"It seems" "Your Albarez Empire Sanctuary is still stronger than I think ..."

At the same time as "Death" Blademan is reorganized, the eyes of the moment have finally changed, and it has become incapable and more people, "So ... I can only be a little more serious ..."

"Otherwise, let you make ignorance as a kind of cognition ..."

"Less letter to open the river !!"

Acting a "Desert King" Agil Ram, which is highly angry.

I heard the words of the moment, suddenly angry smile, he had never seen a more arrogant morality than in front of the moment, "as a sin of the star of our Albarez Empire! You will give it Dead here !! ""

Dust dust world!!

After anger, "Desert King" Agil Ramton uses sand to make a dramatic sandstorm in front of you, in the moment, and everyone is crazy and wrapped around! Wrought around, in the world of Sand, "Desert King" Agil Ram will have a strong increase, and it has been described as God.

But soon, his face confidently evacuation expression, suddenly changed "Because it is nothing, all people have seen, the whole air in front of me has changed.

God's six model !!!

I saw that I opened the Six way of God on the moment.

The magic of the whole body seems to be crazy from the tsunami.

A pure black huge magic light column, sprayed from the moment to rush straight to the sky.

In all the eyes of all the magistrs shocked, the frozen land around the moment was shocked into countless crinting stones.

Under the influence of all things in front of the moment, it seems to be separated from the gravitation of the stellate, all slowly moved by the sky.

I have never seen someone who will have such a huge magic. When I entered the dark belongings, Ou Just is far from the magic of such magic.

At the moment, there is no need to shoot, and the magic impact of the body broke out, and it has been disintegrating all the storm gravel around his body. How can such a magic ... Is the same magic in the same way?

Looking at the incredible everything in front of the eyes, "Magic King" Ou Jaster has some unbelievable shakes, in front of the magic of the moment, his so-called "world's first" magic instantly became a joke.

"No ... the magic of him ..."

This time is more terrible than the devil's abyss.

"Small your eyes ..."

Like the gods of the gods, the sound of the spirit is sounded.

From the huge magic light column that leads to the sky, the moment of entering the six models of God has gradually come out "Fighting ... What is the end in an instant?!

I heard the sound of the heart and the contents of the scene, and all the magic tigers were shocked when all the magic people were.

Chapter 70, the death of the dead (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw the flash of the sputum in front of my eyes, and I was in the fairy robe, and I was able to isolate all human emotions. It is the perfect face of all human beings. The perfect face is sacred and cold.

The twelve lacquered jade appeared in the sky, and the esophasia seems to be able to swallow the void black hole of all things.


"Your human beings like this, so I am imaginary!" "

The "Death" Bradman, which used the curse and the curse, seems to have a role that the magic of the body is awkward at this moment, and the black flame burning face is booming.

Explosive spiral!!

The voice falls, the curse broke out, the shadow of countless horrible sakes in the air flicker, "Death" Bradman instantly made a spiral dramatic explosion wave next to the moment.

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

I haven't waited for "Death" Bradman's spiral explosion to hit the body.

I saw a dark space of the cave suddenly pulled the whole person, disappeared in the air.

What ?! "disappears. Seeing the moment is another strange party

At the scene, all six Albarez Empire Guaranteed Twelve Shield Magic Magins were vigilant.

"you are the first……"

Just in all the people's eyes around, when the heart was vigilant, the sound of the moment suddenly sounded as ghosts.

"What" Of course, "Death" Bradman reacted, a bombardment of a unimaginable horror giant has not been ignorant in his body.


I saw that I didn't know when I had already appeared in the moment, a horrible kick directly bombarded the "Death" Blademan's belly, I sent his entire huge devil's body with a beam, instant shooting Entroted the wreckage of the wreckage in the distance.


"So fast!!""

When the rest of the four sanctuary, the 14th Shield, the magist guide reacted.

"Death" Bradman has completely disappeared, and the silver-white long-haired flash is standing next to them.

Laser beam!!

The first "Magic King" Ou Just, raised his hand to blasting the Magic beam of T, sharply concrete, and passed directly from the moment.

Human shadow?!

However, they haven't waited for their four faces to relax.

Just saw the moment of "Magic King" Ou Just Magic Beams, it has dissipated in the air, which is actually because the speed is too fast and staying in the same place.

"Devil", I saw the "Death" Bradman, who was blown by the huge meteorite wreckage, was struggling.

Just saw that I have quietly a white figure in front of him, a pair of blue blood gods look down on him.


I haven't waited "Death" Bradman makes effective resistance

The moment is another hit directly on the lower U of his devil, and he will be tall entirely.

The body is completely awkward.

Magic attachment, air!!