The blue blood red double-shakow is worthy of countless crazy huge UP spirit, feeling the power of the magic, and the elegance of the moment is gently picking the swords of the sideline.

Ice ring!!!

I saw that I was still moving in the same place, but I suddenly blamed a burst of ice.

Color rays. The speed of light is condensed into a huge incomplete ice ring in the air, and the center is suddenly spreading all directions in the field.

Beyond the absolute zero-degree of dead frost is like the plague is generally spread, and the entire meeting of the entire meeting in the sky is frozen into a white world.

There are countless "Death" Bradman using the magic mobilized particles to condense, all of them, all in the air, smashing, and turns a floating crocink.

"this is?!""

Looking at the huge ice ring in front of himself.

"Winter General" is suddenly shrinkage of Bell pupil, as the strongest ice of ice in the world, he felt an unprecedented fatal palpitations from the horror frozen of the world.

Winter shield !!

The same ultimate a hydrogen in the air broke out.

I saw the "Winter General" because of Bell instantly, using his own powerful ice, the god of the gods, and the moment of constructing a huge incomparable ice shield in front of himself "will" Desert King "Agil Ram and" The war "Timaria Yesa, all of them, firmly blocked behind.

In addition, "Death" Bradman uses the huge spell summoned dragonfly UL ocean, and the entire Albarez Palace Conference Hall, all of them were blindly frozen into eternal ice sculptures.

"Good Ice Magic ..."

White death is in the past.

The two eyes of the vicissitudes look at the conference hall that is completely turned into a lifelike white ice sculpture world.

I looked at the transparent ice sculpture of the cyanine, "Magic King" Ou Jaster gently spoiled a cold from his mouth, and the eyes of wisdom flashed a strange mystery.

"It seems that Ido Yingr has also had a missing magician." "People should be surprised are me" seeing under his own ice ring, there is such a whole hall Most of the magic guys survive.

At the moment, some strange eyes penetrated the huge cold shield in front of him, and fell on the opposite "Winter General" because of Bell's body. "Is this an ice mission to the magic or ice? It is also very uncommon to come to your magic. "

"I am an ice mission guide ..." I stretched my hand gently push my own glasses on my nose. "Winter General" Due to the death of Bell's quiet gaze, "I didn't expect Yifu The magist of the magic is ... _ actually can use such a powerful ice magic "carefully look at the shields formed by countless layers in front of countless layers, and have been broken," Winter General "due to Bell Suddenly the heart is dark.

Magic attachment, air!!

Just in the moment and "Winter General", the gap between the two people in Bell.

The air around the two people around Brandim suddenly became hot, I saw a huge embarrassing fireball actually appeared in the moment.


The world, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 65 destroys the city (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Don't say anything ..." It's so stealing ... "The god of the left eye clearly has foreseen such a scene.

In the face of the huge explosive fireball that suddenly appears in front of your eyes.

The extravagant eyes of the moment directly gave a long-term color of the "Triad Desperate" Irene Belselli, and the heart was secretly tested to her and the heart in the heart. The relationship between the two.

"It's too unlike words ... Red-haired beauty ...

... Some frozen sounds sounded, as if the whole space in front of him was freeze.

I saw that I was blown out while I was blown out. When Ien, Irene Belselli formed a fatal burning huge explosive fireball formed in the air, and it was frozen into a froble ice crystal. I suddenly broke into a shining ice. Red crumbs.

"there is nothing……"

"It's just that their movements are too slow ... I am going to shoot ..."

When I saw the moment in front of my eyes, I broke out my high-level additional magic, and the huge explosive fireball formed by adding magic to the air.

' ' , as the strongest female magic tidister in the Empire of the Albarez Empire, she is fighting It will not be moved because of anything.

The reason why she will be and "Magic King" Ou Jaster and become "Albarez's double wall", becoming the strongest woman in the Empress of Albarez Empire, except her huge Magic.

Her powerful high-level attached magic can be casually attachable to any sense of the world, such as her high-level additional magic can add substances to human beings, turn a person into a stone.

You can also give a sword to add life and personality, such as the Hayne captain of Albarez Empire Irene, is a black and white sword by her additional personality.

From a point of view, Irene Belselli's high-level additional magic is simply equivalent to God, and you can change everything in the world. "At the same time, five Albarez sanctuary 12 shield

Feeling that Irene Belselli is able to show the high-level attached magic of the exhibition, and the "magic king" O'Justic, which is deep, and the expression on the face is not really serious. stand up.

"It's really a lot of pressure.

The world's five swords, ghosts!!

Just in the moment, Inerene Belsello high-level attached magic.

Next to the moment, a dark shadow is rapidly smashed, and it is the most powerful devil "of the whole body" Death "Bujman.

I saw that "Death" Blademan is played with a flash of email, and five giant trees from Huangquan from Human House are suddenly bombarded in the air.

Melting the light!!

See the battle in front of you.

The ancient magic rod in the "Magic King" Ou Just is suddenly a refers to the iceland in front of you.

Suddenly, a giant magic light column was created on the frozen ground under the foot of the whole earth, spreading the madness in front of the whole earth, and the area of ​​diffusion is incredibly incredible.

Death !!

In the hands of the moment, I lossed a loss of "Desert King" Agil Ram and didn't want to show weakness.

In the air, there was an endless gravel in the air. I saw the "Desert King" Agil Ram's huge magic in the moment. I used a sand tsunami in an instant, and I went to the moment.

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

At the same time, it was hit by the three horrible magic fans.

I can't help but feel the huge pressure of the pounds. The reincarnation of God's turn is blushing between the light and the light, and there is directly opened a dark space cave.

In the exclamation of Brandi, I saw it directly pulled her into the space cave. The two disappeared.

Submarine space.

Brandshire opened his own eyes, and he looked at the world in front of him to switch into an endless desert world.

Magic, light column, sand tsunami, Albarez Empire Guaranteed 12 Shield Magic, just all everything is just a dream.