Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 712 of Hueding Crack System

I saw countless fallen gravel and rubble on the top ceiling, and there was a little unfortunately said that the "war" Ti Maria Jestton, who had a huge wound.

Senlo Yijian!!!

Just "war" Ti Maria Jesta's words just finished.

Suddenly all people shocked, they were shocked, and I saw a sudden bloom in front of the air, and I saw the destruction of Senluo. It seems to take directly to the soul of all of them.

"How ... is it possible," When everyone returns to God.

I saw the monster of the front of the eyes, and it was already in a twice, and the huge body was researched as the sand, scattered on the ground under the foot of everyone.

"Desert King" Agil Ram has some dull down, watching the body that he has been splitting, and also turned into a place where the sand is scattered.

"The palace ... was cleared ..."

Cold and indifferent sounds.

Looking at the huge vulnerable gully that appeared in his feet, the Albarez Palace, which was blinded in front of the whole sword, was opened.

I saw that I have been silent in the "coloring desperate" Irene Belselli lightly raised their wide magist guilly hat, and the cold pretty face is finally serious.

"Can you use magic to put your body as a sand ...

The look is indifferent to the "Desert King" Agil Ram, who is in front of him, Senli, is a "Desert King" Agil Ram, and I can't help but must it. "This is very similar to the natural sisham fruit. "At this time, I only see the huge black devil's hand from behind, and suddenly condensed a long magic too much.

In a moment, I broke the "Magic King" O'Just's magic protective cover, and opened the entire Albarez's palace, and "Desert King" Agil Ram and his Sand's troops.

"Let's go!"

"This guy is really hard to deal with!"

"Magic King" Oujia's air, countless gravel flicker, I saw "Desert King" Agil Ram re-condensed his own body.

There is no more arrogant and superiority between the look, it is a heavy and vigilant, if it is not a unique sand magic, in a moment, he has died in the moment of Senlo, a sword Below.

"Hey Hey……"

"Let's go together ... Death death ..." I heard the "Desert King" Agil Ram gnight.

The air suddenly sounded a dull and wonderful laughter.

At the moment, Zhan Blue is light, and I saw the "Death" Bradman, which has been attached to the "dead" Bradman, and finally took the hat on the black cloak.

"I have been bored too long ... Let me bring the death to this land ..."

Wearing a black cloak, a skeleton mask, the body is dark, with a white scorpion road, a black loose trousers with white cyclic pattern.

The magic of the body brings to the moment, and all the other Albarez Empire sanctuary is not the same.

Because "Death" Bradman's true identity is the strongest devil outside the Genjaf, the curse is the mantra, and has a curse above the door of the meditation.

"It seems that the battle of Bradman is somewhat out of control," I saw "Death" Bradman took his black cloak hat, "war" Ti Maria · Jesta has a disgust to smash his little L mouth.

Because "Death" Bradman and all the Albarez Empire sanctuary is different, it is true identity is the Demon of the Book of Book of Humans.

For such a guy who is not ambiguous, it is not a colleague, if it is not a colleague, these Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield Magic will not be able to get along with such guys.

"As a human magma ... You actually follow the evil spirits in a piece ... really fun" Deep eyes look at the eyes before the black cloak hat, showing horror faces "Death J Bradman, the moment It has raised your own i); angle.


Suddenly, it seems to be aware of a hint of the air, and the moment of light is light and the eyebrows.

"I found it ... I am a terrible insight ...

I saw the moment before I saw the strange, "Death, Brad Mantton, Liang Liang whispered," First Immit · Magic Massage 2 "...

"Now in the air ... all are the magic masks of my sputum ..." In the invisible, "Death J. Bradman, Husen, the horror, there will be a conference. The smile of a nightmare, "If the magician is inhaled inhale ..., it will not only use the magic ... and there will be life dangerous" to bent!!!

Just "Death" Bradman's words have not been finished, it will open his bloody eyes.

I saw that the whole person, I had already had a huge cavity, I have already bloomed in his body.

"That thing is simple, but" uses the moment of the moment of flashing, "Bradman," Death ", Bradman, and the right hand bombarded

Some residues down slowly.

"That is to say ... as long as I have done you away within a breath ... it's okay."

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 64 Winter General (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Space Magic" Seeing the use of the moment to use the transient flashing, I bombed the "Death" Bradman's body.

Next to the "war" Ti Maria Jasta is a small double eye, the heart is secretly improving, so that the ghosts have been encountered.

Even if they are the genius of the Magic Magic in the Empire of the Albarez Empire, the "assassin" of the most good at the space magic is not likely to be more than the magist of the Imoud Yingr. Do more excellent.

"Do you do it in a breath ... Liang Liang Liang Liang" However, at this moment, the back to the back of the back, the body was suddenly bombing "Bradman, but suddenly laughing I got up, "Forgot to tell you a thing eight or seven"

"My body ... all made by the magic barrier particles ..."

As I said, I saw "Death" Bradman was instantly hit the bombing body, and she gradually restored to the original state, "" So all physical attacks ... I am invalid for me "" And your hands ... I have already got my magic mobilization. "After you completely restore your body, I saw" Death "Bradman's body suddenly began to zoom.

I only saw it broke the black cloak on my body. I turned in my own demons in an instant. It turned into a huge ghost of black burning. "Open! The second mark, the corpse !!"

After revealing his own evil body, with the "Death" Bradman's curse broke out, I saw the conference in the foot of the people, and suddenly turned into a horrible bones of the ocean.

"this is?!",

Looking down at your feet, I'm an out of the ocean. At this moment, I will not be clear at this moment, it is a real-fashioned, or the fantasy of "Death" Bradman's huge curse.

"Let's go to the land of Huangquan !!" "" "" "

Use a huge curse to make a siege of a skeptive place to live in an instant.

In the exciteful madness of bloodthirsty, I saw the "Death" Bradman's "Death", the huge curse of the hell, broke out again.

"Third Ink · Hell Trial !!"

In the eyes of everyone's gaze, I saw the W1 ocean of the lasclam at the feet, and suddenly gathered in an instant to form a huge bones of the ancient bones.

At this moment, the palm of "Death" Bradman's body magic mask is suddenly a fatal attraction.

The huge sombody around all condensation is like a madness, and the body of the moment is crazy.

"This is the devil's use ... Mantra ..."