the endless gravel.

"go to hell!!",

The voice is falling, and only the "Desert King" Agil Ram has all the rotating gravel whenever it takes, and the sword of the sanding of countless sharpness is incomparable.

It seems like a million arrows, and the intensive offensive directly covers the entire area where the moment and Blandshire are located.

"Feeding! Do you want me to kill me! Ram !!"

Looking at the sword of the sand coming in front of you, it is obviously to take yourself in, and the Blanter wow wowbles.

"Sorry, Brandi! Have you sacrifice you !!"

I heard the voice of Brandar, "Desert King" Agil Ram seems to be more excited, the magic of the body is crazy.

Ant hell!!

Between speaking, the two of the flash and Bran Green suddenly felt a lot of feet.

I saw the outbreak of the "Desert King" Agil Ram Magic, all the grounds of the whole meeting in the hall, all of which were placed as a sand.

A giant sand vortex, Herne appeared at the foot of the two people and Brandhet, and constantly motion to swallow the middle, it seems that they have been dragging and drop to the abyss of hell.

At a time, there was a sword of the sand, the sword of the sand, and there was a swallowed halo, and the two of the Brahlihe was firmly siegered in the dead.

Round looks · Partial must be able to!!!

At the moment, I have to be smashed by the "Desert King" Agil Ram burst into ILB. At this time, the air suddenly sounded a series of critical roots.

In everyone's awkward eyes, only the huge barrier of a black burning magic flame in front of the two people in Braglash.

Looking at it carefully, it is actually behind the moment, it extends a huge and unparalleled hand, and it is easy to block all the attacks of "Desert King" Agil Ram in front of everyone.

"What is this magic ?!"

All Albarez Empire Guaranteed Twelve Shield Magics were all horrified, and they watched the huge black devil's hand in front of the sky.

Especially the "Magic King" O'Justic "Magic King" in the past is now, he found that he did not see the magic of the moment.


It is between everyone.

I saw the huge black devil's hand that extends behind the moment, suddenly shot and the squid hell under the feet of Brandi, as if the entire Albarez's palace was shocked.

Suddenly, the two people are easy to lift from the foot.

The next squat is separated from prison.

not good!!

I saw it in front of the moment from the "Desert King" Agil Ram's Sand Hell Hell Hell, and the strength of the "Magic King" Ou Jarton, the eyes of vicissitudes, the eyes of the vicissions.


It seems that a comet attacked the Albarez Palace where everyone is located.

The 911 fierce roared, only the huge black devil's hand that extends behind the moment, in an instant, a punch to the "Desert King" Agil Ram. "Ok?!"

However, at this time, the moment of hitting the huge black devil's hand in the air, but issued some surprising sounds.

protecting mask!!

At the moment, the air between the two people between the "Desert King" Agil Ram has a wonderful corrugation and ripple.

I saw the "Desert King" Agil Ram, "Magic King" O'Just, I don't know when I have released a huge magic protective cover, and it is firmly blocked for him. Can destroy boxing.

"Thank you……"

"Ou Just" looked at the huge black devil's hand in front of him, and he couldn't help but hanged from the forehead of "Desert King" Agil Ram. He is about to be Part of the release of the release of the moment is to kill a punch to the residue.

"Magic King" Ou Just ... "

Concentrated his huge magic protective cover in front of him, and the eyes of the moment fell in the "magic king" O'Just, and the blue blood red eyes were turned.

"I heard that you are in the past, all magic ... and master the magic types seem to be above the Jerff ... I don't know if it is really" "young people ..."

The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes are staring at the moment, "Magic King" Ou Just is open, "" I can clearly feel that you have no huge magic "" "," but I have to face us six. Albarez sanctuary 12 shield ... "

It seems like a kind old man who is teaching with a last move, "Magic King" Ou Justic vicissitudes of the eyes even reveals the eyes of a good job.

"In addition to Sprie, there is no one outside of Black Dragon ... no one can do this ..."

"Is it……"

Obviously, I didn't understand the "Magic King" Ou Just's "Good Weight". The face behind the black huge demon god broke a smile, "didn't have ... but now there is ..."

"Less self, you will,"

" !"

Just in the moment and "Magic King" European Talk.

I saw the bottom of the huge black devil's hand, "Desert King" Agil Ram's magic has been formed in an instant.

Sand's giant !!

A huge magic protective cover, a huge sand monster suddenly grounded.

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Chapter 63 Death God and Devil (ask for reward and automatic)

The horrible face, a huge body. I saw this giant monster made by the "Desert King" Agil Ram used the sand, and suddenly broke the palace conference hall where everyone was located and dropped countless gravel and rubble.

"Hey!" "

"Ram! You will destroy the whole meeting in the sky !!"