Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 714 of Hueding Cracking System

"Zhuhong, you stay here to look at her."

Just throw Brand on the ground, the blue blood of the flash of blue blood has been waiting here, the beauty of the beautiful swordsman.

"At the moment, do you want someone to face so many magicilers?"

I saw a person who was going to go out and faced so many Albarez Empire Guaranteed Twelve Shield Magic, and Zhuhong God did not help.

"Don't worry, unless I don't want to win, otherwise no one in the world can lose."

I saw that I was worried, and I was comforted by her. I immediately opened a dark empty 837 cave in front of the eyes. The whole crossed.

Albarez Empire, Palace.

"Did you get rid of him?"

Looking at it, it is completely completely destroyed into a ruined palace, "Desert King" Agil Ram's mouth revealed a cruel smile.

"Shouldn't be so simple, this guy is not as good as you think."

Feeling that the air seems to have completely lost the induction of the magic of the moment. At this time, "the desperate" Irene Belsello is not relaxed.

At the same time as Irene Belselli speech

There were only people in the scene, I only felt that my light suddenly suddenly, and the air had a inexplicable vibration. It seems that the sun in the sky suddenly covered.

"No ... is not ..."

Looking up, I have already appeared in the sky, and the phenological big things behind him, "Desert King" Agil Ram's face

Suddenly stiff completely.

"This guy ... He wants to destroy the whole Albarez ..." (I wish my birthday, but still bitter code)

Chapter 66 of the Crown Day (seeking rewards and automatic)

Albarez Empire, capital.

At this moment, the sky is exactly the sky is suddenly dark.

Not only the six Albarez Empire in the ruins of the palace.

This is even from the entire capital town, all the people who are still awake, the residents, soldiers, and the magic tidiers, all like dementia, usually look up in the sky.

"This is ..." "Doomsday ..." Looking at the entire Albarez Empire Capital City Sky, as if the scene of the last day, all people have forgotten how to breathe, "" Do you all Do you have to die? "

I saw the sky in the sky, countless white clouds were discharged from the air waves.

A huge boundless Taikoo meteorite burns a hot flame in the atmosphere.

After burnt red, the last day, the last day, it appeared in the sky, as if he was in a invisible big hand, and it was unlicensed, and the city's direction of the Albarez Empire, the city is shocked.

Semi-earthquake star!!!


"I can't think of this world ... can summon such a big meteorite?" Seeing that I have a huge, I have a huge, I'm fooled in the sky, and my hands are in front of your Moon.

Deep evil eyes look at the six Albarez Empire in the foot of the palace ruins, the twelve Magic guides, the tone of play, and the smile on the face.

And his ending scene, which is shocking after the burning meteorite, forming a picture of a herbody conflict but a beautifully beautiful.

"I am very curious ... how will you face such a big meteorite?" "The damn" "this guy ~~ ...

Looking up at the moment of floating in the sky, and behind him behind the big meteorite, "Desert King" Agil Ram died and cleared his fist.

"This area ... he wants to completely destroy the entire Albarez capital

"It's too late to" "Winter General" because Bell forced himself calmly, and immediately pushed the glasses on his nose.

The eyes were deadly stared at the top of the sky, and the violent atmospheric pressure attacked someone in the scene, "This volume of light is the shock of the shock, will put our people in" "" "" Time magic and receiving magic is not good at dealing with this huge physical impact ... "

I saw "the war" Ti Maria Jesta took her hand to stop the wounds that he had stopped bleeding, the dark eyes were dead, staring at the moment above the front of the sky.

"Unfortunately Jackbu, the guy is not ... I,

In the face of the stunning meteorite that constantly fall in front of the sky, the long-haired beauty magic talents Irene Belselli also has a helpless, "Otherwise, his space has assassinated the magic, just take us to leave _ ..."

Having said, but Irene Belselli has held the magic sticks in his hands. If you really have a good moment, she will immediately show the strongest world recovery magic.

"Let me come," Just in Irene Belselli wants to show the world recast magic to change the topographic sector of the Albarez Empire capital, and re-chaos the position of everyone.

An old magic rod suddenly stopped in front of them, I saw "Magic King" Ou Just gradually came to the front of their four magistrs, and the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes flicker.

"Ou Just ... Do you want to" see "Magic King" Ou Jaster plans to shoot, suddenly there is a look in the field.

Dark attorney!!

I haven't finished it.

Suddenly a shares are the strongest magic of the world, and they have exploded from the "Magic King" OEST.

I saw that "Magic King" OEP's skin gradually became black, and the white ripple appeared in front of the face, and the white long hair was erected, and a very strong deterrent suddenly shrouded the whole end of the battlefield.

"This kind of magic" "no wonder the" magic king ""

Looking at the "magic king" Ou Just, the whole body, the "magic king" Ou Just, the whole body broke out, and the eyes of the moment can not help but begin.

Ablation light column!!

A piece of mystery in the air.

I saw the "Magic King" Oach Art, and the ancient magic stick in the hands of the old man is gently.

Seeing the pounds of the sky falling in the sky have bombard all the tall buildings in the city of Albarez Empire.

At this time, "Magic King" Ou Justi's earth, but suddenly white rays, at first, a white thin light column, but quickly enlarged into a Tongyu light column between blinks.

"What is this magic?"

Looking at the momentous light column of the huge Taigu meteorite at your feet.

At the moment, I almost hit the moment of the moment of the moment, it easily avoided the "magic king" OEP released huge light column

But everything that was seen by this white huge light column, all of them became a virtual, and it couldn't help but raise the Jianji.

Bang !!! The roar of the shocking