Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 722 of the Capaci Yushu System

"I really hope to meet you again ... Mr. I am ...

The voice of the is scattered in the air.

Together with the entire land around, Irene Belsellion and the rest of the three sanctuary 12 shields, all disappeared in the air.

"Irene Belselli ..."

Must muttering the name of Inenene Berselli

At the moment, I also remember this woman in my heart, and the deep eyes were inexplicably reflected. "It's a woman who can't be underestimated" "Black" Brandish Shi ... "

But I remembered that I was now imprisoned in Brandish P. p.

The perfect face of the moment, there is a mysterious smile, "I will take it away" finally, the body of the moment is also wrapped in the endless white light, gradually disappeared in the air.

In the desperate "Irene Belseone's World Recommended Magic, UNIVERSEONE, the world is shocking, and the land of the entire Albarez Empire is completely restructured.

Sky, earth, empire, moment, sanctuary 12 shields, magic tidiers, all all are overwhelmed by this unique white.

All disappeared in the air, everything is chaos, then reappears in a certain unfamiliar corner of the world.

Irene - one

At this time, it has entered the territory of the Albarez Empire.

Take a look at Jeref Doragnier in the Albarez Empire capital.

Suddenly see the sky and the earth in front of the sky, all of the white blood shot on white.

I saw the entire empire of myself in myself, and I was reorganized by this magical world recast magic.

The mouth muttered in the mouth, the name of Jeref Belselli, Jeref Dora Garno entered the devil's abyss form.

"Do you use that magic ?!"

The body is endless white, even the is the only strongest in the history of magic, and Jeref Doragnier can also resist the powerful world of Irene Belselli, the whole person is forced to disappear. In the air.

Not only the moment, Genjaf and Albarez Empire Sanctuary 12 Shield Magic.

At this moment, the entire west continent in Guanghao land, all of the Albarez Empire is all reorganized by Irene Belsellion's world rechage magic, disappearing in their original place. position.

Soon, time has passed for three days.

Among these three days, the situation of the entire West Continent is shaken.

The Grand Master of the West Continent Albarez Empire, suddenly the entire layout is changed by an unprecedented powerful magic, all the countries that are being invaded are now stupid.

Under the helplessness, the sanctuary of the Guarantees of the World Rehabilitation of Irene Belselli, finally retreated by the Albarez Emperor Spline using magic to recover, These countries that are ready to move.

The capital was completely destroyed, and the country was reorganized by Irene Belsellion. If not Giarf and Mo Zhenzhi 12 shields sweeping the strength of the West China, Albarez's neat magic empire almost Completely disintegrated.

The situation in the West Continental winds must also cause strong concern in Iraqi Yingr, in which it is three days, the meeting of the entire magic reviews has never stopped.

"Albarez has such a big movement." ...

"The guy of the Magic Review" ... Now it is very lively. "The Magic Commentary Rich Tang Emperor's Building Manor is in the contest hall, I Wu.

At this moment, the black door is outside, the black gorgeous coat gently swung in the air, under the long hair of the silver, a pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHANG ZHIHU II stared in front of the majestic Magic Tuena.

In addition to the beauty of the beautiful Swordsman, the beautiful swordsman who was haired, there was a beautiful magic of the beautiful magic of the Youth-Green Short-haired Liu Hai Bo Bo, which was blocked.

It is being attached to the sanctuary of the Western Arbarez Empire.

Langdish Po

Chapter 76 Reminding the Magic Comments (seeking rewards and automatic)

Magic Review. After the last moment of flashing and Doug Ward

Originally destroyed, the Demon Trichle School meeting, now has already been repaired, and it becomes more than the end of the elderly, after all, in this magical world, the construction is just a little bit of a little.

"This is the news from the West Continent." Magic Commentary Competition, Crawford Him, a long white beard, a pair of dead fish eyes full of deep desire.

Heavy-to-the-case the latest intelligence of the Magic Tissue House was thrown on the meeting table in front of you, and the eyes solemnly glanced over a circle of all the magic speakers.

"Albarez was attacked by mysterious magic guides ... The capital fortress was completely destroyed ... It is said that even the sanctuary is fallen a few ..."

"Now is a good opportunity for a thousand years." It is now in a turmoil, and the arrest of Crawford Himton is now moving. "Now the whole Westland is chaotic ... especially Albarez now Completed

While "Policy Voting" said, while the argument of Crawford Heim put his arm all kinds of pushing on the meeting table, looking at all the magic speakers in front of you.

