Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 719 of Hueding Crack System

Magic Otys, Bobbin !!

When there is time, everyone is in front of the air, all the light is all taken away, and the world has fallen into a deep dark.

I saw the "Magic King" Ou Justse released a huge incomparable black sphere in front of the moment, and the Death of the Olympic Magic was slowly operated.

Tongxiao's "Magic King" Ou Jart, who has come to this day, finally started to explode his true strength, a dark magic of magic was heard by him

Seeking jade !!!

In the past, "Magic King" Ou Just released the dark method of "Magic" to swallow all the light, as if brewing a horrible magic, will have a strong powerful power to everything around.

At this time, there is no flower, but there is no flower in the moment of entering the six models of God.

The deep eyes of the deep eyes, the black, the black, the black, the black, the jade, the jade, an instant shooting.

Bang !!!

I saw the dark-seeking jade bombarded the darkness of the eye, and the small black sphere was suddenly unimaginable, and the small black sphere was suddenly unimaginable.

Sufficient (Nono) instantly destroyed a huge explosion of the entire forest, directly bombing the entire battlefield of everyone into a virtual, and the violent impact, flying all people.

protecting mask!!

On the occipital, "Magic King" Ou Just instantly released a huge magic shield, which would include all everyone in the yourself, all of them.

"What about people ?!"

He has been alert to lock all the movements of all movements of Timaria Jesta.

The observed moment has completely lost the trace, and the heart is surprised to open the four magistrs around him.

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

At this time, a dark space cave has quietly opened behind their five.

Chapter 72 full explosion (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Damn" is another strange space magic ... "

"The war" Ti Maria Jesta found the figure of the five people behind him.


The magic of the libinos of the reception time is started.

I saw that "the war" Ti Maria Jesta actually stopped the entire time of everyone.

Only when she is free to act, she is usually harmed when people can't see it when they invisible.

Greatness !!

The left-eye preference has been in advance that he will be "war" Timaria Jesta time still.

I saw the eyes of the blue blood red, and I turned out in an instant mysterious mystery, and I all made a whole world.


I saw that I was in my own time, but I suddenly disappeared in my own line of sight, "the war" Ti Maria Jestton once tight

In the moment, this kind of horror ability to change the future will change the future. She has already suffered a deep loss, leaving her 7 incomplete impression. Object of 90. Black !!!

as predicted.

Just a short one in the "War" Ti Maria Jesta, a short-term home, the whole space suddenly was stained with a layer of dark purple light.

A black coffin formed by a huge horrible magic is suddenly isolated from all spaces around Timaria Jasta, complete i to find her whole person is wrapped in it.

"what is this?!""

Time finally returns to normal flow rate.

Suddenly see the "war" Ti Maria Jesta was wrapped in the horrible black magic buck of horrible, everyone suddenly shocked.

"Timaria !!"

I have no time to think about it.

Seeing "The War" Ti Mary Jesta is completely sealed in this huge paint black coffin, and the "Desert King", the "Desert King", Shijar Ramton shocked.

The mysterious horrible black coffin is in the dark blade of the dark shadow, and the bloom has been put out!

"A ah !!!" "

With the penetration of countless shadow blade.

All the magistrs present were heard from the black scorpion from the eyes of "war" Timaria Jasta's pain.

In the eyes, he didn't have a dark purple ray. After seeing the black coffin disappeared, "the war" Ti Maria Jesta took blood to the ground.

Although she has dismantled countless shadow blade with her strength, "the" war "Ti Maria Jesta is still in the bottom of the black, temporarily lost its combat skills.

"Damn" see "The War" Ti Maria Jasta is instantly hitting instantly.

In addition to "Death" Bradman, there is a force in their more powerful, and the remaining four magistrs are suddenly earthquake.

"Is it ...

Really as if he said, "

"All we all have been killed one by him ..."

Magic attachment, air!!

At this time, the remaining four Albarez sanctuary, the only thing that can be kept calm and calm, and only the "desperate desperation of the" coloring desperation "Irene Belselli and "Magic King" Oujia.

I saw that Irene Belselli stocused long hair slowly fluttered in the air, the high level attached magic launched, the wand in the hand moved to the moment, and attached his huge magic directly to the air in front of the moment. .

Bang !!! (AHAD) A huge unparalleled rolling magma instantly appeared in front of the moment in the moment of the moment, went down to him, and the air was burned between the air.

Magic attach · earth!!

This is not finished, and Irene Belselli's deep eyes flashed.

At the foot step on, the huge endless magic of the body passed into the land of the feet.

._ ...