Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 723

It was originally a tendency to be treated with Brandish, which has been completely attached to its own slaves.


Brandish announced its own identity.

The discourse that the mosquito said, but the same horror deep water bomb is generally, shocking into the hearts of all the members of the Magic Tuenae.

Even if I sat next to the original face, the evil smile, I suddenly heard such a shocking information, and the expression of the taste on the face was also solidified there.

A member of all Magic Comments on the Afari.

The eyes are all staring at this body, and a beautiful magician that exudes a large fightener of all the magic tits priests.

"Albarez Sanzi 12 Shield" I saw that Makarov's noodles were extremely heavy, and the word in the mouth said the name of Brandish, (AHAD) "Braz" Brandish p "Even if it is instably used to use the magic strap seal, but the huge magical magic of Brandi, still brought very shocking to all people present in front of me.

Why did the Handheld 12 shields on the Albarez Empire? Why do you appear here?

Moreover ... "actually became the captive and female slave of the moment?!

A shocking message, almost directly reaches the brain of everyone, I saw a group of old magic speakers, all in front of her appearance, and Brandish.

"It turns out" as Chilar's Missimen, the first one has returned to God.

The blue shreddened, a pair of evil spirits were very cautious at the moment, "recently attacked Albare.

The mysterious magic guides in the Shani are you "Yeah" I should think about this. "

What is the magist of Yingye, which is likely to do this impossible thing. "Not only Qik Recy, this time the entire magic commentary, all members are all reacted, and the eyes are very shocking. At the moment in front of it.

Destroy Albarez Empire "Kill Albarez Guarana 12 Shield" to disturb the situation of the whole West Continent also captured the "Braz" Brandish · "What dog dunks The first God of the Holy Ten Rayed, Serena, now only this young magist guide is the "strongest" stronger "of the Yingri Yingri, and there is always the heart of the people, all are not autonomous. At the same time, a such thought is produced.

"But I am very hard to finally break away from this shocking fact.

Makarov looked back at the moment. "" How can you ran to West a large land without reason ... and still "" In order to hunt black dragon Akolkolia "moment, he said," I caught it. " It's, but I accidentally ran away by it. "

In the moment, I said that the whole conference hall is in the middle of the conference hall, and the king of Heilonga, the king of the dragon, the black feather of the end, is it a kind of existence?

"Catch" "Black Dragoniaoolia?" I saw that Makarov had some embarrassing twitching his mouth. It seems that it has been completely immunized and numb, " It's really your style.

The sigh ... Makarov "seems to suddenly remember a thing, the moment of Makarov in front of the eyes," "This time I am in Lingfeng Zhuoia ... I also met Gildarz" "Gilda" Sih ... The guy "Wen Makarov, I remembered the strongest reusing of Gildarz, the face of the demon tail, and the face suddenly could not control the funny smile." I haven't returned to the guild. "" So big people ... "

At this time, I saw the original face of the Commentary of the Commentary of the Commentary of Crawford, which was actually like a fat dog who was shaking the tail of the owner. "You came to the Magic Today's purpose today. "The Demon Review of the Demon Review, Crawford Heim, specializes in using the supernatural instrument.

Among the original, this kind of homecine guys are not willing to be relieved because of the long-distance orders, and the demon cooperation with the Dark Communis Unity is trying to eliminate the new commentary, and finally returned to the priest, and finally lost the value of the nine ghost. One of the sights and madman killed.

Aware that the moment in front of you will be the strongest magician of Ih Yingr, this magic reviewer of the Demon Trial, even if you don't cover up, you will call a big man, directly revealing the gesture of Alice. .

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However, I don't feel annoying for such a magic reviewer of the tail and pity.

As a hegemony domain, I have already looked at these power calculations in an instant, and only the power of the world is the eternal truth in the world.

"Since Doug Waden guy is dead ... empty a sergeant seat ..."

Concentrated on the meeting table, Doug Ward, the seats were empty, and the mouth of the mouth was light, and the door was opened to see the mountain and said his own purpose. "It is better to give it to me ..."

In the face of the various plots that followed after one year, I thought I still need to be like Zik Reein, and I have a speaker of the Magic Auditor, which is very convenient for himself, so it will have it now. Such a requirement.

"Magic Speaker?" I heard the moment I said my own requirements and intentions, and everyone didn't think that the purpose of the moment was even.

"No problem at all!"

Not waiting for other people to speak.

I saw the magic reviewer of the Cruster Him got together, "the big people in the moment ... You are now the strongest magic guide in the holy Ten _ ...

"To become a magical reputator naturally no problem _ ... honored to" see the magic review of the evaluation of the Cruster Him so much, the tail, the scene, there is someone in the heart, but in the moment Such a strong strength, I dare not file any objections.

"This guy" saw after the momentous to become a speaker of the Magic Review House.

Looking at this silver, white long-haunted show that is sitting on his face.

Zikray was deeply narrowed with his eyes, and his heart turned his endlessness and uneasy. "What did you want to do" " ... " in the heart again, the name of the moment.

Sitting around Zik Renset, the dark devil Uridia hook. The black eyes of the soul are also secretly looked at the elegance of the opposite seat, "except for the Jerff, the waste ... ... Perhaps this guy can become the best candidate to achieve the big magic world. "If" can put him into the darkness "elegant end sitting on the seat of the magic comment, left and right behind, standing in Brandi, two Beautiful girl.

At the moment, the hands were overlayed on their own chin, as if he listened to the parliament held in front of him, but in fact, the moment is using the top level to heard the hegemony, reading at this moment, everything is complex at the moment, the mind is complex.

Trim is really interesting "Warm Uridia wants to drag me into the dark abyss?" The accurate listening to all the ideas in the heart of the Warm Uridia at this moment, the mouth of the moment gradually raised a inexplicable radiator .

Perhaps ... In the future, we will be intertwined and may not be said. "Time passed, and the years are turned over.

In the moment it became a magic

After the speaker of the Raising House.

Soon, time has passed for a year and came to X784.

It is the second year after the moment to come to this world, and it is also a year of the beginning of the plot.


The mountain flowers are in the wilderness of the wilderness.


At this moment, a series of sounds of metal impact is continuously passed.

I saw the wilderness of the grass, and a thin figure was flying quickly and a petite figure.

"Progress is very big" "Yes, I am elegant and easy to wavily wavily wavy the flow blade in my hand.

Saving the words, the ultimate, and the beauty of the beauty Swordsman is all stunned, and when the moment is satisfactory, the Zhuhong in front of the eyes is significantly improved in this year.

"The strength of the big people" see all all the surpass spaces in their hands are so easy to write next to the moment.

It is not discouraged by Zhuhong's silver tooth, but it is not discouraged. "It's far away from demanding ...

Since I have followed the Western Turf Albarez Empire after a year ago, I faced the power of the sanctuary of the 1.2 shield, and the depth of the Zhuhong felt the shortcomings of their own strength.

So in this year, it is more difficult to repair, plus the person's personal pointing point, and the strength reaches a stage of penetration.

Cross the thirty-one red artillery!!!

One hand took the gum of the blindfold.