Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 720 of the Capaci Yushu System

A few shocked metal roars

I saw the earth at the foot of the moment. I turned out to be the high level of Irene Belselli became the ocean of countless sharp swords.

There is a fire sea, there is a knife mountain, no matter what kind of opponent in `f1, the desperate" Irene Belselli's horrible devil is only a dead road.

Seeking jade shield!!!

However, in the face of ourselves and swords of the endless attacks, there is no change in the face of the shadow, but the shadow of the face is not moving.

I saw the twelve black sorrowful jade that was quietly floated around the body. Two of them broke out in the air, and a dark protective cover was formed in an instant.

Magma, Sword Blade, whether it is a powerful magical attack, bombardment in the moment of seeking the jade shield, all being swallowed into an invisible air.

"Good tricky ability" looked at the inkwrapping jade shield to swallow the desperation of the state, "Irene Belselli released all the magic released," Magic King "Oujia Olympics Suddenly dignified.

"The black spheres around him ... seem to be able to make everything ineffective _ ..."


However, just at this time.

"Magic King" Ou Just, "Desperate" Irene Belselli and "Winter General" Bell, the three of them suddenly all shock, unbelievable blocked their eyes.

I saw a white figure with the three people, I was originally standing around the "Desert King" Agil Ram, which was already in their instant, "Damn!" "L" "Ram! ! "Seeing" Desert King "Agil Ram instantly was blown out.

At this time, everyone in the heart suddenly understood that in addition to protecting themselves from the magic damage of Irene Belsell.

Chapter 73 cutting West Continent (seeking rewards and automatic)

Moreover, it has become a scorpion, becoming an alternative to do a good observatory, successfully focusing on the perseverance of the jade shield.

At this time, the ontology of this moment is using the shuttle shuttle space directly to them, and the "Desert King" Agil Ram took directly.

No district !! "

The moment of instantaneous moment is blowing.

In the half-air, the "Desert King" Agil Ram only felt that the bones of their body seem to be broken, couldn't help but a blood mixed with a little broken internal organs. Vomiting.

"The second is you ..."

When your own ear passes into the heart of the sound.

"Desert King" Agil Ram is struggling to open his eyes, but seeing the figure of the moment, it is already like a ghost, usually like a shadow appeared in his month IJO.

"go to hell!!"

Feel the pounds of pounds that have been transferred from the moment.

"Desert King" Agil Ram finally could no longer couldn't help but, in the madness of hysteria, broke out the strongest magic.

Sand's giant ax!!

I saw that there were countless storm gravel in the air.

The "Desert King" Agil Ram's hand has formed a huge incompetence, and his body shape is almost unprotected.


However, in the "Desert King", Agil Ram suddenly won the eyes.

I have already seen the moment of all his actions in advance, and the initiator is directly in an instant to blow up the huge desperate ax in his hands.


Then, it is a violent kick.

Like a snow-white crescent, I saw the violent kicking of the moment directly bombarded the "Desert King" Agil Ram's chin.

Splashing a row of fresh red blood stains in the air, "Desert King" Agil Ram's brain is almost a blank, and the whole person is usually flying towards the sky.

Ram !! "

I saw the "Desert King" Agil Ram in a photo, and it was blocked into this tragic look.

However, the three magicilers who are impersonating the "Desert King" Agil Ram, but suddenly saw the most memorable scenes of their lives.

Golden wheel is blown up!!!

In the face of the "Desert King" Agil Ram, the top of his eyes, I saw the moment to reach out.

When the nine seeking Yutton, the nine asked Yutton, flying to his hand gathered, and finally entered into a tangible golden magic light sword straight into the cloud.

All everyone in the field suddenly felt that the eyes were all shot, and they couldn't open their eyes. It seems that this is only like this through the world. It seems that there is no endless golden magic light sword.

"what is that?!"

Looking at the eyes of the eyes, high-rise, the golden magic light sword wearing the horizon, all of the human form is


!!! The moment of flashing on the huge golden magic light sword is aligned with the "Desert King" Agil Ram in the past halfway.

The cutting of the eardrum is very noisy. I saw the clouds in the sky were discharged from this sword. The capital of the entire Albarez Empire was blocked into two halves. At the moment, this sword not only cut the entire Albarez Empire, but also cut the entire Albarez Empire.

Even if someone can watch from the perspective of separation from this world, you can clearly see that the sectors of the entire West Turndo have been turned on this golden wheel.

at the same time.

Just on the border between the West Turndo and Ying Yingr continent.

Brunette black hair in the forest, like a wandering couple.

Suddenly, a strong sense of crisis broke out, suddenly surprised, I found out that I had a glamorous light column in front of him.

Suddenly, the entire forest in front of him, no, the land of the entire West Terco in front of him was cut into two halves in an instant that the golden magic light column was unable.

"This is a shocking scene before you look at this, and the eyes of Jeref Dora Garnir suddenly become a strange red color. This is the power of the devil's abyss" is Albarez's direction ... ... What happened? "I feel this horrible gold magic light column is from the direction of the Albarez Empire.

The Jelf scarlet scorpion flashes from time to time, it seems that in this powerful magic light sword, capturing a power to pay attention to the power.

"The new Dragon King is to start" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

The face is quiet, looking at the endless and deep ditch in front of his eyes, Gulf seems to be a somewhere.

"I hope not to have a branch ...

The capital of Albarez Empire is completely destroyed.