Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 716 of the Crash System

But in front of my eyes, I actually squatted, this made "war" Timaria Jesta can't help but feel a side.

"It seems that Ishi Yingrine ... cultivated a good outstanding magician ..." The war "Ti Maria Jasta muttered by the god of the incarnation time.

"It turned out that all the pains that have been in the past were all added to the opponent."

The whole body pain relieved, even the amount of smooth, but the face of the moment, but the face didn't play a inexplicable smile. "It is really unrestrained." He is laughing?!

The eyes captured the inexplicable smile in front of the moment, "the war" Timaria Jesta, she never imagined this world, there was no such thing as the moment.

"But ..."

I saw the moment between the moment, the left eye and blue gods were quietly circular.

The time and space surrounded by the body, and it is quietly dialped by his ability to use God.

All of the whole body is all disappeared in an instant, and the smile on the face has returned to the previous elegant, and the sprinkled gently stalls his hands.

"For me ... this is just a good experience" "You ?!" I saw the traumatic trauma of her time in an instant, "war" Ti Maria Jess Taton was shocked.

"Just kill such a guy", just at this time, I felt that the "Death" Bradman of the Battle of the Fighting Terrorism, but as if suddenly followed the epilepsy, the whole body evil flame is like poured oil, which is generally crazy.

In the mouth, as if devout prayers are generally muttered, it is the hell devil from the Book of Jerev.

"The great Giant Giard will make my soul sublimated" heaven and earth!

Suddenly, suddenly, there was a strange corrupt sour moment in the air.

Suddenly endless water is born, as if it is like the water of the Holle in Hell Huangquan, it is the rotten ecstasy.

In a short instant, everyone is in the entire Albarez Empire capital, directly by this endless water.

I only have all the objects that have been gradually melted. These are all endless highly toxic water, and if you have touched all things, you will be ablated.

Blademan! "

"This demon of this no brain! Almost put all all our best!"

I saw the voice of "Desert King" Agil Ram cracked.

"Death" Bradman did not say hello to release this horrible highly toxic sea, almost almost inundating all of them.

"Submerge !!",

"It is abdicated to the flag !!"

"Death" Bradman, who is demon, no matter so much, the mouth is high in the mouth, the hands of burning black flames is high.

When I suddenly put it down at the foot of the feet, I was already in the waves of the sky, almost all the whole people in the moment, all of which were the most dirty tenderly and poisable water in the world, as long as they were contaminated soon will be eroded. The endless bones will not remain.


Blademan! "

I saw "Death" Blademan released the poisonous sea sky, this time, "Winter General" is stopped by Bell.

As the world's strongest ice odd god guys, he is very clear in the moment, all the extremely cold freezes of the moment is exactly the "Death" Bradman's gratitude.

Blood color is extremely cold!!!

Sure enough, the "Winter General" was just made by the thought of Bell.

Suddenly, the time and space of the entire battlefield suddenly stagnated, and the gods of the blood have come to this world.

"What is this ice magic ?!" "

The keen feeling that the air is suddenly lowered to a common man unbearable ice point. I feel that I am so slow that my brain is turning a thinking. The "Winter General" was shocked by Bell.

Chapter 69 Combat upgrade (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw a very cold bloody soul of light flooded the entire battlefield in front of them. "Crazy and crisp freezing sounds into everyone's ear.

Even the time attending the people is also frozen by this extremely cold blood, and everyone has a slowed eyes slow.

I saw that the blood color of the blood was blocked in front of him, all of which were instantly condensed into a blood red ice crystal.

It has been turning to the hemity of the sky in front of the moment, as well as the whole heavenly earth 9 high-pointed ocean under the foot, all in an instant, a bloody world

Bloody lotus !!!

Just when everyone has not reacted.

I saw that the endless blood color ice crystal of the ladle wrapped in the brakes was broken.

On this bloody gods, the only moment of free action is free to act, and the power of the cold ice is, and the emotional "Death" Blademan is far away from the "Death" Bradman.


Just a moment of normal flow rate in the surrounding time and space.

I saw "Death" Brad Manman's body, suddenly suddenly blooms a beautiful bloody ice lotus flower.

Like the blooming flowers in the hell of the extremely cold Lotus Bing, this fascinating blood, ice lotus can instantly have all the blood in the target, and finally condense the bloody lotus of death, and completely freeze the opponent completely frozen.

"Blademan ?!" "

See "Death" Bradman's whole body.

In an instant, the bloodthirsty Cold Lotus was pulverized into the blood of the sky, and the surrounding "war" Ti Maria Jesta, several of them were shocked.

Although the heart is not very concerned with the life and death of this devil companion, they have to face the power of such a strong opponent in front of you, and there is no one if there is no one.

" ..."

"Nothing ... I said that my devil's body is made up of the magic cluster."

It's just a very fast, the bloody battlefield, and immediately began to echoing the "Death" Bradman's horrible voice.

I saw that the air is slowly fluttering the magic mask of countless naked eye, and the "Death" Blademan demonstrates the body, the white devil's eyes are dead. moment

"Even if you break my body 10,000 ... _ I can use the magic barrier to re-combined ...

"Shouting" "It's a troubled guy _" Looking at the "Death" Bradman, Bradman, was smashed by his own bloodstream, and it was able to re-combined a new body. At the moment, there was some speechless. Sideline.

To know that the bloodthirsty lotus you just played is not a normal physical attack, and the target is smashed at an atomic and cells while having all blood on the opponent.

However, it is not expected that "Death" Blademan can rely on any magic cluster of the drums in the air, which is some exceeding his expectations.