Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 718 of Hueding Crack System

Sand of sand!!

Time explosion wave!!

Just in the moment, when I was standing, I was stagnant in front of the "Death" Bradman who was standing in front of her eyes.

At this time, the air behind him suddenly broke out a series of horrible shock bombs. It is the desperate of '11 to the desperate "Irene Belselli," Desert King "Agil Ram and" War " The magic of the three people of Timaria Jesta has been killed.

Seeking jade !!!

However, in the eyes of all persons.

At the moment, I didn't come back, and the twelve paint blacks floating around me had spiritual life.

Suddenly flying and opened a painted jade shield after the body of the moment!

"what is this?!"

The mysterious black shroud behind the moment before the moment, Timaria Jasta suddenly opened his eyes.

Under the eyes of all people, I saw 1911 colors of desperate "Irene Belselli," Desert King "Agil Ram and" War "Ti Mary Jasta three people broke out Magic evaporates all the grounds around

But she bombarded the body, but was completely annihilated into the air after being blocked, and the bow is in the air!

"how can that be?!""

"All our magic is swallowed up ?!"

I watched it in front of a violent explanation in front of them.

Not only is "the desperate" Irene Belselli, "Desert King" Agil Ram and "War" Timaria Jesta, two people stunned.

Even the "Winter General" that did not take a shot, Bell and the "Magic King" Ou Just also stunned.

Monitor !!!

There is no shock of the five magistilles behind him.

In the moment, the deep eyes of death, the "990 Death" Bradman in front of the empty eyes, and the hands are suddenly one.

Suddenly, a rod is dark, and the like a stickless mystery weapon is instantly in the hands of the moment.

While the head is symbolizing the moon while symbolizing the moon, representing the creation and yin and yang, revealing a vast atmosphere.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

When the moment, when the shadow was shaped, when the "Death" Bradman's figure was shocked, everyone was shocked to wide their eyes.

I saw that the use of the moment in front of him, and the paint blackening gun took a huge cavity in his mouth.

"I said that I didn't use" I saw "Death" Blade Man Devil's eyes suddenly rushed out, and the gloomy face was full of ridicule. "My body is"

However, his words have not been finished, the voice suddenly stopped, as if it was like an invisible big hand, the throat was in the mouth, and his face was the most confident expression in this life.

Among the eyes of all people, I saw "Death" Bradman's unscrupulous body in the air inch.

It seems like the snow that is melted by the sun, and the flying gray flying on the film, the whole person completely dissipated in the air.

Chapter 71 Battles (ask for rewards and automatic)

In addition to the most powerful devil "Death" Bradman in the End.

The whole body is completely invalidated by the Magic Cluster, the physical attack is completely invalid, but after the mortal gun bombing in the moment, "Death" Bradman has never had in this world.

"Blandman is dead ??"

Looking at this shocking scene, "the war" Ti Maria Jasta lives, surrounding all other Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield Magic, "How? ! The body of the guy is ... "

"Don't look at" "He is dead", a pair of indifference to the borentees, all the Albarez Empire 8 shocked and unbelieve the expression, believe in "Death" After Bradman, the moment is calm and tells the facts.

"The goal of hitting the gods in my arms ... all will be erased from this world ... no exception ...


I heard the words, the remaining five Albarez Empire on the battlefield, the twelve shields of the magic tidelines contracted all the pupils.

Because they found that they didn't feel anything about "Death" Bradman in this world, they couldn't help but feel cold.

"I have to admit ... this guy" finally recognized the fact that Bradman, Bradman, has been smashed.

"Winter General", because Bell gently pushed glasses on his nose, Shen Jing calm expression is heavy as if it is a layer of haze, "I just didn't come up all the strength ..."

"The evil" reception time Shen Kulonos's soul of the soul of the soul of Timaria Jesta, the strange demon! The face of burning can not help but show a bitter look, "" Yi Shi Yingr actually born Such a monster ... "" "Death" is dead ... "Use the shooting gun to kill" Death "Bradman.

The moment of entering the six models of God, the feet are separated from the ground, just like a gods, waiting for the surface.

The blue blood of the blue blood is directly penetrating the soul of everyone, "Now ... turn to you ..."

"I will kill you a whole ..."

It seems to have completed the transformation of people to God, and there is any extra emotion at this moment.

Deepness of the eyes, like the King of the world, the five Albarez Empire Sanzi Twelve Shields, who is in front of the world, is a word of the death penalty of everyone.

"Direct until Jereff arrived ..." "I am evil" feels that I am here at this moment, it seems that it has become a dead.

The arrogant "Desert King" Agil Ram seems to have a self-esteem, and the death is dying.

"This damn monster ..."

Twelve Demir of the Empire of the Albarez Empire.

Which of them can be changed to the existence of God, why thought that there will be such a look at it a day.

"Bradman's guys died," Just in the heart of everyone, only the colorful beauty magic tioli Alein Belselli, who only got a long hair, was quiet, and the corner of the mouth. Smile.

"Anyway, like his degree of demon ... His Majesty can create again ..."

"It's so ..."

Next to the "Winter General" due to the eyes of Bell glasses still heavy, "" But this guy is really unique ... "

"So one Ou Just"

On the side of Irene Belselli, I'm glaring with cold} glamorous "Magic King" OEST, "I'm all forwarded by us ... I killed this guy. ...... "

"I am working with me" Wen Yan "The magic king" Ou Just black is full of white magic road lines. It is delicious.

The voice is falling, the huge magic of the first shield of the Albarez Empire is crazy, and the wand in the hand is directly in front of the moment.