Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 721 of Hueding Crack System

"This ... What is this" "The whole empire ... No ... The whole West Turne has been cut" "Magic King" Ou Just, "Irenery" Irene Belsellion and " "In Bell, there is a" war "Ti Maria Jesta on the ground.

Everyone stretched his neck, the sluggish Zhang Danedi} Pakistan, as if their soul at the moment, has been taken away by the power of this sword.

Sweeping the world, running through the unfamiliar, all all human vocabulary is not enough to describe the world's strongest power.

"This kind of power" "Magic King" Ou Just first recovered the shocking gaze, the dignified gaze is like the moment of the immortality, and the mouth is like poisonous} medicine generally spit out four words. "Don't match _. ...

"Ram is also killed by him" Timaria Jesta also returned to God, seeing this combined power like the gods, the eyes are complicated!

She is temporarily lost to her ability, at this moment, at this moment

The status of the Shenkinos receiving time is restored to the past.

Chapter 74 World Recast (seeking rewards and automatic)

Following "Death" Bradman.

Another magist of the Empire of the Albarez Empire is falling.

I have destroyed the "Desert King" Agil Ram in countless countries, and the golden rounds of the moment were killed into a virtual, and he had no resurrection.

Dou Huaou Hua, "until the endless deep gully in front of the ground is full of sea water.

The entire West Continent is completely separated by two halves, and all the people of all Albarez Empire need to be able to arrive on the side.

At this time, the remaining four Albarez Empire Sanzi Twelve Shield Magic, finally returned to the reality in front of the shock.

"In addition to the" Nine-nine Three "" "Magic King" Ou Just sigh, the vicissitudes of the world is complicated, "I can't think that there is such a shocking power in the world."

"" finally seriously remembered the name of the person in front of him.

The high-tech beauty magist of the gratitude, the deep eyes of the embarrassment, as if it is brewing an extremely affectionate magic, and it is very deep in front of the moment. "This name ... I remember _ ..." "It's a privileged" "" But now I only have you all _ "I feel that Irene Belselli seems to be thorough, and the eyes are dead. I am worthy of my own cheek, I don't have it to raise my own fuse.

Four of four Albarez Empires left in front of the Twelve shields, the complicated look of all the eyes.

The paint blackening gun is gently refers to the four people in front of the eyes, and there is a smile in the face of icy and indifferent. In the "war" Timaria Jasta, this is in the eyes of them. It is the smile of the devil.

"Simply solve you in order" "Time" !!!

The icy sound dropped.

All the entire people have only feel a darkness of all the people in the entire crushing battlefield.

............ ,.,,,,,, , ,

The one-handed tall is high, and the twelve laches around the side of the 12th glasses are all gathered to the right hand finger fingertips in the sky.

At the feet, all the sanctuary of the warfield shocked at the entire battlefield, and the right hand-pointed fingertips suddenly expanded out of a huge giant jade.

Black huge, jade almost completely covers the entire sky of Albares, as if it is a bright sun, and suddenly comes to this world!

"Such a guy" "We can't overcome the end of the sky in the sky," I wanted to win the end of the sky.

Feeling the "Winter General" in the top of the disaster, Bell, at this moment, it seems to have completely raised the idea of ​​resistance.

In this way, in front of the power of god, even if their magic is strong, it is only a little powerful manner.

"If you give up now ..."

"The words are already earlier

I have seen the last day, as if I am in front of you. At this time, "Magic King" Ou Just has walked to everyone, the magic of the whole body is constantly boiling, and the ancient times in the past is coming from the eyes of countless magic.

"Do not……"

"Ou Just" ... "

I saw "Magic King" Ou Jart seems to be planned to die in front of the moment.

At this time, the horrible magic of the horror has already condensed Irene. Belselli suddenly broke him, "L is handed over to me" "Irene" back to God, all the eyes of all people have fallen in Irene Belsello. The strongest female magistan in the 12th shield.

"Magic King" Ou Just's face is on the face, it seems that there is a possibility, "Is it" "" Although there is no permission to use this magic _ "Irene Belselli nodded," But there is no way ... I will die than us. "

I heard the words, the remaining three of the remaining twelve shields of the 14th shields were silent, and it seems that they have been defaulted that all people are adding together, they are not enemy brakes. ... _ Which "" Don't you have a huge The end of the end of the jade is finally slow

Like a row of pounds, no one can block this kind of imperiality.

Looking at the four magistrs under his feet, flashing in the deep eyes of the eyes, if it is not the opponent's hostility too obvious.

He is not willing to kill, the desperation of F1 is desperate "Irene Belsellion and" War "Ti Maria Jasta, these two powerful beauty magic tidels.

However, at this time, some pictures that are expected beyond the moment appear.

Seeing the end of the moment, the end of the jade is sent to the whole land of the whole Albarez Empire capital.

At this moment, the whole land under the moment, along with the whole sky above the head, suddenly started to shoot the endless white glory. World Recommended Magic, Universeone!

"this is?!"

Looking at the magical vision of sudden outbreaks between his eyes.

The whole person is stunned, and then immediately responded, and the face revealed. He looked at the endless white brilliance, the huge magic broke out, "original So "" Use high-level additional magic ... give the whole land of the Albarez Empire ... "

"Disming the whole world ... Reorganizing the entire Albarez Empire" "" It's a magical magic "

Chapter 75 Fengyun is stirwable (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I seem to look at you" The whole world in front of you, the package is in the moment, all wrapped in this endless white glorious.

When I went back, I was sighful to look at Irene Belselli, who was in the white light.

"Irene Belselli ..."

It is worthy of "Woman who can chaos the Black Duoloka Plan" "The honor to" the whole body is full of endless white light floods.

I heard the words of the Pasta, Irene Belselli's monstrians finally laughed like baby, "As you can see", this magic is 400 years ago and before that I have never existed ... this is the magic of the new era ... "07 World Recommended Magic · Universeone One is a magic of the land of the land of the whole kingdom and the world.

The sky and earth within the scope will be emitted, which can be replaced with any range. The size of the country and even continent can be free to control. You can also remind any character and then randomly distribute, and the distribution position of the display cannot be Free control.

No matter from the perspective of magic or from the essence of the magic, this magic is a magical that changed the world.

"Remember my name ... My name is Irene" and the other three Albarez Empire sanctuary 12 shield magic guides.

The body of Irene Belselli finally gradually disappeared in the endless white brilliance.

Before dissipating, Irene Belselli glanced deeply in the sky in the sky, laughter is like Dingqi.