"Do you want to use the magic guide to destroy the whole Albarez" I think of the Albarez Empire in the horm of all people, the commentary of the expression on the face of Crawford Him's face suddenly.

"Solve this Ingsu Yingrian's heart-catching problem ... Now the decision is in our hands."

"But" ...

Listening to the reviewer Crawford Heim in front of him, it has been.

At this time, Mikairo, the magic speaker of the third seat, hesitated, "Although the West Continent is now turmoil second _ ... but according to several of the Guosheng twelve shields of the Albarez Empire, it has been stable Live the situation ... "Female ..."

"I also think that" Makarov sitting on the side is obviously not very far from the movement of this falling stone, "Now it is still a wise move" "" Makarov just After the other, the black hair beauty magic speakers were smiling in Urudia, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Now I saw that people were attacked and began to move ... J "

Although the tone of Urudia is ridiculed, her is successful that everyone has been silent. No matter what the mysterious emperor Sprie is, it is the twelve of him. Strengthening the sanctuary of the earth destroyed land, the Division of the Devils, which has become difficult to insert the entire Iraqi Yingr continent.

Albarez Empire sanctuary twelve shields, at least it is possible to resist the most powerful magist of the mainland of Yingr, and even far beyond the existence.

Especially in the past, they were the strongest magist of the Iraqhalland, and the first four days of the Tenth Demalers, the first four days of God, the rebellion of Serena, but also gave all magic speakers. The heart is a glimpse of the haze that is unable to dissipate. "It's just that I am very curious ..." Just when everyone is silent. At this time, Zik Regrain sitting in the corner, suddenly he had an intriguing voice, and if the smile of the mouth is like a hidden, "what people can attack Albarez ..." "and Killed the level of monsters of the 1. Twelve Shield ... "Said here, Zik Reehen's voice is getting lighter and slight, it gradually begging to hear, as if you murder himself, but said for three days. The doubts and shock of everyone's heart. Yup……

Once, what is actually on the horm of the Albarez Empire, and between the Magic Comments, everyone has fallen into a contemplation. This mysterious anti-day magic is an enemy. Friends, standing on the side of Iraqhall, this is the most concerned about everyone. "It's so lively ..." "It seems that everyone is all ..." At this time, it was the same quiet conference hall, and suddenly came to a familiar voice. ".... ?!" Identify the owner of this sound. There are people present in the scene, all of them look back. Just saw the moment wearing a black gorgeous coat, floating a silver-shining long-haired hair into their conference hall. "I haven't seen it for a long time ..." I saw a moment of a rare to come to the Magic Review, the usual relationship was still a good mark, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Entry into the conference hall in our own. When I was sitting in Zik Relee, the dark witch in Urudia suddenly looked down, the enchanting voice was somewhat ridiculed, "I have appeared ... Our New Ten Magicair ..." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ... "It seems that there is a bit complained about the behavior of this kind of unrestrained saying that it is quite across them. But just at this time. All the magic reviews in the field have changed all. In invisible, they feel a huge horror magic that is far away from their imagination, as if they pull all them into a mud and abyss. "This ..." "This is ..." When the whole person completely stepped into the conference hall where everyone was in.

It is clear that the beautiful magic of the green short hair Qi Liu Haibo, who is behind the plunchestra chain seal, and suddenly all the people's pupils are contracted. (New world, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets).

Chapter 77 is connected to the shock of the two (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Come ..." Miss Brandish ... You first introduce yourself "with the two of the two colorful women who have entered the Magic Comments in the Conference Hall of the Magic Comments.

It didn't pay attention to the shocked expression on everyone in front of you, and a sharp look at the smashing, and the mouth said in the mouth.

"" "She ... she is ..." The eyes stared at Brandish after the moment, and saw Makarov's face heavily in the same way.

In addition to young Qikrein and Urudia, all the members of the Magic Comments in the field have experienced a member of the West Turndo Albarez Empire invaded Yeye Continental war.

"I am Brandish P,"

I saw the eyes of the moment, Brandaton was in front, first using the lazy and indifferent eyes that I used to be used as a member of the Magic Comments, "Albarez Empire Sanzi 12 Shield Member One one one

Immediately, Brandi Shusou! The tender pretty face suddenly is full of red, and it turned up to twisted, and it seems that I have a inexplicable incomparable shame. If the mosquito said: "Scoop 93 The identity Yes ... it is a moment ... Mr. Mr. Mr. Captive and Fun "In just three days in the past.