Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 715 of Hueding Crack System

It seems that the last day of natural disasters are still falling.

Albarez's solemn capital city seems to be like a fragile egg shell, a huge meteorite bombards in this super magic military empire, L 'fortress.

Huge oscillating and impact Directly I all the entire Albarez Empire capital city, almost all buildings were crushed out, and they left the last day from the top of the city. Today is destined to be the victory of the Albales Empire

Since the strongest black devil guoshi Jerff Doragnier in the history of magic history, it has become the emperor of this country.

Albarez from a only few public

The country has been annexing all the territories around them, and has developed into a super magic military empire that has 730 public meeting.

Chapter 67 God's Soul (ask for reward and automatic)

The Albarez Empire that is invincible is invincible today, finally ushered in devastating destruction.

"Is this a sacred?!",

Almost all the entire Albares Empire in the eyes of the whole Albarez Empire is destroyed from the huge meteorite.

The strong airflow and smoke in the crazy spread, lying down on the body of the Albarez Empire, which is full of pain and mourning everywhere.

Soon, all the pain and mourning are all gradually calm, and it is full of sore, a huge tall, too ancient meteorite, has been the most central in this city.

All all things around all are all crushed into residue, and the capital of Albarez is almost completely smoothed.

"After all, it is full of various magical worlds.

From the perspective of the sky, I looked at the capital of the Albarez Empire of the Pacific.

Between the feelings, the whole person gradually fell from the sky, and the deep evil eyes continued to sweeping the ridiculous land around. 850 "The pure huge physical attacks of the earthquistence ... I really have too many ways to process ..."

If it is in the past two secondary world, facing the earthquistence of the moment of the moment, it is generally possible to pay attention to the means to talk.

But in this everywhere, there are various magical magic worlds, Xingli magic, space magic, and even '11 to despair "Irene Belselli's high attachment magic

In short, there are too many magic and means, which can completely avoid the huge physical impact of the call of the moment.

"Cough cough _ ..."

A dramatic cough sounded.

Sure enough, in the close eyes of the moment, I saw the middle of the big meteorite in front of me, "the general" due to the six Albarez Empire, the twelve shields, the magical talents, came out.


"I turned" the capital of the entire empire became this ... "

After coming out, as the grandchildren of the Albarez Empire, "Desert King" Agil Ram saw the entire Albarez Empire, was completely smashed to flat, suddenly angry, holding his hands. Fist.

"Your Majesty is coming back", "Especially the most trusted Empire", the most trusted Empire of Jelf, because of Bell, seeing the moment of the entire Albarez Empire directly.

The face expression that is originally quiet will not be able to keep itself at this moment. "Our Albarez's sanctuary actually did not guard the capital of the Empire ..."

"You can't let this guy will continue again ..."

I saw the center of the Albarez Empire, and they were suddenly destroyed into this.

The "war" Ti Maria Jesta, which has gradually recovered, and it can't help but, "Receive the soul of God"! "

I saw "War" Ti Maria Jesta

The reception magic of the soul of the gods received the soul of the gods was burst, and the physical and power of each target was used by the soul of the target.

After receiving the soul of the time of the Shenkonos, Timulia received the huge magic of the whole body, as the flame is generally crazy, the body gradually appears a white linen pattern with a white linen road, and the hair is erected upward.

In the middle, the moment can faintly feel a mysterious soul and will directly add to the "war" Ti Maria Jesta.

"So ..." Yi Xiu Yingr's magician a silk demon} burned the sound of the charm. After receiving the soul of the Shenkonos.

I saw the "War" Ti Maria Jasta gold hair at this moment, a pair of white eyes seems to have a soul of the moment, and the corner of the mouth gradually raised a devil. "Let me come to play with you - a time to explode !!

"The war" Ti Mary Jedatad sounds.

I stretched out the moment before my eyes, there was no sign of a dramatic explosion flame shock wave directly appeared around the moment.

Unlike the unusual explosion flame, "the" war "Timaria Jesta's time explosive wave of time god Kulonos time magic, whether it is power or time characteristics far beyond Ordinary magic NP inch Duoos? "The eyes captured the time of explosion from the air explosion, and the sharp eyes suddenly took slightly," this is the first time I first stayed. Feel the power of my own gods "" Binding Eighty One Off!!!

Between the speech, a invisible Tianyi barrier, instantly appeared in an instant, directly isolated from the time explosion flame shock wave from the "War" Tiemalia Jasta.

Don't look at such a thin layer of intangible barrier, the break is originally a top-level ghost, which is the increase in the chapter of the Bible Nightmare of the Eternal Night, and the defense ability has almost reached the hide. .

"But in front of the whole world to change the future" Prophet "," the preference "Times Timaria Jasta time explosive wave attack.

The eyes of the deep Xuanao played the "War" Ti Mary Jasta, the smile of the mouth, the smile of the mouth, "The power of the old, the power of the old, seems not too Take advantage of ... "

"Is it" in the face of the midst of the moment, I know this time "War" Tymalia Jesta has suddenly laughs like an epilepsy, "Then I will let you recall your past What is the pain of being affected ?! "

Time traces!!

Between the speech, I saw the "war" Timaria Jesta, which is full of white texture.

The hands of the hands were suddenly yet, broke out a mysterious power, with her own centered, like the tide, generally raging.

"What ?!" "The flash is gently 9, he did not feel the fluctuation of any strength.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 68 is a combined battle (seeking reward and automatic)

But because of this, his inner heart has produced a faint uneasiness.

"this is?!"

Suddenly, the pupil of the flash of blue is suddenly shrunk.

Because the ability of God's pre-predominant has made him see a scene in the future.

But everything is already too late, suddenly, from the depths of the soul, a variety of words that cannot be explained will suddenly spread all over the body.

The pain of being tortured by illusion, and the trauma left after the fight, even awakening the burning of the whole eyes and the blend of the gods, "suddenly the pain and trauma of the sudden moment, as if All of this moment is "the" war "Timaria Jesta's use of the Shenkinos's power to retrieve from the past long time.

All of them reached an instant that at this moment, countless all kinds of hurts were overlapped in a moment, and they did not help but snorted.

"This feeling" feels that he is going up and down from the deep feelings of the whole body, and the moment is deeply frowning.

II all the wounds have been torthe in their body, and one of the power of the Shenlonos is one of the power of the time of the time of the time. "Like a sexuality of the demon}," " "Timaria Jesta gently opened his own slender double} legs gradually walked towards the moment.

The monster's eyes are somewhat surprised to immerse in the end of the endless pain. "But in the harass pain in time, I can stick to people who can't hold it ... You are the first __" I know that all the pains that have passed by a person have been pulled back from the time of the long river. This kind of unbearable pain is almost no one can resist.